Monty Python? A Girl’s Greatest Lie?

Okay, ladies. I have a question for you. Don’t feel left out, gentlemen–I have one for you too.

I have sat through many a Monty Python in my life. MANY. With a whole host of men over the years. Yes, the cheese shop one was funny. The dead bird one made me laugh. That one song about men being glad they have a penis? Yeah, that’s funny too. But that is THREE FRIGGIN’ SKITS OUT OF A MILLION! Every time I’ve ever started dating a guy, within the first few months I always end up suffering through Life of Brian or some other Python thing. Not that those guys aren’t talented–I’m not questioning that. But, I freaking hate those movies. HATE them! Now that I’m old and don’t give a shit what anyone thinks, I refuse to sit through them anymore so that I seem like “The Cool Girl.” I simply refuse.

My thought is that women suffer through Monty Python to bond with their man, not out of an undying love for it. This came up the other day with the hubby and he was horrified that I’d ever say such a thing. After all, isn’t Monty Python the funniest thing on planet earth?

While I realize the answers to these questions may be different for people in the UK (yes, Mondrak, YOU!) I have to know these things:

  1. Ladies, do you really really like Monty Python or have you suffered in silence while your man passes out with laughter?
  2. Gentlemen, what makes you love MP so much???? WHAT??? I NEED TO KNOW.

I know what I’m hoping the ladies’ answers are because I want to say, “Ha ha, told you so!” to the hubby (kidding, I wouldn’t be THAT awful–well…).

Help me understand if I am just missing something, am a complete dullard, or if I’m just one of many women who suffer through it while praying all the while that either Jesus will come back or an asteroid will land on my house. :)

90 comments on “Monty Python? A Girl’s Greatest Lie?

  1. There is something within the male body that is attached to their …. shall we call it, if you will…. “brains” which causes certain kinds of humor to make them ROFL. MP strikes upon the incomprehensible to women because certain things are only hilarious to men, especially if that brand of humor is delivered by men. In other words it is, in fact, “a man thing”. With that said, I personally do not find ALL of MP to be funny or hilarious. A few things here and there. My personal favorite being the scene in “Holy Grail” with the Insulting Frenchman. It shamefully happens to be something that I could quote all day long, forced silly accent and all. But anything other than that (like the rest of the film or other skits), it simply is not the cup from where I sip tea.

    • I think that makes perfect sense! I just read your comment to my hubby and he reluctantly agreed that it is a “man thing.” :) As for quoting MP, I swear that men have an extra chip in their brains which allows them to memorize movie scripts. I couldn’t pull one line out of any movie I’ve ever seen, but the hubby can quote shit word for word. It’s INSANE!!! And yet, somehow, men forget birthdays and anniversaries. It’ll never make sense. :)

  2. I personally have only seen a few of the Monty Python TV skits but the movies, Life of Brian and The Holy Grail I love. I even own The Holy Grail as does my son. There is just something about the deadpan humor in it, to me that makes it funny but even if it is not Monty Python if it is one of those stupid but funny movies I like it, like Not Another Teen Movie. Now my oldest daughter, who is not on here, just turned 20 and I can tell you she also owns Monty Python and The Holy Grail. She loves the movie. I think one reason is the fact that she has the same sense of humor and likes in movies as I do. She loves the scary movies which are also my favorite as well but she also likes the older movies and Monty Python and The Holy Grail is one that almost falls into that category of an older movie. There you have it a view from a guy and my knowledge of a girl who also likes Monty Python.

  3. Sorry Jodi, gotta disagree. I’ll never forget – in the days before VCRs – being woken by my dad at midnight to giggle over the Holy Grail. I thought Life Of Brian was the funniest movie I’d ever seen (been a while, maybe it’s as funny as The Young Ones isn’t these days). And Eric Idle was divine at the Olympics, singing Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.

