FREE Book Excerpt: Nagging? A thing of the past!

I’m quite sure I’m not the only person who has pulled out my hair, wanting to slowly eviscerate my mate for NOT FREAKING DOING WHAT THEY SAID THEY WOULD DO! Argh!

It used to make me want to turn myself into the Roadrunner and him into the Coyote. Where’s my Acme bomb???

Luckily, my hubby is pretty darn good about the follow-through, but I’ve been with men who would have let the house become a rundown shack with no working light bulbs and furry fruit in the fridge without me nagging at them. What did I learn? Nagging doesn’t help. It just pisses everyone off. So here is my contribution to marital (or living in delicious sin) happiness.

Gentlemen, give this a read and learn how to keep nagging to a minimum. Ladies, after he reads this, you’ll have to nag him less. Doesn’t that sound like heaven and a HUGE stress relief? 🙂


If you say you are going to do something, do it, on time, without complaining.

Women HATE being nags. We hate it even more than you. Trust me. We only nag when you don’t follow through on what you say; and really, that’s not nagging—it’s reminding.

We feel like we’ve turned into our mothers when we have to ask you to do something over and over again. But sometimes shit needs to get done. If that’s the case, DO IT. Putting it off doesn’t mean you won’t eventually have to do it anyway (the garbage can only sit around so long before it stinks), so just do it now and save the headache of her harping on you.

Here’s what a woman thinks when she has to ask you two, three or four times to do something you already said you would do:

  • That lazy fuck…why won’t he do it?
  • Ugh, I have to ask AGAIN. What am I, a broken record?
  • Do I have to do EVERYTHING in this house?
  • WHY does he say he’ll do something if he has no intention of doing it? Why doesn’t he just say no? Then I could do it myself or hire someone else to do it instead of waiting around forever!
  • Are his video games, football games, and nose picking adventures THAT much more important than me?
    • While you may be nodding your head and thinking, “Yes, Dallas vs. the Redskins IS more important that taking out the trash,” remember, your woman takes it as you saying the game is more important than HER. Crazy sounding? Yes. But true, nonetheless.

The biggest benefit of this is that your woman will learn to trust what you say. You’ve probably got friends that bullshit you sometimes and you know that what they say isn’t always what they do. Those kinds of friends suck because you never know if they are going to flake out on you. A woman doesn’t want to think that way about her man. Don’t be the person she thinks of as a flake. Be the man that “Takes Care of Business”. It’s hot. We love it. It turns us on. And you’ll probably get more sex as a result of it. Win/win.

End excerpt from, Sex: How to Get More of It.

I hope you guys enjoyed this tiny little piece of one of my books and will pardon the language. You know I never met a 4-letter word I didn’t like! 😉

5 comments on “FREE Book Excerpt: Nagging? A thing of the past!

  1. Completely agree.
    I live with a saint, and I am perhaps the slacker around the house, but I have plenty of girlfriends who have this problem.
    We were chatting about aphrodisiacs at work the other day (as you do….?) and one of the girls suggested him doing the dishes was perhaps the biggest turn on in her life.
    It’s true, it just is!


    • Mareelouise, the man doing the dishes suggestion is one of the chapters in my book!!! I agree wholeheartedly. Nothing sexier than a man who shows his love by doing dishes. 🙂 Heaven!!

      I’m the slacker at home too. My hubby’s always doing something. Me? Not so much. 😉

      And I love that you guys were talking about aphrodisiacs at work. Why talk about work when subjects like that are around?? 😉


    • Okay, can’t really say you are wrong there! 😉 In my other book for the ladies, I give them strategies on how to nag properly if the need arises. So, you can still be nagged but not FEEL like you are being nagged. Ahhhh…the blessings of verbal manipulation. Wow, that sounded terrible!!! 😉


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