I hate people (not you though!)

Man oh man, sometimes it takes all the strength in my body not to lose my mind and let people have IT!

My poor sweet mommy, who is the kindest person on earth, is being terrorized by this nasty bitch and her nasty dog in the neighborhood where she lives. This crazy old bat has a vicious pitbull who she keeps on a 25 foot retractable leash. That gives her salivating, growling, barking, leg-jumping dog a 50 foot diameter in which to attack people.

The place she lives has a rule that no dogs are allowed in the courtyard, so the woman is violating the ordinances of the complex anyway. But beyond that, my mom was trying to get her mail and the woman had her dog there. My mom asked if she could reel in the leash so she could get her mail and the woman said no. Just no. Not, “I’m sorry, of course I can.” Rather she just said no. My mom was afraid to check her mail because the dog jumps up on her, scaring her half to death.Β  Then the next day my mom was outside and one of her neighbors in a wheelchair was trying to get up the ramp to the sidewalk and the dog ran over and started barking and jumping all over the wheelchaired woman and the poor thing asked the dog owner to move the dog, to which she said no. The old woman in the wheelchair couldn’t even get onto the sidewalk until the nasty bitch moved her dog (which was about 10 minutes later.) It’s almost 100 degrees outside and this disabled woman has to sit in her wheelchair because the mean, evil, nasty excuse for a human wouldn’t move her dog.

Then this morning, my mom gets served with an eviction notice saying that if she EVER speaks to the dog lady again or anyone else in reference to the dog that she’s going to be evicted. WHAT THE FUCK???? What kind of evil people do this to a 73 year old woman who is nothing but kind and loving to everyone around her? They told my mom she was harassing the dog owner and was violating their “crime-free” policy! Who ever heard of such a thing? How about the woman and her dog? There is a specific place where people with dogs are supposed to take them per neighborhood ordinances, and she doesn’t. THAT is violating policy. Oh, and the fact that she and the dog terrorize everyone? Isn’t that too a violation?

This whole thing is unreal. My mom is heading over to Legal Aid right now to try and get some help. Any prayers you can spare for her would be greatly appreciated. My mom’s neighborhood has been just wonderful and my mom loves living there–plus, it’s only one mile from me, so she feels safe living there. There’s no way she can move. Especially if she gets evicted with 10 days to move out. So, pretty please, say a prayer for her. This whole thing is so ridiculous, and yet could affect my mom in the worst way possible.

Thanks for any love, positive vibes and prayers you can send. Good grief…

PS: You guys know I love anything furry, so I’m not hating on the dog. I’m hating on the wretched bitch dog owner. It’s her fault the dog is an asshole.

13 comments on “I hate people (not you though!)

  1. I don’t really hate the dog for this, but the dog owner? Oh I REALLY hate irresponsible dog owners. Both times I’ve been in the emergency room has been because of irresponsible dog owners. The first time I was attacked by a doberman when I was only six. The second time was when the idiots let their dogs run loose and I ended up hitting one when I was on my motorcycle. Then the jackass denied ownership. Guess which house got egged on Halloween that year? Oh man, I don’t think bad dogs should be euthanized, I think bad dog owners should be instead. I could go on all FREAKING day for this. Tell your mom to get an investigative reporter to do a story on it. That will fix things REAL quick.


    • I’m with you…not the dog’s fault. Asshole owner–it’s her fault!!! Hey, I got chomped on by a doberman too! OUCHY!!!! I can’t believe YOUR house got egged? People are friggin’ nuts. And I agree, euthanize the owner, with a bat. πŸ˜‰

      The reporter idea is great! If the lawyer can’t fix it, then doing a story on it would probably totally work. Awesome suggestion, my dear. Thank you!!!


  2. If dogs were meant to be tied up – they’d be born that way. Prayers for your mother and prayers for the dog too – it’s too dang hot for anyone to be out for any length of time. Sounds like this housing location is perfect for your mother – it’s hard enough for our loved ones to find comfort and feel safe without ‘ugly’ people making it worse.


    • Thanks so much for the sweetness. My mom is such a doll and to know she’s suffering is just awful. And I feel bad for the pooch too. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live with such a crazy doggy-mommy.


  3. Wow…. just… wow. Irresponsible owners are just horrible. Hope things work out with your Mom, both legally and with the crazy b*tch.
    I remember a few years ago a nice middle aged lady was taking her tiny little puffball of a dog out for a walk in the park behind my parents’ house. A rottweiler got out of a yard nearby and started attacking the little pooch. I ran out there with a broom handle (and a neighbour followed with a shovel) to help this woman. The dog’s owner was upset at ME for trying to save the woman and her dog. Still never quite understood that one.


    • Good grief! That is just awful!! You and your neighbor did the right thing. It’s a shame when one bad owner ruins it for everyone. Doggies are good. Some dog owners–not so good.

      Thanks for the supportive words. I hope the lawyer can get it all figured out for my mom. She really doesn’t deserve this kind of stress. Ugh. πŸ™‚


      • Fortunately for the rottie, the owner called him off before I got there.

        On another note, one unsubstantiated complaint against your Mom should not be grounds to send an eviction warning. There should be a residential tenancies board that oversees landlord conduct. Hopefully your state has something like that.


        • That’s a great point. There would have to be more of a process involved, I’d imagine. I hope the lawyers help her sort all of that out. Thanks so much for the advice. I (and my mom) really appreciate it. πŸ˜‰

          PS: Glad you didn’t have to whack the Rottie. πŸ™‚


  4. Shoot the bitch, take the dog and be done with it! My mom took a pit bull away from a kid that was trying to get her to fight with a big male pit bull, after she had given birth two weeks before and was full of milk. Mom kicked the kid, took the dog and it was the best pet she ever had! Go, Mom! Now Mom is older – 74 – and not as strong. The hairdresser isn’t nice to her. I think I’ll take a trip to LA to converse with the hairdresser and/or find her a new one!


    • Okay, I’m pretty sure I love you! You are so funny! I love the suggestion of shooting the bitch and taking her dog…ahhh…to dream! I bet I’d like your mom too. I love me a feisty broad.

      As for her hairdresser, I have a bat and a cheese grater you can take with you. πŸ˜‰


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