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Since I’ve tortured all of you with my Christmas decorating pics (here’s one in case you missed it–note the new Christmas Teddy Hammock on the right side!), I thought I’d give you Christmas presents too, starting tomorrow.

Christmas 2014 Plus Teddy Hammock

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Dang! Kick Ass Review for my Nookie Book! Yay!

Okay, technically I’m still on vacation, so Book Reviewpretend you didn’t read this, that I’m not around and that you never saw me. But I had to share this awesome review for Sex: How to Get More of It that I saw today. My heart is sooooooooooooo warmed and I’m just tickled pink.

Please go check it out by clicking HERE.

The review is by the lovely, talented and wonderful Elizabeth Melton Parsons. Go check out her blog and follow her. Clearly she has great taste in books (ha! ;) ) so you’ll probably love other stuff she has to say. :)

Oh, quick note: Mom and I had a WONDERFUL vacation–thanks to all of you who wished us a great time; all that wishing worked! It was lovely. :)

Jodi and Mommy at Hoopers Ocean City Maryland May 2013 3 Cropped


Howdy everyone! I’m so thankful it’s Friday I could weep like a sad kitten! sad kitten

Since it is hot as friggin’ hell out here in Arizona (someone kill me) I thought since I’m staying inside (never to leave the house again until November) that I’d do two things.

  1. Give you a lip-smacking, damn good recipe from my cookbook.
  2. Give you a link to vote for Rants From My Crazy Kitchen as being one of the top 25 Foodie Moms. You’ll remember her not only from her awesome blog, but she contributed two delicious recipes to the cookbook. Yummy drool drool! Click HERE to vote for her and her awesome blog. I’m sure she will be very thankful you took the time. :)


Okay, so you guys know that I’m a cookbook writer that HATES HATES HATES to cook. Yeah, I know. I’m a whacko. Anyway, I’m going to give you a recipe for one of THE BEST desserts you can ever make and I kid you not, a blind hamster could make it–it’s THAT easy! It’s the perfect cake to take to a BBQ. It’s the perfect cake to take to bed and eat with your hands until you pass out (at least you are already laying down–less likely to get injured).

This recipe is good for a few reasons:

  1. It’s cheap to make.
  2. It’s easy as hell to make and takes about 4 minutes to throw together.
  3. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want a second helping.
  4. I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want a third helping.

I’m going to give you the recipe straight from the book, little story and all (each recipe has its own story because I talk too damn much!). :) I hope you love it! Oh, and GO VOTE for Rants!! She’s awesome and I’d love to see her make it into the top 25 Foodie Moms again this year. :)

Dump Cake

Let me say that on their own, I don’t like many of the ingredients in this cake. The first time my mom made it and handed me a piece I thought to myself, “GROSS! Cherries and pineapple? Vomit. Must. Keep. Smile. On. Face. While. Gagging.” Then I took a bite. Then I took another. Then I took 20 more and ended up eating 3 pieces of it. Somehow, all the flavors come together into this conglomeration of co-mingled delights in a way that I never would have expected. Of course, anything with a stick and a half of butter is bound to be delicious. Besides which, it truly is the single most easy homemade cake you will ever make. Ever. Period.

Below is Mom’s recipe from 1978. Thank goodness that she saves everything. I sure know who I get my pack rat tendencies from.

 dump cake

The list of yum yums:

  • One 18- to 20-ounce can of cherry pie filling—the extra cherry kind if possible
  • 1 – 1½ sticks of butter
  • One 20-ounce can of un-drained pineapple rings
  • 1 box of yellow cake mix

 Dumping it all together:

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 °F.
  2. Butter the bottom and sides of a 9×13 glass dish.
  3. Place a single layer of pineapple rings on the bottom of the dish and pour the juice over the pineapple.
  4. Pour the can of cherry pie filling on top of the pineapple and spread so the cherries are distributed evenly.
  5. Pour the dry yellow cake mix over the pineapple and cherries and level it out. Don’t mash the cake mix, just gently level it out and make sure it’s evenly dispersed.
  6. The take a stick or stick and a half of butter, slice it into 1/8-inch thick slices and put it over the entire cake top about an inch apart.
  7. Bake at 350 °F for about an hour or until the top is crispy brown.

