I look like an idiot. I’m okay with that.

There I am, driving down the road singing my heart out and car dancing like nobody’s watching–just having a grand ole time, when I see someone else doing what I’m doing to the same song on the radio. We were quite the vocal duet at the traffic light. My thoughts were these:

  • Oh my God, they look silly!
  • Oh my God, I’m doing the same thing!
  • Oh my God, I bet I look silly too!
  • Meh…who cares?

Then I turned up the volume and my stoplight partner in crime and I both danced and sang the time away until a green light ended the song.

It doesn’t matter what the song is, chances are that if it’s on a CD of mine I know every word. Whether it’s Alice in Chains, Pink Floyd, Lionel Richie or something in between, I’m a singing and car dancing fool! And why not? So I look like an idiot? So people in the cars around probably want to jam a pencil into their ear drums? I find few things to be as fun as hauling ass down the highway with my doors rattling from the bass vibration while pretending I’m on American Idol.

So, do I look like a dork? I’m quite positive I do. But will I ever let that stop me, even when I’m old and toothless and can carry a tune even worse than I do now? Nope! You gotta catch fun where you can, and for me it’s often behind the wheel.

Anyone else out there Grammy Winning Wannabe while driving? I cannot be the only one! 🙂

9 comments on “I look like an idiot. I’m okay with that.

  1. Oh wow. Where do I start with this one. This reminds me of the time I pulled next to a cop car and I look over to see a young blonde officer just singing away in her squad car. She eventually looked over and realized me and Kristen were staring at her. She quickly grabbed her mic and pretended to talk to dispatch, but it was too late. Kristen and Carly are both guilty of this. I told them one day I’m going to put one of my GoPro cameras in the car and film them while they’re driving.


    • I LOVE that cop story!! That is awesome. 🙂 There is just something that is so much fun about not caring what anyone thinks and just rolling down the road like it’s your own concert.

      If you film them, I’m going to need to see that footage! I sing SO off-key that anyone listening, I’m quite certain, went immediately deaf (or prayed to go deaf!)


  2. Granting one’s self the freedom to be silly in public is an outgoing statement of confidence. Actually, today I was walking to teach my Spinning class and one of the clients said “I saw you singing your heart out, walking”. I said “Hey…no better way to wake myself up”! 🙂


    • We are kindred spirits! And I agree whole-heartedly. It is such a wonderful feeling to just let it all hang out and not care if people think you are silly. I’d rather be silly than a curmudgeon! 😉

      You teach Spinning! Holy moly, you must have legs of steel. I would be dead within 3 minutes in your class. You’d have to know CPR if I was there. 😉


  3. there is no age limit to be a child. The only thing you need is to be a different from all the people around you GET CRAZZY.
    Really a nice blog having fun after reading it.
    Want something like that at the weekend….
    CHEERS JODI……… 🙂


    • Bhushan, great seeing you here again! Thanks so much for visiting. 🙂 And I could not agree with you more. I refuse to grow up. I may have a job and pay bills like a responsible adult, but I’m still 8 years old some days and a crazy 17 years old on others! 🙂

      So happy you enjoyed the post. I hope you that also have a spectacular weekend! 🙂


  4. I am definitely one of those American Idol wannabes!! There is nothing more freeing or fun that singing to the top of your lungs in the car….You should see if that can be a new category in the Grammy’s!! Sure a lot of us could be up for one!

    Great blog and post….


    • I love pretending that I’m the lone 41 year old that they’ll accept. “Well, she’s just so cool, we have to have her on the show!” Good Lord, I’m a freak.

      And I agree, car singing at the top of ones lungs is soooooo much fun and freeing. I only do it alone though as I do not want my husband to reach over and jerk the wheel in a desperate attempt to stop the horror. 😉


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