Do You Want Sex? (How’s that for a book review title?)

Amazing book review from Mondrak at:

You are the Bee’s Knees, my friend!

Do You Want Sex?.

51 comments on “Do You Want Sex? (How’s that for a book review title?)

  1. A stellar review? Not a surprise, at all, Jodi! My husband wants to read this book, and he wants to know if there are names and numbers of women he can call listed in the back, because he knows he’d better stay the hell away from me when he tries out the suggestions! 😉


    • You just made me laugh out loud!!!! You are too funny!! I hope your hubby loves it and just between you and me (don’t let anyone else know…) YOU will be the beneficiary of what he reads in the book. 🙂 It’s totally designed for the Happy Wife, Happy Life secret to marriage. 🙂 I’m a sneaky little thing. 🙂


  2. Gotta put a plug in for ya!! If this book is as good as your other one (“Intimacy, How To Get More Of It”), then you’re all gonna LOVE it. I haven’t finished this “Intimacy …” one yet, but it’s so great. Jodi has an amazing down to earth, say it like it is style and I love it!! YOU GO JODI!! Once I finish the one I’m on, I’ll be moving on to this book. Love ya! 😀


    • I love you. 🙂 You are the sweetest! I’m soooo happy you are enjoying Intimacy!! Could I bribe you with my first born or some chocolate and beg you to put a review on Amazon? As you may have seen, Amazon has lost its mind and me along with a ton of other authors had all of our reviews removed. WTF???? So, now it looks like Intimacy has been read by a sum total of one person instead of several thousand. If you don’t want to, don’t worry a bit. I will still love you!!! Just thought I would ask…beg…plead… 😉 XOXOXOXO

      Oh, and I hope you love the sex book too!!! It’s got some funny parts that I think will make you chuckle. 🙂


      • I will DEFINITELY put a review on Amazon. I can’t believe they removed the reviews. Maybe I’ll just right like 100 reviews under various sudo names. LOL! Seriously, I don’t mind at all … no bribing necessary. ;D I can’t wait to get your other one. You gotta know that I actually hate to read, but you have a very funny, engaging way about your writing … I’m like a little more than halfway through which is amazing for me. Usually, I read a chapter and never get through. So glad I found you! 😀


        • I soooooooooooooooooo love you!!!! Thank you so much!!! Sorry I’ve been gone all week and didn’t get a chance to tell you that I LOVE YOU sooner! Damn ickies attacking my brain and making me sick! Rubbish!!!

          I really, really, really appreciate it. And it means so much especially considering that you don’t like to read!!! You crack me up!! Thank God my books are so short! The guy one is only about 30 pages and the chick one is only about 60. I knew keeping them concise would help out in the end.

          Again, thank you so much. Not only does it mean a ton that you’d put up reviews for me, but it means the world that you are enjoying the book! 😉 Tons of hugs to you!!!


          • You’re so welcome … I really hope you do more stuff. I TOTALLY enjoyed it. Actually, I’m ready to get the next one. You really have a lot of insight. Really good stuff. When I read the next one, I’ll make sure and leave something on that. 😀 😀 😀


            • Awwww…you so rule!!!! I hope you love the other book too! And thanks so much for the review(s). You really are such a doll!!! 🙂 XOXOXOXO It just means the world to me. 🙂 As for more stuff, I’m going to be finishing a cookbook (that is pretty snarky for a cookbook) in the next couple of months. I’m also working on a book on happiness, but that’ll probably be another 6-8 months before it comes out.

              Again, I’m sooooooo tickled that you are enjoying the ramblings of my brain. It makes my day!!


  3. Ok I came on over for here: just so you know who to blame form me…………lol

    Now sex what is that I can’t remember been that long since I had any I think I have become a nun……………lol

    Oh hang on we are talking about a book right silly me and I call myself a reader and I have never heard of this book well that sucks……


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