I can’t even begin to describe how tasty this cake is. And seriously, have you ever read an easier cake recipe? It’s even easier than boxed cake. I would serve this cake to a chef. A president. A Nobel Prize winner. There is no shame in serving this cake to anyone and everyone. It may have taken you 3 minutes to make it, but no one would ever guess that in a million years. It is absolutely fantastic.

Enjoy everyone! Have a fantastic weekend! :) Luv ya!

Your 2nd Chance at Being a Super Hero! :)


TGIMFF! Yeah, had to add a few extra letters to the typical TGIF. you know I can’t help myself!

This post is for my amazing friend Joel, who you may know as Dambreaker (go check out his blog!). He plays sled hockey, which is an adaptive sport of hockey for people with physical disabilities. He’s been playing for over five years and is co-assistant captain of his team in Austin, Texas. Yay Joel!Superfriends

Where your Super Hero-ness comes into play is that he needs our help to raise money to participate in a national sled hockey tournament, which will be held in Boston, Massachusetts (Go Boston!) in Spring of 2014. He has joined with another player on his team to be able to go as his team in Austin is not willing to help individual players get to the tournament (dammit, that sucks). So Joel and his buddy are on his own in this adventure.

They were able to attend the tournament in 2012 which was closer to home in Dallas (Woo hoo!). It was their first time ever entering into any tournament competition and they arrived back home — WINNING THE BRONZE. Pretty dang good for their first time!!!!

Unfortunately, funds were lacking last year and the team was not willing to spend anything to go to the 2013 tournament that was held in Philadelphia.

I’m so inspired by him–I can’t even imagine the dedication it takes to play sled hockey having a physical disability. My lazy ass has a hard time even getting off the sofa and I’m strong as an ox! Bless his heart for all the hard work he puts into it.

Being the determined and hard working man he is, he’s enlisted people who adore him to help out in his amazing journey. He’s working with the Cape Cod Cookie Company who will give a dozen FREE assorted cookies to the highest donation. I’m donating 2 signed copies of each of my three books to the cause. We all want him to succeed!

If you want to help Joel on his journey, you can! Whether you can only afford $.50 or $50 doesn’t matter–every little bit helps as he and his sled hockey teammate have to pay for everything on their own, including food, travel, hotel, strippers (KIDDING!). Here is the donation site:

I asked Joel to do some research and write a little bit about the safety of the site so that no one worries about security, and also write a little bit about how he feels about his sport. Here’s what he says, “Because the other player and I saw that there wasn’t any help coming from the team, we decided to go vigilante. Sammy and I LOVE playing the sport! It’s in our veins. And we also love the fact that we are introducing something such as sled hockey to a new group of people who never knew that the sport even existed. The USA even has its own national team. Which is MY DREAM to be a part of. The last Paralympics that was held in 2012, the USA brought home the GOLD medal and has brought home many gold medals from annual worldwide tournaments since then, playing against such sled hockey powerhouses such as Norway and of course, Canada. There IS a team in Phoenix. They are pretty bad ass (from me: of course they are!). The donation site is secure for payment. I’ve never heard of anyone having problems with this site and they have helped out millions of people from teenagers wanting to go on missionary trips to helping the families of victims of recent national tragedies, such as the Boston marathon bombing, hurricane victims in the Gulf, and the victims of the Aurora massacre.”

If you can help Joel out with a donation, that would be great! If you can’t afford to, feel free to send him well-wishes here or on his blog. Any happy vibes coming his way are good!

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I know he appreciates and I  certainly do too! Much love!

love teddy

Upcoming post and KICK ASS COOKBOOK REVIEW!!!

