What a complete crock of sh*t! Dish Network can suck it!

I love it when big corporations just screw you blind in uncomfortable places and then ask you for a tip. ASSHATS!!!

I got an email today from Dish Network that was not particularly clear, so I stupidly thought I’d start a chat with their customer service. I should know better than to do such an idiotic thing.

This is how it went:


Moises: Hi, my name is Moises. How may I help you?
Jodi Ambrose: Hi Moises. I just received this email from Dish:
Jodi Ambrose:

Dear Jodi,

DISH will make sure you can still watch Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels, and The Walking Dead. We have some very rewarding offers in place. Find out how to enjoy your shows on Amazon® and iTunes® on your computer or by streaming through your Xbox®, PlayStation®, Apple TV® or Roku®. Call today at 1-888-581-1972 to learn more. Thanks for being a valued DISH customer.

Jodi Ambrose: Does this mean that AMC will no longer be provide through my regular Dish service?
Moises: I’ll be more than willing to assist you with your concern.
Jodi Ambrose: Thank you
Moises: For security purposes, would you please verify the 4 digit Security Code on the account?
Jodi Ambrose: xxxx
Moises: For security purposes, would you please verify the last four digits of the Social Security Number on the account?
Jodi Ambrose: xxxx
Moises: Thank you. How are you today?
Jodi Ambrose: Fine
Jodi Ambrose: thanks
Moises: That’s nice to know.
Jodi Ambrose: All I need to know is if AMC will no longer be provided through my regular dish network service
Moises: DISH is committed to fighting on your behalf to provide you with the best programming and the lowest possible price. The channels AMC Networks forces us to deliver — WE, IFC and AMC — do not give our customers the best content at the best value. We have permanently removed them from the DISH line up as of June 30. We are open to a creative proposal from AMC Networks that would resolve this situation, but at this point it looks like the channels will be down permanently.
Jodi Ambrose: Based on the email that Dish sent, there are still ways we can view AMC. Do those options come through Dish Network or are they through other venders like Amazon, Roku, etc…
Moises: You can view that through your amazon and itunes.
Jodi Ambrose: At an additional cost, I imagine?
Moises: Not all. (Note what a HUGE LIE this is in the next few interactions.)
Jodi Ambrose: How will we view those shows through other outlets for free? Whenever I watch TV through Amazon, I have to pay 1.99 per episode.
Moises: AMC Networks has further devalued its programming by making its handful of popular shows available to consumers via iTunes, Netflix and Amazon.com. This means that AMC Networks wants us to pay many millions of dollars for content that is available to our subscribers the next day for just a couple of dollars.
Jodi Ambrose: So I will have to pay to watch these shows if I watch them on Amazon, itunes, etc…
Moises: Not all have of the episodes. (Wha? This makes no sense. I guess when not copying and pasting pre-written answers, the CSRs can’t formulate sentences on their own.)
Moises: Only some of the episodes that has a charge.
Jodi Ambrose: Moises, I need you to be straight with me here. If I watch current AMC shows, which used to be included in my Dish Network package, thorough Amazon or another tv streaming outlet, I will now have to pay to view the shows. Please just give me a yes or no answer for clarity’s sake.
Moises: Not all of the shows have a charge. You will be prompted if there is charge on the show that you would like to view.
Jodi Ambrose: Do you know if Breaking Bad and Walking Dead have a charge?
Moises: I am not sure, but it is with itunes.
Jodi Ambrose: Okay, thank you. Please let whoever at dish network know that it’s a shame that you are removing programming from us, and yet still charging the same monthly prices and forcing us to pay money to another company for products that we used to get from you. I will now have to pay approximately $60 more a season to watch two shows that I used to have in my dish programming. What a ridiculous thing for dish network to do to its loyal customers.
Moises: Feel free to share your thoughts and concerns by e-mailing us at president@dish.com. We assure you that we will read every e-mail we receive.
Moises: Would there be anything else that I can assist you with?
Jodi Ambrose: Thanks for the email information. Have a wonderful day, Moises.

I’m telling you, things like this make me wanna sell almost everything I own and go live in a cabin in the woods taking pictures of furry critters for the rest of my days. It’s not that $60 is going to kill me. It’s that Dish Network is so sneaky and lying about it.

I know that Customer Service Reps have it difficult, I know it’s not their fault, and I don’t envy them their jobs, but I sure wish Dish would give them a better script to unload on us. Just tell me this, “Hey Jodi, we wanna make more money than we do now and we’re going to do that by reducing your services but not your monthly fees. We would like our executives and share holders to be able to buy that extra 10 feet of yacht. How do you expect them to survive with only 50 foot yachts? They might as well live in government housing. Poor bastards.”

Well, here’s my thought: KISS MY ASS!!! Or, in a gentler tone, “Kiss my grits!” (Those of you who are old as dirt like me will know what that is from!):)


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  1. We HAD Dish and swapped them out for Direct TV a year ago, we had issues with Dish; billing and other stuff. I heard about this programming change over at Direct TV, it was scrolling on our screen during some programs. Sorry your having this BS issue, switch to Direct TV. No problems, Jodi.


