Toilet Hating: A Lost Art

Honest to goodness, if I dip my hand into a pee-filled toilet ONE MORE TIME I’m going to the front desk and throwing a fit on the stupid, retarded toilet buyers at this resort!

This toilet was not created for real people. I can’t even say it was created for children or small people as they’d likely have the same issue.

This friggin’ nightmare of a pot is soooooo low to the ground I need a dang step stool to get back up and yet so filled with H20 that (God this is disgusting to talk about, but I’m up for the challenge! 🙂 ) I’m constantly splashing my hand down into it when taking care of business (how low have I sunk to blog about this?? 😉 )

Who would ever design a toilet like this? Were there no user trials? Didn’t someone think that wow, if there’s only 2 inches between the top of the water and the bottom of the seat that there could be a problem?  I’m a hand washer anyway, and by no mean a germaphobe, but now I feel like no amount of soap will free my hand from pee! It’s just horrifying! Especially for someone like me who pretends bathroom things don’t really even happen. Bathrooms are for powdering one’s nose only, right?

As proof of the horrible Toilet Monster, I’ve included this pic of the offender. You’ll note that the water is so high and so close to the top that you can barely even see where it starts.

I VETO bad toilets! I think the maker of this one should have to have it installed all over their house and be forced to use it until they decide the backyard is a more appealing place to do their business. Hmph!

43 comments on “Toilet Hating: A Lost Art

  1. There are few things worse than a bad toilet! Toilets that don’t flush, toilets like this one, toilets in Europe that have little water and a shelf. I thought I would die over those shelves in the Euro toilets. It was disgusting.

    And also, in Europe, toilets aren’t standardized so it’s always Guess How It Flushes? In Italy, there was a public bathroom with a HIDDEN panel in the wall you push. But you don’t know that until after you’ve used it and are frantically searching. OMG.


    • That sounds horrifying!! A toilet should be the easiest thing in the world to use! Who ever heard of a hidden toilet flusher? My new quest in life should be to make a good toilet so that none of us ever have to suffer again!


  2. I only sit on toilets made of gold. Anything other than that is beneath me. But yes, that toilet is exceptionally bad.


  3. Oh, I hear you! Our loos at work are clearly not designed for a busy cafe because they block at least once a day and break fully at least once a week. Each time the maintenance man comes out he shakes his head and talks about the pipes being too small to cope, then laughs and leaves me to dig out my rubber gloves once more.

    The people who design bad toilets should be rounded up and made to clean every portaloo at a music festival.


    • Oh my God, you poor rubber-glove wearing thing!!! Hideous!!! Small pipes? I mean, if you are going to skimp on something budget-related, should it be the pipes that carry away human waste??? Ewwww!!!!

      I’m with you on rounding bad toilet designers and making them face the worst! Seems perfectly fitting!


  4. I would vote for a president on the following platform: Uniform ATM/Credit machines and toilets. Really, I know this is America, but how many choices do we need when it comes to swiping a card or our backside? I’m for communist credit swipers and toilets! Make one for the masses! ~Dan


    • I could NOT agree more!!! Those damn ATM machines!! One works one way, one works another, and the cashiers usually look at you like you’re an idiot if you don’t do it exactly right the first time (though I imagine they get frustrated with the damn things too!)

      I’m a commie for uniform ATMs and toilets too!


  5. You would think that we’ve mastered this kind of technology by now… right? Hrm… 21st century… not a perfect world. We’re so focused on making things like SmartPhones that we ignore our true needs – basic hygiene.


    • You are so right! My smartphone can do things beyond my comprehension but I can’t have a properly functioning toilet? What on earth!!?? I think some re-evaluating needs to happen. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


    • Ewwww!!!! Anything bathroom related horrifies me, but this toilet has certainly taken the cake. Pee is sterile? Hmmm…I guess I shouldn’t be afraid of my toilet-dipped hand anymore. Not enough soap in the world… 😉


  6. I love this! Our toilet issue has been 1) That it doesn’t flush anything except for pee and 2) The previous homeowners thought it was a great idea to install a medicine cabinet (the only form of storage in the room!) above our main toilet. So every time I had to get my face wash, I would knock something in and have to fish it out. After having to toss out a few toothbrushes, I quickly learned to double and triple check that that toilet lid seat was down.


    • Oh good grief!! I don’t understand why it’s so hard to make a functioning toilet??? 😉 And putting the medicine cabinet above the toilet? Really? That’s just icky. Who wants to ever fish anything out of a toilet? Have mercy… 🙂


  7. This reminded me that when I was living in the dorm, we had our own bathroom and the toilet was amazing. It had a powerful flushing action.

    One day my roommate had a girl from our nursing class visiting, this girl used our toilet and then without asking us, called maintenance complaining that it needed to be fixed. They came in when we were in class, and that toilet barely functioned after that.

    I was so furious at this girl I never spoke to her again. LOL


    • I’m pretty sure that should be reason for expulsion—from the human race!!! 🙂 Oooohhhh…I’d have been steaming mad! She’s one of the reasons duct tape was invented! 😉


  8. I too am a hater of bad toilets …it seems the 70s houses we enter are filled with an array of purposely polluted plumbing …we shouldn’t stress to much for we can only change the world one crappy crapper at a time …..


  9. It could be worse. I could be overseas where often it is just a hole in the ground. I sometimes think our ancestors had it right. The outhouse. At least it was outside – nowhere near the house and no flushing – just gravity driven. I did like one thing about overseas and that was often the toilet was in a seperate room from the sink and tub and I notice that some newer houses are going back to that here in the states.


    • Oh gosh…I don’t think I could do a hole in the ground! I’m too prissy! 😉

      As for the separate toilet from the shower and sink, I like that idea, the only thing for me would be that I always run the water so no one can hear anything! I know, I’m weird. I like having the sink within arm’s reach. 🙂


  10. I can’t stand those holes-in-the-floor type bathrooms you see in 3rd world countries, or Japan.

    In Japan they have public bathrooms where men and women use them together, there are no dividers, just holes in a row. No TP either. Everyone goes in and squats down in front of each other. OH. MY. GOD.

    If you want toilets in Japan, you have to ask: “Where is the ‘western’ bathroom”? (Forget learning worthless phrases like, “What time is it?” and “What is your name?” You want to learn how to ask where the nearest western bathroom is located.)

    You can tell I’ve had a lot of bathroom experiences all over the world. LOL


    • Okay, so there is one more country that I can’t go to if for no other reason than the bathrooms!!! OH MY GOD! I couldn’t take it. I’m sure Japan is spectacular and it’s my loss for not visiting, but I have to have the utmost privacy in a bathroom. I run the water in the bathroom just so no one hears anything. I’m a nut. I know. 🙂 Thank you for horrifying me today! 😉 Have a great weekend, you world traveler!


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