Perspective from a Formerly Dead Person

What a title, right? I have a lot of people ask me how I’ve learned to find such peace and contentment in my life. Like everyone else, I deal with struggles, hardship, and loss. But even through all of that, I usually find a way to come to terms with it all and move forward in a positive way. That doesn’t mean I don’t wanna smash my computer with a bat when it doesn’t work right. Or that I don’t want to drive into my office and ring necks when people get on my nerves. It doesn’t mean that if anything ever happened to my husband that I wouldn’t want to crawl into a hole and die. But, for the most part, I’m able to roll with the punches and keep my chin up (wow, 2 cliches in one sentence! That’s a record!).

I think one of the reasons for that is that I’ve been dead twice. Yeppers, you read that correctly. Once when I was just a very small child and again in my early 20s. I believe with all my heart that God jump started my heart both times so that I could live a bit longer.

How these death experiences have helped me is two-fold:

  • I had no fear when I died. None. I believe in heaven and both while dying (though I don’t really remember it the first time) and upon coming back, I never felt fear. I felt peace.
  • I realized that life can be gone in the blink of an eye, so I knew I’d have to make it count while I was here.

Having those two understandings helps me in so many ways. I don’t worry so much about the little things anymore. I don’t try and control everything. I never try to control other people. I know that eventually, all things work out as they should. I’m okay with who I am. I know that I don’t have to the prettiest, smartest, funniest girl on earth to be happy. I’m almost 42 and I don’t worry that I don’t look like I did when I was 20. I find growing old gracefully to be a blessing and a huge stress relief.

Ultimately, I learned and live my life’s mantra because of these experiences: Wake up. Be kind. Go to bed. Repeat.

While I hope none of you have to go through the physical struggles I’ve been through, I do very much wish that all of you find peace and contentment in your lives. When you have those 2 things, everything else comes naturally.

Blessings to all of you!

PS: If any of you out there have experienced something similar, I’d love you to share that story here so we can all benefit from what you went through.

17 comments on “Perspective from a Formerly Dead Person

  1. Hi Wendell! Thanks so much for stopping by. It’s amazing the things that happen to us in life that lead us down our paths. Sharing your peace and goodness helps people so much and I’m so glad that you have that in your life too. I’ve actually told very few people in my real life that those things happened to me, but with the amazing amount of love and the tons of questions that people have been emailing me, I thought it felt right to share. Blessings to you, new friend!


  2. Do I look speechless?

    Wow. Ok, I can see how that would change your perspective on EVERYTHING. Thank you for sharing that. Of course you’d not have a fear of death! I can’t share a similar story, but I can say that because I have so many medical problems (my heart slowly being pulled out of its natural position due to Scoliosis) I have had to make peace with death. I have no idea how long I will live, I just know my life span will most likely be shortened. So I do relate. Letting go of the fear of death was very powerful for me. I thought the same things you wrote here. Why bother being afraid of every little thing. There is no time for that!


  3. Hi Zen! Your poor heart! Oh my gosh, what a nightmare. Our bodies are sometimes our worst enemies. It sounds like, at this point, you’ve come to terms with it. That is soooo healthy for your mind. The stress people feel over fearing death can be debilitating. I guess, in a way, we are lucky because we’ve conquered one of most people’s greatest fears. It is such a relief not to sweat the small stuff anymore. Dying (or being aware it could happen sooner than you’d like) gives one a perspective that can actually bring incredible peace, as weird as that sounds.

    I’ll be saying prayers for your heart. I hope that you’ll be around this world for many, many good and happy years. πŸ™‚


  4. Yes my body is my worst nightmare. But I agree, I do feel peace because what is there left to be afraid of – not much! Thank you, Jodi.

    The day I was done with that fear was the day I really began to live. I don’t worry anymore whether I’m good enough or not. I just do the best I can. I have faith I will find a way to make all of my dreams come true.

    Thanks for being such a sweetheart. You’re a really nice person.


    • I think what you just said is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. So simple, yet so hard to achieve. I hope this comes out the right way and doesn’t sound stupid, but I’m so proud of you for being so strong and fearless. You are quite the inspiration, sweet Zen. πŸ™‚


  5. No, it doesn’t sound stupid at all. It sounds precious. I value your comment. You inspire me also, Jodi, very much so, I want to be sure you know that. I love how you are just you. Does it sound stupid to say that I think you’re pretty fantastic, that I also admire how fearless YOU are? I don’t think you’d think that’s stupid for a second! πŸ™‚ XO Jodi ❀


    • Have I told you how very happy I am that we’ve become friends? Thank you so much, sweet Zen. And you are right, it’s never stupid to tell someone how wonderful you find them to be. Thanks so much for always being such a joy. I love seeing notes in my inbox that there is something from you on one of my posts. Regardless of how tough or how fun the topic, you are always a ray of sunshine. Have sweet dreams. πŸ™‚


  6. wow! thanxxxxx so much b’coz today i’m feeling like that only .
    I want to end my life here but after reading your blog i think the people who does not like me are less than the people who likes me a lot.
    It didn’t seem me to go and say somebody my feelings because no one would have interest in my saying. So, I think the life is more easy and beautiful that i’m thinking….
    for these type of blog THANXXX A LOT.
    Cheers JODI…..


    • Oh Bhushan…I am truly sorry to hear life is so difficult right now. I will send you many prayers that everything gets better.

      I am also so very, very happy that you found my words comforting. It’s amazing how wonderful and less stressful life becomes when we don’t place so much of our heart’s value on what mean people think of us. If someone hurts your feelings, THEY are the jerk. I always try to feel sympathy for mean, nasty, rotten people (just to name a few adjectives!) because for them to be so darn horrible to others, it must mean that their lives are simply atrocious.

      Please always remember that there are people out there who are kind and will treat you the way you deserve to be treated. All those other jerky people, in the long run, really don’t matter. When you are 80 years old and looking back on your life, you’ll fondly remember all the wonderful times you’ve had with people who adore you. The insignificant jerks will all have faded away–just like they should.

      With all my heart, I hope that you find happiness in everything you do, but that you know that even if happiness is elusive sometimes, it’s always just waiting around the corner. Take care of yourself, Bhushan. I’ll be thinking of you fondly…


  7. I have been blessed with good health (ok, maybe an emergency operation once or twice, but that is all past). I have however watched as one I love has suffered and still does tremendously but WILL NOT give up! I also lost a very dear one far too early…In all of it my faith only grew greater. The fire of loss and pain tempered my beliefs and now unalloyed peace and joy are mine. Blessings on you and your life of passing it on. ~Live it! ~Dan


    • Hi Dan! Thank you so much from coming by and sharing that with me. πŸ™‚

      Glad the emergency surgeries worked out okay. I’ve had a few of those myself and they are terrifying. Ugh!

      Watching loved ones suffer is its own version of hell on earth. It’s so hard to know there is nothing you can do but pray for them and offer support. I sometimes think it is easier (though more physically painful of course) to be the patient. Each time someone close to me has some awful thing happen to them, it’s torture.

      I’m so pleased that your faith has grown strong throughout everything. Having faith will get you through the roughest times with the knowledge that in the end it’ll be okay (even if it doesn’t feel like it now.)

      Blessings right back at’cha, Dan! πŸ™‚


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