Okay, so I’m halfway through writing my new post–dedicated to online dating–and I get an email about a blog post reviewing my cookbook, Darn Good Eats. I’m so freaking excited about this review that I saved my online dating post into MS Word (cause you KNOW how easy it is to lose a post on WordPress by accident) and had to do a quick post sending you to her page. She not only blogged her review, but put it up on Amazon and Goodreads. I’m all verklempt!! What a sweetheart.

Big thanks to all of you guys who are posting reviews for the books. I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!!! I’m so thankful I busted out with the colors! I want to marry each of you! Wow, that’s illegal and makes me sound like a tramp. ;)

Okay, I’ll shut up now and give you the link to check out her blog: Book Review Blog (this lovely lady does not mess around with her reviews–crazy amounts of detail–it’s like a thesis!)

I’ll get back to my online dating blog (for those of you in the dating world, I think you’ll enjoy it) tonight or tomorrow.

Big hug to you all! Have a great night!

Book Cover Small

Wanna be a SUPERHERO? Now is your chance!!!


Happy almost-Friday, all my lovely blogging buddies. Superfriends

Today’s post is something utterly and completely unrelated to me (how is that possible?? And THANK GOD!). :)

Today, I’m hoping you all will join me in helping a lovely young lady achieve her dream of going back to college so that she can get her degree and spend her life helping others. What better goal could a person have?

The wonderful Elizabeth Gunn is applying for a few scholarships to help fund her return to college and one of them is awarded based on popular vote through a website. What that means for you is that you can help her get the scholarship by clicking on a link and clicking a button. How cool is it that you can help someone change their life with two clicks of your mouse???

To vote for Liz and help her get her scholarship, click here. (Yep, I’m going to put this link all over the place in this post to make sure no one misses it!) :)

So that you can get to know Liz a little better, I asked her to share some things about herself. It’s great to know who you are helping and what kind of fun/crazy/awesome person they are. :)

Here are some fun things Liz shared with me about herself:

  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to read. Anything I can get my hands on. I’m even excited to start reading my text book for my class that doesn’t start until tomorrow. I’ve read all seven of the Harry Potter novels more times than I care to admit, and I’ve had to replace several of my favorite novels from over use.
  2. I’m an animal lover, to the point that my boyfriend won’t let me go into a pet store when they’re having pet adoptions. We have a beautiful dog named Harley and a cat named Snickers, and I love them more than sense.
  3. I’m a voracious writer. Blogs, journals, novels, you name it, I’ve tried it. I’ve cranked out five bazillion word essays half asleep and gotten A’s on them, with a bit of editing after I was fully conscious of course.
  4. I am a caffeine addict. My lovely boyfriend absolutely refuses to speak to me in the morning until I’ve had my cup of coffee, and I have to have at least one soda during the day to be fit for public.
  5. I’m a fan of cheap wine. No, seriously. Up until about a month ago, I couldn’t stand the stuff, mostly because all I’ve ever had was the over priced nonsense that tastes like its been soaked with dirty gym socks. We went to visit my boyfriend’s family about a month ago, and his sister’s S.O turned me onto this one particular brand, and I’ve been drinking it ever since.
  6. When it comes to crafts, I’m about as useless as two left thumbs. I tried knitting and gave up, my mom never hung my craft projects on the fridge, and I’m not allowed anywhere near sewing needles, both for my safety and the safety of those around me.
  7. Four years ago, I met the most wonderful and patient man. He captured me, body and soul, and my driving passion behind going back to school is to be able to marry this man and start a family with him and provide the life for that family that I never had, one where we don’t have to choose between paying the electric bill and feeding our family.
  8. I have the most supportive family a girl could ever ask for, and its my driving passion in life to be the kind of mother my mom and sister’s are. They inspire me daily, and if I can be half the women they are, I will consider myself successful.
  9. When you read my essay, I mention that one of the biggest reasons I want to get into human resources is to help other people succeed. I meant that. Even when I was a self centered teenager, I would go out my way to help others, even if that meant sacrificing something of mine (time, money, etc) to help them. Now that I’m all grown up, I’d like to continue that by helping people in a real and tangible way, and what better way to do that than to help people help themselves?