    • DAMMIT! Now it’s up to 2 votes for chicks who dig Monty Python!!! I am FOILED! ;) I wish I could enjoy it. I’d love to be able to watch it with the hubby and laugh and laugh, but I just can’t sit through it. Can you give me that part of your brain, please? :)

  4. First, to see me mentioned in your blog took me by surprise LOL.

    I have wondered for years what makes me different from so many people. I have friends (surprisingly) who would stop what they were doing for the chance to watch any of the Python films, or even to listen to a part of them. Although I find Monty Python amusing, I don’t find it “raucous guffaw side splitting unable to breath daft pointing funny” I have watched Meaning of Life twice and only smiled at a couple of bits. I can name the bits in Life of Brian that I find funny. [“Fuck off!!” … silence … “how shall we fuck off?” ___ “we are all individuals ” “I’m not”] Holy Grail gets boring after about 20 minutes. But the line “Your father was a hamster and your mother smelled of elderberries” was one of the few amusing parts.

    I don’t think I could put someone through watching them as I don’t think I could put myself through them again. Don’t get me wrong, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, John Cleese et al are very talented people, but the humour was made for drunk and stoned people in the seventies in my opinion. I say this because I would have to be drunk or stoned to be able to enjoy it – neither of which I have been for over ten years lol.

    The dead parrot sketch is funny, but the alternative that they did on stage was funnier. “This parrot, that brought less than an hour ago is dead” … “okay, here’s a refund then” … “well, that’s ten years of Thatcherism for you”

    Although humour across countries varies, I think that on the whole, it comes down to taste. Monty Python is like Marmite – you either like it or you don’t.

    • How could I not mention my smarmy Brit friend? ;)

      Thank God there’s at least ONE person on my side in this debate so far! I have to agree, the “fuck off” bit was funny, but the words “fuck off” usually make me giggle. I’m such a 3 year old. I think you hit the nail on the head how drunk/stoned people may find it even more entertaining than it really is (not dissing the actors’ talent–they have it in spades). Back when I was a bit more “wild” everything made me giggle. My own toes made me giggle. Oh, what in the heck is Marmite?

      • NOOOOO!!!! I was just playing with you!! :) I adore you and your wit and humor. I have a dear, dear friend here who’s from England and we always affectionately call him our Smarmy Brit. :) It was meant with love, I promise. :)

      • Marmite is a yeast extract. To me it is the most vile tasting thing in the world. Don’t know if you have twiglets over there, but they are coated in a marmite flavoured snack.

        My mother used to make me eat it when I was a kid telling me it would help me grow. I think I would have preferred to stand in cow turds for a day which apparently helps you grow as well ;-)

      • Ewwwwww!!! I just puked in my mouth. Yucky! It’s amazing the things our parents made us eat. My mom, believe it or not, used to make me eat VEGETABLES!!! WTF??? ;) Your Marmite sounds far worse than broccoli. YUCKY!!! I’m like you, a pile of turds would have been as effective and less gross. :)

      • Yeah, why do they do that? Admittedly, I do that to my kids as well ;-) “But dad, I don’t like cauliflower”, “it’s that or broccoli”. “you know, cauliflower is really nice”

  5. There must be some kind of dating ritual attached to the Monty Python films. My wife watched Holy Grail with me and was kind enough to humor me with a few pity laughs. Recently, I watched about half of the film during a fit brought on by being tired, or trying to revive something out of my teenage years. I stopped watching midway through and shrugged. Maybe my love for all things Python stems from the nostalgia over the surprise and sheer idiocy of watching those films and shows the first time. I’d love to find something new that produces the same kind of nostalgia and ad nauseum line repetition.

    • There IS a dating ritual to it! It’s like men test chicks with their ability to sit through it. One more hoop to jump through in the early days of a relationship. ;) Your wife is a saint to have humored you. Good woman you have there. :)

  6. Call me weird, but I’ve never heard of or suffered through watching any of that! I think your husband should just understand, it’s not your thing. And you know, men are from Mars so they have a different sense of humor than we do. :D

    • I LOVED BENNY HILL!!!! He was such a dirty old man!!! I can’t believe that my parents would let us watch that when we were kids. Alas, they also let us watch Prisoner: Cell Block H (crazy Australian prison show full of massive violence). But we couldn’t watch One Day at a Time when Valerie Bertinelli lost her virginity. Go figure. ;)

  7. Well, I can’t speak for men, but I’m a woman who genuinely loves Monty Python. In high school, a bunch of us did Holy Grail costumes for Halloween, and I got to be the killer bunny.

