Join me on the radio tonight!

Hi everyone! I may have taken a few days off from blogging (too much working this weekend!) but I wanted to remind you guys of my radio spot tonight on Cougar Chat Radio!

Here’s the link:

It comes on at 9:00pm Eastern.

The gorgeous, feisty ladies and I are going to dish about all kinds of love, relationship and sex goodies. You can call in and ask questions too! Call 717-496-9900.

Come join me! 🙂

10 comments on “Join me on the radio tonight!

      • I loved the show. Now I GOTTA go get the books and I don’t even have to keep it a secret from Kristen anymore. I did find it interesting that your book is about being in a happy relationship, but having problems in other aspects in your life. Couldn’t help but think I may be contributing just a tab bit for that book. ;P


        • I’m soooooo happy you liked it! It was one of the most unstructured and bad ass fun shows I’ve ever done. I felt like we girls were having drinks and gabbing about men. I just loved those ladies!

          And I’m glad you don’t have to keep it a secret from the wifey. It was good you got busted. 🙂 I hope you love the books. I wrote them just the way I write my blogs, so they should give you a chuckle. 🙂

          Big hug to you!!!


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