Ominous title, right? Doom must be about to rain down upon your head! Yeah, it’s not. But, for those of you with delicate tummies, this may not be the post for you.

Okay, okay, I’ll give it up. I’m going to share with you a family secret. I’ve never shared this before with anyone as it was considered sacrilege.  I’m not even sure now that my mom won’t show up with a ruler and whack me on the knuckles for typing this.

I’m going to sneak to all of you…drum roll please…my mom’s famous spaghetti sauce recipe!  Yeah, I know–you thought something deep and dark and depraved was coming your way, but rest assured, if you are of the heartburn getting sort you do NOT want to do this. Step away from your computer. Change the channel now. This is some spicy stuff!

MOM’S FAMOUS SPAGHETTI SAUCE (with slight Jodi modifications)

  • 1 4-5 pack of hot Italian sausage (if you love sausage, feel free to use more)
  • 1 1/2 or 2 pounds of hamburger (doesn’t have to be lean–the more grease, the better)
  • 3/4 of a green pepper
  • 3/4 of a medium/large white or yellow onion
  • 3 huge cans (28 ounce I think) of crushed tomatoes
  • 1 huge can of tomato sauce
  • 1/2 of one of those tiny cans of tomato paste
  • 3 huge cans of petite diced tomatoes (none of that pre-spiced crap though)
  • Italian seasoning
  • Crushed red pepper
  • Salt
  • Between 8-12 cloves of garlic (or a ton of garlic salt)


  1. Peel the skin off the sausage, then slice into 1/2 inch slices. Brown until thoroughly cooked.
  2. Cut up the green pepper into large chunks (I always take these chunks out after the sauce has cooked for several hours as I don’t like eating chunks of green pepper–blech!)
  3. Dice the onion into fairly small pieces
  4. Combine the green pepper and onion in a frying pan with the hamburger and brown all together. Stir often as you don’t want the hamburger to get chunky and stick together. You want it to be pretty crumbly.
  5. While the meat is cooking, take some of the sausage grease and after mincing or cutting the garlic into to small pieces, let the garlic simmer in the grease until it starts to cook down. You can also cook the garlic in olive oil.
  6. Once the hamburger is thoroughly cooked (no pink) and the garlic is ready, dump everything into an enormous pot. You are going to be making enough for an army! Leftover sauce is the best thing on planet earth.
  7. Add all the tomato stuff.
  8. Stir.
  9. Then put a layer of Italian seasoning across the entire top of the sauce. I don’t have a specific measurement here, I just coat the top of the sauce and that usually works.
  10. Then add crushed red pepper to taste–I like it spicy so I probably usually put in a little less than a tablespoon.
  11. Add some salt. I crave salt in my sleep so I use a fair amount. If you are a normal person just chuck in a little salt and as it cooks add more in small amounts until it’s got enough.
  12. Cook on low, stirring frequently, for as many hours as you can take the yummy smell before attacking the pot.

I serve this on regular spaghetti noodles. Nothing fancy. No fettuccine as it doesn’t have the right texture. No angelhair as it’s too thin for the heavy sauce. Just normal spaghetti.

A little fresh Parmesan never hurt and if you like basil you can chuck a little of that in the sauce as it cooks. I usually don’t, but my hubby sneaks it in. Stinker! It’s that damn Chef part of him that just has to mess with my recipes! 🙂

Serve all of this with some yummy, butter-soaked garlic bread (mmmmm….garlic bread…) and you will have an AWESOME dinner that really is pretty dang easy to make. With that amount of sauce, a family of 4 could live off of it for days and days. Whatever is left over, just freeze. It’s just as good out of the freezer a month from now.

I hope you guys enjoy the spaghetti sauce! I despise cooking with a passion so deep that even seeing a kitchen usually causes me physical pain, BUT, this is easy to fix and lasts forever. Perfect recipe in my humble opinion.

One last thing, if you like a thicker sauce, don’t use a lid while the sauce simmers. You’ll get some splashed sauce bubbles on your stove, but it’ll evaporate any extra liquid. If you like a thinner sauce, leave a lid on the whole time but make sure you stir more often so it doesn’t burn on the bottom.

Oh shit! I think I hear my mom coming–that damn Mom Radar!! Gotta find a hiding place quick!

34 comments on “READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!

    • Well, I’m a spice FREAK, so I use about a tablespoon in the sauce then I dump a truckload of it all over my plate when chomping on it. I also use, oh, about a full teaspoon of salt (when only cooking for myself as that would likely kill anyone else). Sometimes more. How I am blessed with an addiction to salt and ridiculously low blood pressure is both odd and quite the blessing!


    • Please do. She may harm me for sharing. 😉

      It really is the best comfort food. It’s what I always fix when I want a little extra piece of love around me.

      Hope you are doing better today, sweetie. Hugs for you!!


  1. That sounds delicious! 😀 I have been using italian sausage in my pasta sauces for years and everything thinks I’m crazy! 😀 Glad I am not the only one who does it! Sounds like a fantastic take on sausage and peppers!


    • Thank you!!! Italian sausage rules! Glad to find someone else who agrees. Totally yum. 🙂

      I hope you love the recipe. I make it about 3 times a year (though I could eat it every day) and I always make enough to have it last at least a week. I never get tired of it. I’m sure my hips don’t appreciate it, but they can go fly a kite. 😉


    • I am an evil, wretched shrew from which there is no escape!!! Sooooo sorry!! You poor little mater-free girl. That would just SUCK!!!

      Grant and I sing an “I’m a mater, I’m a mater” song to each other other the time. We are soooooo retarded. We are some mater eatin’ mo fos.

      If I had a magic wand I’d wave over you and make you non-mater-allergic. 🙂


        • The Wand heals all that ails you! If I could find the damn thing I’d make it so you could live to 100, then just get struck by lightning. Here one minute, gone the next. 🙂 That’s how Grant and I want to go. Grow old happy and healthy, then get struck by lightning while holding hands–we can both go up in a puff of smoke. 🙂


            • Totally romantic! Okay, I have a horrible story for you, but I’m gonna spill it anyway. It falls in line with the no-pain method of death. Back before I met Grant we had a crazed serial killer running around town (wow, that sounds insane, but it’s true!) He was known as The Baseline Killer (or Shooter…something like that.)

              I wasn’t worried at all because it seems to me that being alive one second and dead the next, without ever knowing what happened is really not a bad way to go. Better than a 20 year long debilitating illness. I know that sounds bonkers. 🙂 If he’d been the Baseline Rapist, I’d have never left my house.

              I am one messed up puppy. I know. 🙂 Death just isn’t scary for me. It’s the METHOD of death that’s terrifying. Hence the lightning bolts when Grant and I are 100! 🙂


    • Hi Domestic Fringe! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by. I tell ya, that sauce is YUMMY!!!!! I never order meat sauce in a restaurant because it never measures up to Mom’s recipe. 🙂 Enjoy it!


  2. Yum! That looks delicious. I recently started to make my own sauces instead of buying. Not only is it more cost efficient, but you can make it however you like. I definitely need to give this a try!


  3. Jodi,

    Thanks so much for taking a peek at my nonsense! I appreciate the follow! I’m always on the lookout for a good, meaty sauce, so this just MIGHT do the trick!! 🙂



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