  8. I haven’t seen many in the MP family. I have a hard enough time sitting through movies in general, so when I’m not interested I find myself engaging in something other than watching. That’s not to say I haven’t ever sat through a moronic flick.
    I find this trick super helpful as an out: once you realize this movie isn’t going to do anything but make you watch the clock and pray for it to JUST END ALREADY, initiate sex. Then, everyone wins!

    • That is one the SINGLE BEST PIECES OF ADVICE EVER WRITTEN!!! Brilliant! I’m soooooo using that from now one. Of course, now the hubby will be bringing home a different Monty Python movie every day. ;)

  9. I love most of MP there are some bits i dont find funny but the same way the guys around me don’t think all of it is funny I guess it is just your personal taste in humour

  10. I can’t stand them, never could. I had a friend who loved them, her whole family did and the youngest who was 6 at the time ran around quoting parts from each of them. every one laughed at her, but even a child couldn’t make me enjoy the lines.

  11. I LOVE Monty Python. All of it. And like Wanda (okay, you know A Fish Called Wanda just came to my mind – no offense), my husband loves the Lumberjack song. Now don’t get me started on the idiocy that is the Three Stooges. _That_ I don’t get. And it surely doesn’t warrant a full-length movie.

  12. Ok I’ve been lucky not to have dated guys who adore MP, but I have definitely had to suffer through plenty of movies and shows and pretend I liked them. Like guys who like WWE and still think it’s real and not choreographed.

  13. I LOVE Monty Python. My husband doesn’t. Can’t get past the accents. If I was tied to a chair and given the choice to watch Three Stooges or Monty Python. I’d take MP hands down

  14. The only one I’ve seen is The Holy Grail and I have to admit I enjoyed it…however, I’ve been told by other females I know that the rest suck so I haven’t bothered with them! :P

  15. Easy, you do not like python. If a guy you like likes Python just ask yourself if that is bothering you. Python is funny and hilarious. Brilliantly made. I love it.

  16. MP is code. It’s how the elite high-minded snobbish people share their snobbery without actually crapping on te little people. If you “get it” you’re incredibly intelligent and well read, blah, blah, blah. Then there are those who genuinely find it funny – they don’t necessarily fit in with the snobs though, they can’t get the (faux) meaning behind the meaning. Personally, my favorite is the black knight in the Holy Grail… “come back here, I’ll bite your kneecaps off!”

    I don’t get the meaning behind the meaning, I just think that shit is funny.

    • “I’m going to bite your kneecaps off” is my new favorite expression! :) And I have to agree–I’ve known people who think that others who don’t like Monty Python don’t like it because they are obtuse or ignorant. Not to brag, but I’m not QUITE as dumb as a box of rocks. For me it’s not not getting it. It’s getting it and still being bored. ;)

  17. As a female who was introduced to MP by a former friend of mine, also female. I love it!, I think its also has to be introduced to you young, I’ve loved British humour since I could remember, every night, even still I’ll watch ‘Are you Being Served’ admittedly some of the skits and few of the movies are less than stellar, but I think the beauty of MP is that its like the gateway drug opening you up to other shows. Try ‘Little Britain’ or ‘Gavin and Stacey’ or try some of the female comedy shows like ‘ Vicar Of Dibley’ or ‘Miranda’ (no, no bias here :D ) Miranda Hart is really funny.

    • I totally agree–I think if one is introduced to it young, it’s easier to swallow. I didn’t see my first until I was in my late teens and it was too late. WAY too late! ;) I’ll have to check out the shows you suggested. I do love British humor, or humour, ;) but I just can’t do Monty Python.

