Disclaimer: Please Read

Hi everyone!

I just wanted to give you guys the heads up that I’m not big on being PC. I don’t think 4-letter words are bad. I usually think they are kind of funny if well-used.  Hell, my name is a 4-letter word! I can also be a bit sarcastic (okay, a lot sarcastic) sometimes. But everything I say comes straight from the heart as well. There isn’t a mean bone in my body.

Because of my occasionally snarky communication style, I thought it fair to warn you ahead of time.

As I don’t hold myself to G-rated language, I don’t expect you to be saintly in your language either. Witty banter with an occasional naughty word is right up my alley.

What I do ask is that you phrase your commentary in a way that isn’t unkind to others. While not everyone will always agree, this needs to be a place for safe interactions where no one feels attacked or bullied.

So, please feel free to let your Freak Flag fly here, but always temper your comments so they aren’t hurtful to anyone else (me included!)

Thanks everyone! I look forward to hearing from all of you.


6 comments on “Disclaimer: Please Read

      • the pleasure is all mine; just a shame i can’t hear you laugh

        fuck is a most versatile word; one of my last bosses had an american wife, and her favourite of all the workplace usages – we used it a lot – was, ‘oh for fuck’s sake,’ it was the stoic resignation that won her over i think


        • The first time I heard, “For fuck’s sake,” was from a coworker back in 1997. I about passed out laughing. It was simply PERFECT!!! It’s such a universal word. I don’t know why people get all up in arms about it. I’m quite sure if I totaled up my daily count of using that word it would rarely be below 25. 😉

          As for hearing me giggle, I do radio shows a few times a month and have started posting announcements about them here. I’m hosting my own radio show in August (probable August.) You can call in and we can chat! 🙂 Hugs!


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