To vote for Liz and help her get her scholarship, click here.

Isn’t she awesome???

Anyone that loves animals, reading, writing, her boyfriend, her family and helping others pretty much rules in my book! The fact that she likes cheap wine and is utterly incompetent when it comes to crafting just makes me love her even more. :)

You can learn more about Liz at her blog. Click here to give it a read.

To vote for Liz and help her get her scholarship, click here. Believe me, those two clicks will make you feel so good!! I know I felt great when I did it and it only took me about 4 seconds. :)

Thanks so much to all of you for helping her out in her wonderful journey! I know she appreciates it and I do too. Love you guys!!

Awesome Awards, New Year’s Resolutions and Other Such Goodies

Happy New Year! I hope with all my heart that every last one of you had a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy New Year! :)

I took a much needed vacation from everything and decided today to dip my toe back into humanity one tiny inch at a time. And what did I find upon my return? I found I was mentioned by several awesome bloggers who somehow survived my potty mouth to live and say kind things about my blog! Yay!

My dear friends at Alastair’s Blog and Feed the Piglet both nominated me for Blog of the Year 2012 (the check is in the mail!) and Rural Spaceman listed my blog amongst his “Favorite Things”. Also, in the last few months I was blessed to be nominated by the following kick ass people for some kick ass awards:

  1. Sparky the Dragon creator Kimberley at The Embiggens Project for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award
  2. Jottings and Writings for the Addictive Blog Award and the Liebster Award (Two awards? you are awesome!)
  3. Life in the Drivethru for the Food Stories Nominee for Excellence in Storytelling Award
  4. Alastair’s Blog (again, you sweetheart!) for the One Lovely Blog Award
  5. TotalOvrdose for the Versatile Blogger Award

A big, huge thanks to all of you for your mentions, awards and kind words. I can’t tell you how humbled I am that you guys would think of me. Thank you so very, very much from the bottom of my heart. Your sweetness means the world to me. :)

Now that we’ve talked about the Awesome Awards (and the even more awesome awarders!), let’s move on to the New Year’s Resolutions. My thought about New Year’s Resolutions is poop on their head! Like a lot of people, I’ve made them over the years only to be disappointed in myself a few months down the road for my miserable failures. I’d have been so much happier with myself had I never made the unachievable resolutions in the first place. So, I’ve decided to never make another resolution! Alas, that does not mean that I don’t have things I wanna do in 2013.

Horrifying as it is, my 25 year class reunion is this year. Good God–how is that possible? Am I not still 17 riding around in my girlfriend Susan’s Bronco with a Bartles & James wine cooler in one hand, a cigarette in the other, gossiping about boys? Wasn’t it just yesterday, not 28 years ago, that while at the 7-11 I ran into the guy who stood me up for a movie at my place (my mom actually rented a VCR so I could have him over to watch a movie as we didn’t have one yet–yep, that tells you how old my ass is) and his other date (kill me)? Man, was that awkward! How could it be 25 years ago that I graduated? It just doesn’t seem possible!!!

Well, like most women, I’m bound and determined to lose a few pounds before the reunion. Writing that cookbook put a few extra hunks of delicious, savory butter on my ass (oh, I mean pounds…the butter put the pounds on my ass) that I’d like to shed before flying home, so either I’m going to have to learn how to eat healthier or I’m going to have to borrow a vacuum from someone and perform home liposuction. I’m not sure which one would be more painful!!! :)

This desire to knock off a pants size is not a resolution though. I just happened to be notified about the upcoming event in the last week, so the timing makes it appear to be a resolution, but it is not.

