Hosting my own radio show!

Hey everyone! Exciting news! In the next few months I’m going to start hosting my own radio show! Yay!!! It’ll be all things love, relationships and sex! Woo hoo! I can’t wait!

Where this will be fun for you guys is I’m going to have a theme song competition. For those of you who know me, you likely already know that I’m a rock-n-roll kind of girl. So, for any musicians out there who’d like to have a song of theirs (and full credit) be my intro theme, please send me an MP3 in the next 4-8 weeks. It’ll be a great way to promote yourself, your band, your music!

It can be a song you already have that has a sex/love theme or something you come up with. It only needs to be between 60-90 seconds long.

Here are things I like about music:

  • Weeping guitars! I love good guitar work!
  • A bluesy rock feel
  • A positive vibe (but not poppy at all)

You can send samples to I can’t wait to hear what you have to play! 🙂

18 comments on “Hosting my own radio show!

    • I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you, my dear! It’ll probably start in July or August. I’ll get you the details once I have them. You know you’ll always be my hero for being my very first radio show!! 🙂 I’ll always be grateful…


  1. I don’t play music (and you should be grateful), but if you were taking songs already out there, I’d suggest Bonnie Raitt’s Something to Talk About. Excited about your radio show. Will it be streamed online?


  2. Congrats Jodi! Producing and hosting my own show was one of the best and hardest times of my life. It causes so much growth to be in control of what people are hearing for a certain amount of time each week. Have fun and know that there will be days when you just don’t know what to say and you just can’t think of what to play, but those can be the days that your obvious sense of adventure and wisdom can lead with way with fewer questions from your brain 😉



    • Courtney!! Thank you so much for the words of wisdom and encouragement!! I’ve been putting off the idea of a radio show for about 6 months now because I feared simply not having enough to say. I’m sooooo glad I’m not the only one who has had those concerns. 🙂

      When did you stop doing your show? I bet it was great.


      • Mine was a natural parenting, current politics, feminism show that I did from 2002 to 2005. It was on KPFT in Houston which is all volunteers, but the biggest and strongest network of listener-owned stations in America with affiliates in NY, Berkely, San Fran, and Chicago. Pacifica is actually where tak radio first began and they own ALL of the actual recordings of MLK and every other great (I prefer those things NOT rest in the biased hands of the government). It was extremely enlightening to be around activists who had been public figures for 10-20 years and it helped solidify me as a person.
        I found it crucial to have a radio-hero who I would emulate and strive to be like so that I knew what markers to look for to see that I was doing better and better at my job. Doing radio is hard because you don’t get the direct feedback of the audience unless they are writing letters (I have a box of those that I covet) or they are calling you as you are ending your show and you can take a few minutes to speak with them. Measuring your success has to be largely based on listening to your own shows and noticing things that you may be unaware of. I found out that noices of agreement or disdain that I happen to make in daily conversation DO NOT sound good over a mic… oops!
        I quit doing my show and handed it over to someone else when I decided I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher. Lets just I LOVED that job, but it didn’t work out. Just another thing I have under my belt.
        I am so excited when women do radio. It is still a very male-centric job and most women are still just side-car voices to male counterparts. My radio hero is Amy Goodman, but I was doing a mainly news show and she is someone who made it nationally by just walking around with a mic in her hand being willing to be thorough and not be afraid- ever.



        • What an amazing life you have! From radio hostess with the mostess to kindergarten teacher! Talk about diverse. 🙂

          I really appreciate your words of wisdom. I’m with you and like it when women stand up and take control over a typically male dominated role. God gave me a mouth and Lord knows I use it!! 🙂

          Thanks again, Courtney.


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