Thoughts on Romantic Grocery Shopping

See, shoe shopping with the woman can make you happy!

I’m not particularly domestic. As a matter of fact, if I never saw a broom, a sponge or a dustmop again I’d be the world’s happiest woman. As I’m not the Queen of Domesticity, trips to the grocery store are particularly anathema to me. Yuck! Plus, I want to put every chocolate or pizza related item in the store into my basket and then roll around naked in them. Since I can’t do that (well, technically speaking I could, but then I couldn’t fit through the front door), I try to stay away from stores. For quite a few years I’d have my groceries delivered so that I could avoid both the temptation and the drudgery of grocery shopping.

Then along came my husband. He loves to cook, doesn’t mind grocery shopping and actually does the dishes. Heaven. But then I felt bad. He shouldn’t get stuck doing all the shopping. That doesn’t seem fair. So, now I’ve turned it into an adventure. I make sure I grab his cute ass at least 3 or 4 times as we walk down the aisles. I run into him with the cart. I sneak kisses. I suggest buying ridiculous crap just to see him roll his eyes and giggle.

What I’ve discovered is that even a chore that I hate can be made fun by MAKING it fun.

My point? Guys, next time your girl wants to go shoe shopping, go with her. While it may seem like hell on earth, you can pick out shoes you think are sexy, have her model them for you, then buy them for her. I’m not talking $200 shoes. Go to Payless or Famous Footwear or one of those other less expensive shoeΒ  stores. I’m never a believer that spending tons of money makes a relationship better. But, the experience you’ll have together combined with your thoughtfulness will make those shoes something she smiles at every time she sees them or wears them (think of her wearing them and ONLY them.)

It’s showing love like that to your girl, like I show to my hubby by making grocery shopping fun,Β  that helps keep a relationship happy, light-hearted and enduring.

Now go have some shopping fun this weekend! (And enjoy the naked shoe modelling when you get home!)

14 comments on “Thoughts on Romantic Grocery Shopping

  1. I tell ya, that give and take, EVEN with shopping-related things, makes for a much happier relationship. When everyone pitches in, no one feels taken for granted. πŸ™‚

    BTW, thanks for stopping by and leaving comments. I’m brand new to blogging and really appreciate the support.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Actually that IS romantic, if you ask me. πŸ™‚ My boyfriend and I do the same. Our goal for a shopping trip: to make as many people laugh as possible. It’s quite hilarious and makes the chore easier.

    Recently, my boyfriend saw a woman with an ironing board stuck in her cart (laughing thinking of this) and he elbowed me and said, “Watch this!” I was trying to hold back a giggle because I knew he would say something outrageous. As she neared him he said, “Excuse me, Miss, could you tell me in which aisle you found your surfboard?” She laughed so hard she turned red. Great moment!


  3. Since my wife is a classically trained chef and I have been cooking since I was five years old, we rarely argue about who goes out for groceries. We usually both go. Though we usually take my car so we don’t buy too much stuff. We usually have fun doing it. I’m glad you discovered our little secret.


    • What an amazing couple! Both great cooks? I wish I liked cooking. I’d live off Kraft Mac and Cheese and PB&Js if I had to cook. Of course, with all the heavy whipping cream and butter my hubby uses I have to eat tiny portions so that I can still fit my pants. But it’s soooo good. πŸ™‚ Shopping can be fun. Glad you and your sweetie have a good time at it too.


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  5. I hate grocery shopping and laundry which (yay) my husband really enjoys doing. And I enjoy housework and ironing (which he hates.) So it all works out….except for cooking, which both of us are often too tired to tackle.


    • It’s great that you guys found your niche with housework. It’s one of those things that can make couples hate each other if it’s not worked out. As for cooking, I’m like you guys…icky! Thank God my hubby is a great cook. I’m sitting down right this very moment to homemade spaghetti dinner. Yum! If your hubby ever wants to do more laundry, I’ll happily send him mine. I’m NOT a laundry girl! Have a wonderful weekend!


  6. Nice post. I fall into the same category as your hubby. My wife and I mostly share the cleaning, but I do the cooking and grocery shopping and I don’t even mind! I LOVE cooking! But since you’ve brought it to my attention, I think I’ll ask her if she’d like to go shoe shopping this weekend πŸ˜‰


    • Awwww…yay!!!! What a wonderful hubby you are! I know there is a special place in heaven for me who love to cook. There just has to be.

      Taking her shoe shopping is so sweet. My hubby and I did it about 2 weeks ago and watching him pick out my shoes was the cutest thing ever. Every time I wear them my heart swells with love.

      Have a wonderful time with the wifey and thanks for being such a great husband. I’m thinking we need to clone you. πŸ™‚


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