Something else I wanna do in 2013 is learn to curb my potty mouth.  I know I cuss a LOT and I thought…oh shit, I can’t pull that off. I’m sooooo lying here!!! That just ain’t gonna happen. ;)

Ummmm…what else do I wanna do? I don’t know. I figure if I can continue to be happy and healthy, then life is good. I just try and keep that going and that should really be enough.

Okay, so now onto the Other Such Goodies.

I have two things here for ya. One: my cooking spot on WGN-America’s Lunchbreak is gonna air on January 11th. WOO HOO!!!! I’m so excited I could puke. Two: I quit smoking 6 weeks and 1 day ago and I’m so proud of myself I could puke. Wait, that’s a hell of a lot of puking. Let’s just say that my cold-turkey-smoke-quitting-ass is very happy that I’ve been able to maintain the quitting without even a single slip up. Yay!!! And, I haven’t even been a rancid bitch during the emotional withdrawal of one of my very favorite things on earth. I had whittled down my consumption to 4-5 a day (though I crave a pack a day dammit!!!) over the last year so that quitting wouldn’t be such a fuckin’ nightmare, and I still crave those evil (wonderful) sticks constantly, BUT, I’m bound and determined to stay quit as I’d like to live a long and healthy life, so send me no-smoking happy vibes please! :)

Again, I hope you all had a simply magnificent holiday season and I want you to know that I’m thankful for all of your friendship. I’ve met some wonderful people through this blog and you guys mean a ton to me. XOXOXOXO

Blog of the Year Award 2 star thumbnailfoodstoriesnominee_250x286The addictive blog award liebster one-lovely-blog-award1-1 versatileblogger11

It’s Not Nice to Make an Old Battleaxe Cry! Dammit People!

I am going to put each and every one of you over my knee! Yep, you need to do like I used to do when I was a kid and try and find a pillow you can strap to your ass because I’M COMIN’ FOR YA!

Okay, I’m not actually going to spank anyone (for free, at least), but you need to know how much all of these lovely awards mean to me. That you guys would take the time to include me just gives me the warm fuzzies. I appreciate you all so very, very much!!!

Something that has not changed about me–ever, is that I’m terrible at following the rules. So, I’m quite positive that my post will not meet all of the award requirements, but here they are for those that I’m sending the awards to:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their site.
  2. Nominate other people (you choose how many–whatever makes you happy).
  3. Write some bad ass things about yourself.

I think those are all the rules, though I’m quite sure I screwed them up.

I’ve mentioned this before but I wanna say it again: I nominate all kinds of people. Sometimes, I even disagree with what they have to say, but that’s the great thing about blogging: everyone has a voice. I simply love that!! :)

Here are the amazing blessings given to me in the last couple of months by some seriously incredible people who you should immediately follow and love like I do:

The Illuminating Blogger Award, by Phoenix Book Room (I’m sooooooooo sorry I missed yours the first time around. Everyone go check her out!)

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award, by ScrawlSpace, CunningStuff, LizbethWrightBooks

Inspiring Blogger Award

I nominate:

The Liebster Blog Award, by Bulldog and Baby

I nominate:

The One Lovely Blog Award, ScrawlSpace, Travel, Love & Namaste, How To Online Date, The Jotter’s Joint, A Very Strange Place, Searching for the Happiness, Don’t Quote Lily, Betty Hoven, The Embiggens Project, The Pickled Princess


I nominate:

Thanks for Writing Award, by ReadnCook

I nominate:

You Make Me Shine Award, by Hutch a Good Life

I nominate:

The Sunshine Blogger Award, by Drawing Room Days, Fibronaut at Home

I nominate:

The Beautiful Blogger Award, by Lake Effect

I nominate:

The Versatile Blogger Award, by Mondrak,  Preston Fuller, The Wish Factor, The Embiggens Project, Lorna’s Voice

You guys are getting nominated too:

The 7 Things About Me Award, by the lovely Mondrak!

Yep, you guys too!

