Black or Red? Who gives a damn?

If ONE MORE PERSON tells me that I’m not as good or pretty or alluring with black hair instead of the red-headed wig I use for author photos/book covers, I’m going to beat them about the head and shoulders with a bat. Wooden or aluminum? I wonder which one would hurt the most? Even if it’s true, who says something like that??? Were they raised in a barn? By wolves? HOW FRIGGIN’ RUDE IS THAT??? Last week some chick said (in reference to my book cover and author pic), “That isn’t YOU, is it??”Β  No. I use someone else’s pictures. Asshat!!!!

So, I’ve included here a pic of me as a raven-haired girl (with almost no makeup and my hair not fixed) and one of my book cover pics. I tried to find a smokey-eyed pic of me with black hair, but in my normal life I don’t walk around seducing cameras like one does in a photo shoot. I think I’m clearly the same person. Granted, I sexed it up for the photo shoot. Fake eyelashes, eyeliner, red lips. But I don’t want to walk around looking like a hooker everyday, so in real life, I wear makeup, I just don’t paint it on.

I don the red-headed wig because I try to keep my day job separate from my authoring gig. People I work with don’t need to know my business. I only could have dreamed that the books would be as successful as they are and now that I’m out and about doing gigs, I always get a crooked look when I show up with black hair.

I’m pretty sure that for my next book, I’m going to do both the cover and the author photo with my natural hair and let the consequences fall where they may. Lindsey Lohan changes her hair color every 5 minutes. And while I’m no Lindsey (thank you God), I just don’t see why it matters so much.

Dang, I sound like I’m in a bad mood! I’m not really. Just tired of the same ole crap.

16 comments on “Black or Red? Who gives a damn?

    • You just made my day!!!!! I prefer lighter makeup and normal hair too. I just can’t believe how many people give me shit about it. RAISED IN BARNS!!

      Thanks so much, Doll. I needed the pick-me-up. πŸ™‚ XOXO


  1. I would say that you are blessed with an insane amount of aesthetic gifts. You can pull off both looks. Any opinions beyond that are just that, opinions based on personal preference. In my estimation it is like choosing between platinum and diamonds. Sure you MIGHT have a preference, but you can’t lose either way! πŸ™‚


    • Jeff…what a lovely thing to say. Thank you SO much! It’s funny, I have a really good sense of self and usually just blow people off when they make dumbass, rude comments on my hair, etc… but for some reason, it just hit me hard this time. No clue why. So I really appreciate your kindness. Helps me want to not break out the baseball bat. πŸ˜‰


    • That is AWESOME information to have Sheri! Thank you!! That made me laugh out loud and scare the cat off the sofa. πŸ˜‰

      And I agree with you–it’s all about what’s under the skin. I think that’s one of the reasons it’s making me so mad lately. I mean, who cares what color my hair is? Will mountains fall? The seas rise? The sun burn out? Who ever would have dreamed that people cared about my hair color?

      I gotta tell you, it’s lovely that you guys have helped me see that it doesn’t matter, no matter what any other clunkheads say. πŸ™‚ Thank you!


  2. Who knows why people say what they do… that’s why I’ve been blessed with a hearing aid to turn off. Maybe next time you should do a mousy brown, pulled back in a severe bun and wear glasses and pinch your lips together in disgust…. Or maybe not. You look great either way, and I’m sure people want to know what you have to say because of what you have to say, not what you look like saying it.


    • I gotta tell you, alundeberg, your ability to simply tune people out, must be heaven in some ways. You can use the excuse, “My battery died. Sorry, can’t hear you.” What a great sense of humor you have. πŸ˜‰

      I like the mousey brown/glasses/pinched face look idea. Give them a real shocker with which to deal. Thanks for the sweetness, too. I really appreciate the positivity and kindness. Today was a tough day, but comments like yours certainly made it tons better.


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