I’m pretty sure I lost 3 pounds sobbing my eyes out!


Yeah, yeah, I know. I’m such a girl. But I’ll be damned if this isn’t the only show on TV that can make me sob like someone ran over a puppy. A cute puppy. With floppy ears.

Can’t type. Weeping. Shortest post ever.

(I do realize I’m a nerd, just in case you were wondering.) 🙂


Image procured from: http://www.sodahead.com

33 comments on “I’m pretty sure I lost 3 pounds sobbing my eyes out!

  1. You are hilarious!! My life is sad enough without adding Gray’s Anatomy to it!! Here’s my box of kleenex…you can borrow it for a minute, but you have to give it back when you’re done. I need to get some laundry done now, and as sad as it is…I can hold the weeping back for a few minutes.


    • Honest to God, if I wasn’t a generally happy person there is NO way I could watch that show! I was sobbing last night! SOBBING!!!!! Damn show. 😉

      Thanks for the Kleenex. I’ll take ’em. Though, I must admit, having to do laundry about makes me cry too (anything domestic really!) 🙂 So, I promise to give them back. Hugs!


  2. nice to find another g’s a fan – it’s so embarrassing. but so addictive! i know, lexi, so sad. i have a feeling a couple more are going to keel over before too long. and, yes, you know you’ll get a good cry every show.


  3. I hear ya… I just did not see that coming. In fact, I thought LAST week’s episode was the season finale so watching this one was an afterthought… and then, WHAT?! SHE’S GONE!? No!


  4. Don’t know if you watch Parenthood but that show makes me bawl – almost every episode. Real and hard-hitting. I love Grey’s too – but I don’t know this episode…I couldn’t believe they killed Lexie! And that too, within the first 25 minutes! This one left me with mixed feelings…


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