The Grazie Award, by Lorna’s Voice


The Reader Appreciation Award, by thoughtsfromanamericanwoman, Not in India 2012, Hutch a Good Life

Nope, you can’t escape me either:

  1. amateuraficionado
  2. Wandering Voiceless
  3. Anthony’s Ramblings

All of these awards mean so very much to me. I really cannot express my gratitude to all of you for being so kind. I hope that all of you stop by and follow their blogs as you will find some incredible people there with great stories and much to share.

Since I always let it all hang out anyway, none of this stuff will likely surprise you, but I stole the 7 Things About Me list from Mondrak and will tell you 7 things about my silly self.

Here goes!

  1. I have two well-hidden tattoos.
  2. The hubby and I are renovating the entire house. This weekend, it’s the dining room cabinets. Kill me, please.
  3. I like playing with eye boogers. I know. GROSS!!! The ones with an eyelash or cat hair stuck in them are particularly fun. Now, real boogers are ICKY gross and I ban them from the earth. But eye boogers? Totally fun.
  4. If I could live in a log cabin, way out in the woods, I would. (As long as there was a Circle K within 5 minutes.)
  5. I currently have 22 teddy bears on my sofa. Yep, the freak show continues.
  6. I met Oprah when I was little, when she was still on local Baltimore/Washington TV. She told me I looked like Brooke Shields (it was the un-plucked eyebrows, I’m quite sure!)
  7. I’m addicted to having a pair of cuticle nippers in every room in the house. Also, in my car. I love nippers. They can do anything.

Thank you again, so very, very much for the amazing awards. My heart is officially warmed!!! Love you guys!!!

HOLY S*hitcakes!!! My Jaw is on the Floor!! (And that ain’t easy)


I’m so excited my heart is going to burst, my face is going to fall off and I’m likely going to pee myself!! Woo hoo!! :)

Check out this book review by professional book reviewer Joey Pinkney. It’s in the Arts and Entertainment section of the website The Examiner! I’m so friggin’ excited I’m going to implode!!!

“Man is a simple animal, indeed. Everything that he wants or needs is procured through hunting and gathering. But what about one of the things that he is hardwired to need the most: sex? For sex, the path of least resistance usually intersects with legal issues, to say the least.

Men, how do you get more sex out of the woman you love? Easy: make sure feel loved and comfortable. The challenge for a man becomes being able to do the things a woman needs as opposed to what a man thinks his woman needs. There is a distinct difference.

Enter Jodi Ambrose to the rescue with the open dialogue within Sex: How to Get More of It. It’s not a predator’s handbook on how to snag his latest “conquest”. Instead, it maps out the hows and the whys a man needs to understand in order to learn the nuances of the give and go of compromise with his female companion. This book is essentially the layman’s guide to the psychology of women.

Coming in at a brisk 30 pages, Sex: How to Get More of It is a quick read that is chock full of easy-to-understand information. Ambrose writes in a relaxed voice. She’s not afraid to drop a curse word here or there to spice her witty banter. Don’t let the wit and humor fool you, Ambrose really lets the male reader inside the inner-workings of a successful relationship with women in general.

The format of Sex: How to Get More of It is simple. After an intro to get you ready for the tone and language that will shortly follow, Ambrose gives you “The List”. This syllabus is the guide by which the rest of the handbook is based. Some are common sense, some are sappy and others might make most men cringe. But they all make sense one way or another, and that’s what make this book pure genius. Ambrose says in a few words what a psychologist would need a thesis to discuss.

What did I like about this book? The brevity. The sensibility. For instance, Ambrose lets it be known that there are some instances that it’s ok, and even pertinent, that you lie to keep a level of sanity in the relationship. (Q: “Does this [clothing item] make me look fat?” A: “No.”) I really like Ambrose’s conversational style. If you are easily offended by “adult” language, read Sex: How to Get More of It anyway because of the solid information.