  18. I like Monty Python. Some of it’s dated though and just not the humor I’m used to. And I’m sure there’s a cultural difference. I can quote the scene in The Holy Grail with the bridge troll, the French man, the ‘witch’s, and imitate their ‘horses’. And maybe a few lines from random episodes. So sitting through it wouldn’t be a problem. But I absolutely refuse to sit through any sport. Yes, even the Olympics lol

  19. Oh, Lord I hate it!! But I also hate most that were mentioned in the comments. A Fish Called Wanda, really?? Ew! My husband loves MP. I’m surprised nobody mentioned the puking in the restaurant scene ( what movie is that from??). I can’t deal with puking of any sort, even on TV/movies. No, no way.

  20. It’s not Monty Python I’ve suffered through, but flicks like Mission Impossible or James Bond or any number of high-body count, exploding thing movies where the male star fights but is never injured in the next scene.

    But I suppose the men in my life have suffered though some sentimental animal stories and a few romantic comedies, too.

    It’s rare to find movies or shows both people in a couple like to watch.

    • See, I don’t mind the smash ‘em up movies–though I refuse to watch horror flicks. I don’t care how much someone begs, I’m not doing it! As for animal movies, I LOVE THEM! Just watched that whale one with Drew Barrymore and loved it. Milo and Otis? I wanna eat them both. And yes, I make my man suffer through them too. :)

  21. I agree with Mondrak. I think Monty Python was of it’s time. I liked it well enough on its own merits in the day but it doesn’t occur to me to watch it now. The humour was targeted and deliberate. While the essence of humour never changes, its outward manifestion changes with the times. I think humour today is more subtle, and to mind comes the Pirates of the Carribean series which although not directly comedy has some great lines and laughs :)

  22. I only saw a couple of Monty Python many, many moons ago & forgot what they were about. I agree about horror, yuck! Maybe for a million bucks it would be worth the nightmares. I do enjoy watching karate movies with my BF. I love Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee ……….

  23. You mean you don’t like The Quest for the Holy Grail?! I thought everyone loved that. Honestly, Kristen doesn’t really like MP either. I can’t explain why I do. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching MP and Benny Hill. The British sure do have a strange sense of humor, but MP does the trick with me. Everytime we do something as a group at work, I usually count by saying 1,2,5 and there’s always someone there who shouts “3 sir!”

  24. I watched Life of Brian when it first came out. The opening sequence rolled and the next thing I remember I was waking up in an emptying auditorium. I clearly remember queuing in the rain to see it, but that might have been for another movie. I have no idea which of my little spotty geek friends I watched it with. There are defintely a handful of films that are seem to be aimed mainly at men that I really regret not seeing on the big screen. Just not Life of Brian.

  25. I absolutely love Monty Python – I think those films are hilarious. Now not everything is funny; somethings are so strange, so damn awfully weird that I end up dying with laughter and doing what I call – my idiot laugh -lol.

    In fact, just today I was watching a few clips on YouTube, that had me cracking up. I was showing the clips to a male and a female friend of mine. She didn’t get it but he did – lol. I don’t believe that Monty Python should be watched in silence, but that may be because I’ve seen each film a couple times. Watching with a group of guys who make comments ever so often, is a seriously good time.

    Perhaps, it also has something to do with growing up on British comedies, like “Benny Hill”, “Allo, Allo” (my absolute fave), “Keeping up Appearance” and “Mr. Bean”.

    I really do think that Monty Python is awesome though – it’s silly good fun and sometimes so subtly brilliant that it won’t occur to you until the second or third viewing. The satire can be so crass that the elements of true genius are not immediately apparent.

    Alas, it’s not for everyone.

    • I LOVED Benny Hill!!! Wasn’t he awesome? And I think you hit the nail on the head with Monty Python–when you watch it with a group of guys who love it, their commentary alone can really make it a fun experience. It’s the dynamic of the group that can make for some good belly laughs. :)

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