Kicking Ovarian Cancer’s Ass

My life is filled with so many blessings from God and this is at the top of my list right now. My aunt, when she was 30, was at home in Baltimore and her breast exploded. It turned out she had end-stage breast cancer and the doctors had no hope of her ever recovering. Well, she taught them all that she wasn’t ready to die yet and with much prayer and strength she went into remission for 32 years. What an incredible miracle.

About 3 months ago she found out she had ovarian cancer that had spread into her stomach and other areas. The doctors had no hope, yet again. The cancer was so advanced and the tumors so profound that when she went into surgery for a full hysterectomy that they, literally, could not even cut through her to get to her uterus, etc…and had to terminate the surgery. We, her family, were devastated. My aunt is a wonderful woman who’s been through more trauma in her life then I can even begin to fathom and to have this come up on her so fast and to have an expectation that she would die any day was just too much to bear for all of us.

She was unable to eat, barely able to walk, and physically declining every day. But, being the trooper that she is, she decided to go ahead with chemo and now, 3 months later, her doctors are simply astonished by her improvement. It is another miracle. After 3 chemo treatments her tumors have responded so well that after her next treatment they are going to go in and re-attempt the hysterectomy. Once they remove her internal girl-parts, they’re going to finish the last few treatments and expect that she could go into full remission.

It’s simply incredible. We spent the 2 weeks after we found out about the cancer calling funeral homes and cemeteries in order to be best prepared for her passing, but she was NOT done with life yet!!! It’s just amazing to me that she has the stamina, strength and determination to beat end-stage cancer TWICE!!!

She’s not totally out of the woods yet and prayers would be so very appreciated, but the future is no longer grim–there could be a happy ending after all.

My aunt is my hero today as she chooses to beat the challenges that jump into her path with dignity, bravery and love. For that, I’ll always be thankful to her. Go Aunt Margie!

27 comments on “Kicking Ovarian Cancer’s Ass

  1. All the best to you and your family! Your aunt sounds like the type of person we all strive to be: strong, unrelenting, courageous, death-defying and beautiful. You’re all in my prayers and thoughts.


    • I just read your comment to my mom, who raised my aunt, and she said, “That is so precious…thank them for me.” So a big thanks from both Mommy and me. My aunt pretty much kicks butt and she’ll be so humbled when I read your comment to her. Thank you…


      • You are very welcome! I would like to walk in celebration of your Aunt’s journey, more info is on my blog but if she’s okay with it, would you please send me her name for a Memory/Celebration of t-shirt?


        • Oh my gosh! You are going to make me cry!!!! That is so sweet and kind of you. Her name is Margie. I know she’ll appreciate it, as will everyone else in the family. How precious. Thank you so very much!!!


    • Thank you. And you are so right, the body is an amazing thing. Couple that with tons of prayer and being bound and determined to overcome cancer and she’s got a heck of a good shot at getting some more time with us. Yay!


      • My wife’s cousin’s wife has had 4 or 5 bouts with cancer. Each time she was given a poor prognosis, and each time she fought it tooth and nail. She still isn’t 100%, but the doctors never thought she’d make it this far.


        • I’ll be sending prayers for your wife’s cousin. Bless her heart for surviving through so much. Cancer is so insidious it’s a miracle anyone survives. I hope she feels better and is able to recuperate in full. Much love being sent her way. 🙂


    • Thank you so much! She is truly amazing. I’m quite sure I’d have given up, but she is bound and determined to get a bit more life out of it–thank God! :0 We really appreciate the prayers. Big hug!


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  3. Hey! Just wanted to make sure you show your Aunt her name on the shirt and luminary! I didn’t forget about her! Blessings and prayers to your family.


  4. I lost My own mother to ovarian cancer over 25 years ago. That very sad day is engraved on the brain.

    Although I will mention that it is always good to hear that ovarian cancer is not always victorious.


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