In the genre of relationship books that come off as stuffy and detached, Ambrose brings a flare and panache along with common sense to give a man in need a hand indeed. If you are a man that wants to know a little more about how to “grease the wheel”, so to speak, this is a perfect book to reference now and again. In reading Sex: How to Get More of It, you begin to realize that it’s not about how to gain more sex. Jodi Ambrose points out how to get your woman to feel more comfortable and more secure in your relationship.” –Joey Pinkney

I know it shows me in my old red-headed disguise, but I don’t care!! I’m going to pass out. Yup…floor, here I come! :)



Do you have any idea how blessed I feel to have so many wonderful new friends? SUPER DUPER BLESSED! (Oh, good grief, I sound like such a nerd. I must confess, I am one.)

From the bottom of my heart, these lovely awards mean so very much to me. That you guys would take the time to include me just gives me the warm fuzzies. I appreciate you all so very, very much!!!

One thing you guys probably know about me is that I’m terrible at following the rules. So, this post might not meet all of the requirements, but here they are for those that I’m sending the awards to:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their site.
  2. Nominate other people (you choose how many–whatever makes you happy.)
  3. Write some bad ass things about yourself.

I think those are all the rules and I probably screwed them up, but here goes!

Just so ya know, I nominate all kinds of people. Sometimes, I even disagree with what they have to say. But that is the great thing about blogging is that everyone has a voice. I simply love that!! :)

Here are the amazing blessings given to me in the last couple of days by some seriously incredible people who you should immediately follow and love like I do:

The Sunshine Blogger Award, by Drawing Room Days and Getting Naked Behind the Wall and SwittersB & Fly Fishing and TimZauto   (HOLY SHIT! You guys are making me blush!)

I would like to nominate these kick ass peeps:

The Versatile Blogger Award, by Photography + Science = Chanel

Yep, you guys are getting nominated too:

  1. All Things Boys
  2. The Brabble Rabble
  3. Simply Eclectic

The Kreative Blogger Award, by shreyandpixlar


The Reader Appreciation Award, by kyllingsara

Nope, you can’t escape me either:

  1. amateuraficionado
  2. Love and Lunchmeat
  3. Memoirs of an Evil Stepmom

All of these awards mean so very much to me. I really cannot express my gratitude to all of you for being so kind. I hope that all of you stop by and follow their blogs as you will find some incredible people there with great stories and much to share.

Since I always let it all hang out anyway, none of this stuff will likely surprise you, but I stole 10 questions from Getting Naked Behind the Wall‘s award blog and thought I’d spill my guts with these. Here goes!

  1. What is a favorite childhood memory? Well, if you read my recent post about drinking out of and bathing with my mom’s old douche bag, you already know my favorite (horrible!) childhood memory!
  2. What is a real fear you have? Falling and either breaking all of my teeth or landing on something with my eye. EWWWWW!!!!
  3. How would you describe yourself? Happy. In love. Content. Kind. Occasionally funny. A doofus.
  4. What Countries have you lived in? USA
  5. What is your style? Jammie pants and tank tops.
  6. What is your favorite breakfast food? How much time to you have? Chocolate chip pancakes. BACON! A good omelet. HASHBROWNS!! BACON! Oh, already said that one.
  7. What are some of your hobbies? Reading, writing books, photography, playing with teddy bears and furries (I know…I know…) hanging out with the hubby.
  8. If you could tell people anything, what would be the most important thing to say? I have a few here, so get comfortable!
    1. Don’t worry about 5 or 10 extra pounds. When you die will people say, “Wow, their death would be so sad if only they’d been 8 pounds thinner.” ??? No. Then don’t let those couple of pounds ruin enjoying your life.
    2. Being judgmental sucks. So quit it if you are. Allowing people to be who they are is freeing to both them AND you.
    3. Learn how to say, “No.” Best 2 letter word on earth.
  9. What is one of your passions? Helping people find greater love in their relationships.
  10. What is the one truth you have learned? I will always play with teddy bears. No matter my age. ;)

Thank you again, so very, very much for the amazing awards. My heart is officially warmed!!! Love you guys!!!