Get a healthy love life here!

Do you yearn for the days when you’d float into an hour-long, sex-induced coma after making love? Are you ready for a more exhilarating love life? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Even in the best relationships, time can often dampen the fire that used to smolder in your loins. But no more. We are going to rekindle that lust in a fun and titillating way.

I don’t know about you, but I always considered homework a drag. Not this time, though. You are going to have a provocative homework assignment that will bring you and your honey much love, intimacy and incredible sex.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is for both you and your mate to separately come up with a list of things you like in the bedroom. Jot down 10-15 activities that make your eyes roll up into the back of your head in delight. Keep in mind though, this is the time to stay positive, so only list those things you love rather than also tacking on an inventory of things you don’t. Hopefully, if your significant other follows the, “I love it when you do this…” list, you’ll never have to address the, “I really, really, really hate it when you do this…” cry for help.

A sample of what may appear on a list for the ladies is:

In the bedroom, I’d love it if you’d…

  • Very gently kiss that sensitive spot between my neck and shoulder
  • Take of my clothes slowly (it makes me feel like a virgin again)
  • Talk dirty to me
  • Make sexy sounds when you go down on me
  • Kiss all around my girl parts without actually touching them—the tease drives me insane with pleasure

A sample of what may appear on a list for the guys is:

In the bedroom, I’d love it if you’d…

  • Go down on me and stay down there having fun for a while
  • Wear sexy lingerie and don’t let me take it off of you for at least 10 minutes—torture me!
  • Touch yourself in front of me
  • Completely relax and let me take care of you from head to toe
  • Let the lights stay on so I can see you when we make love

While those samples are fairly tame (I didn’t want to make everyone blush!), if you desire something more like, “I want you to hang upside down from the swing in the backyard, blindfolded, while I bang you and call you deliciously filthy names,” then add those types of things to your list. It can’t hurt to put it out there. This is your time to ask for exactly what you want, in the way you want it.

When you’ve both finished your lists, prepare for an enticing evening where you’ll share them. Get a babysitter for the night if you have kids. Get dressed up, go out to dinner, have a few drinks; really have a romantic night so that you are in the mood when you get home.  Once you are home, stay dressed up, find a comfy, dimly-lit place to chat and then share your lists. Read your lists aloud, slowly and with a wicked glint in your eyes, to one another. Pay attention to facial expressions and body language as you read—this will help you assess how your sweetheart is responding to your items.

By the time you finish, if you aren’t already ripping each other’s clothes off, pick one thing off each list that you are willing to do and then DO IT! Make this the night to expand your romantic horizons. Try something new and see if you like it. It’s your openness to new sexual adventures that will help keep that fire burning bright for the long haul. It’s the willingness and eagerness you show that will help build the intimacy and trust that will last far longer than any sexual act you enjoy in the moment.

Most of all, enjoy yourself! Come to your homework assignment and each other with a good sense of humor, an open mind and a desire to make things better and you are bound to succeed. Luck and love!

6 comments on “Get a healthy love life here!

  1. This is a wonderful exercise to apply to anyone having a bit of a romantic slump! My husband and I communicate well and it means there is no guess work. There will always be something that the other person wants or needs more than you do. Being open to giving puts you right at the front of the line for receiving. I like knowing which buttons to push our pull to make Danny puttyin my hands and I enjoy to benefits of him knowing what my “favorites” are in return.


    • Hi MoMabie! Sounds like you are blessed with a wonderful relationship—soooo good to hear! And I agree with you that it’s a good exercise really for any couple. A little refresher course in what make their eyes roll back into their head with delight is never a bad thing. Plus, it’s amazing what people learn that they never knew about their love. 🙂


      • I really am blessed. Danny is my best friend and I’m his. It really isn’t spoken much, felt all the same. I love my life and couldn’t imagine being more grateful or present. It’s a real gift. PS I’m hooked to your site now and will probably be on your nerves soon LOL


        • It’s wonderful hearing how happy you are!!! My hubby and me are best friends too and it makes everything in life just that much better. 🙂

          You are so cute about being hooked. 🙂 It is such a delight to have you here! I always love reading your comments. You couldn’t be on my nerves if you tried. Hugs!


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