      • BEWARE OF DISH ……………………………
        Your bill did not say anything about a cancellation fee. It billed me for days I had already paid. I have copies. It is with principle that I will fight your bill. I may just have to file a claim in small claims court because I have emails from you saying my final bill will be $16.85 for shipping the receiver back to you. No mention of a cancellation fee. Your bill shows you charging me for days included in the previous months bill. Now you say there is a cancellation fee. Account Number: 8255909774123241


  2. Sadly, we are at the mercy of these big corporations. If they lose a few customers here and there, what’s it to them? There are plenty more unsuspecting souls out there willing to pay their prices and getting hooked on the shows before having the rug pulled out from under them. We have Verizon Fios and haven’t had a problem yet. We’ve been pleased Witt the programming and the service so far.


    • Hi Coming East! Hope you had a good weekend.:) Does Verizon Fios let you watch TV shows as they air or is there a wait time before you can see them? I’ve not heard of Fios before but am definitely looking at my options now. Thanks for the suggestion!


      • Verizon Fios lets you watch tv shows as they air. It is not satellite TV; it’s fiber optics. I’m sure every provider gives you problems as that seems to be the way of business these days. We just haven’t had any with Verizon yet and we’ve had them for nearly four years.


      • If FiOS isn’t available, try uVerse. They are both fiber optic services and if one is in an area, the other won’t be. They “compete”, just not head-to-head in a geographic area yet. There are too many places that don’t have fiber optic so it is easier to build where they will be the only option.


  3. I ditched Time Warner Cable and went with Roku about 3-4 months ago, and never looked back. The only thing I can honestly say I miss is HGTV. But instead of paying $60 a month or whatever, why not pay $50-$100 per Roku ONCE, and only pay $7.99 a month to Netflix. Get an antenna and you can watch regular channels over the air, in digital. I sound like a commercial, I know, but I tentatively got the one Roku at first, intending on keeping cable for a while. But as soon as I got it and Netflix, I canceled cable a couple of days later.

    I’ve had similar experiences with Time Warner, and if there was a cheaper way to get internet from someone else, I’d do it.


    • I am so going to look into Roku! Thank you! I already have Netflix. The thing I don’t want to do is have to wait for current episodes forever. Does Roku let you watch new episodes in a timely fashion? If so, they may be my next step. Thanks so much for the info!:)


  4. Oh Jodi I can do feel your pain. My wife and I won tickets to see and meet Bryan Adams. The whole thing was handled so poorly by event staff that we almost ended up walking out of the event.

    We kept getting corporate script answers from line workers and management.

    I’m going a post on the whole debacle on my blog this week.

    Power to the people!


      I’m so sorry your Bryan Adams meeting was so discombobulated. That just sucks. It’s amazing how it doesn’t seem that people matter anymore. It’s just PR and Marketing and to hell with the actual people you are marketing to. Did you ever finally get to meet him? I sure hope so. Let me know when you blog about it. I’d love to read it.:)


      • We did get to meet him eventually, and did get to chat with Bryan for a few minutes and get a picture taken.

        But that’s about all of the happy, we never got the seats we were promised. Got nothing signed because we couldn’t get in to the concourse to buy any merchandise until minutes before the show. GRRR.

        We have been in touch with his people and they have been very accommodating, however Ticketbastard and the contest people have been less than useless.

        I hope to have the concert review up on my site in a day or so. It’s Canada Day long weekend up here so things are taking a bit more time than I had expected.

        Fight the good fight Jodi!
        Bob (Exploring Winnipeg and Beyond)


      • How nice! I’m glad at least that part worked out. I can’t believe you didn’t get the seats you were promised or any signed merchandise. What a crock!! I HATE Ticketbastard too! They, along with Dish, can SUCK IT!

        Ya know, I was in Ottawa on Canada Day back in 1996. I was there with a film crew and we got permission to go up on the roof right across from the big celebration and film it all. It was WONDERFUL! I love Canada.

        Let me know why you have your concert review up. I wanna read it!

        Have a great holiday!


  5. It’s kinda sad isn’t it that we’re oftentimes helpless in such situations. Either you suck it up or you lose what you want. Ok maybe not always, but it’s like 99% or more of the time, so there. Chill!


    • Yeah, like Dish Network is going to listen to me about how they run their corporation. My only concern about switching to anyone else is losing all my Christmas movies/shows that I’ve recorded over the years. Dammit! It took forever to get them all. Oh well…such is life.:)


  6. I too ditched the pay for TV about a year and a half ago. I did have Direct TV and compared to the other options they weren’t too bad, but I just got tired of paying them so much. I’d see them advertising a promo rate for new customers and I’d call them up and ask why as a loyal (10+ years) I couldn’t get that rate? Noooo, nor available for regular customers, maybe I’d like to upgrade and pay them more?
    So one day I cancelled them, got a Roku and stream Netflix, watch the free version of Hulu or watch current shows on my computer. (Yeah PBS.org!) Figured I do it for the summer, but I never went back. Oh and where I live the antenna thing doesn’t work.
    I know this option doesn’t work for a lot of people, or at least they think it won’t. I am the TV generation and I was shocked that after two weeks I didn’t miss it at all. I certainly found other ways to entertain myself.


    • Good for you!!! TV is mind rotting, though I watch it all the time. I’m willingly losing IQ points on a daily basis. Everyone keeps mentioning Roku. I’m going to have to check them out. I’ll probably end up with Direct TV.

      Oh, and I totally agree with you that it’s such BS they they make loyal, long-time customers pay out the ass when new customers get it half price. Total suck! Sounds like you did the right thing.:)


  7. Great post – get it out there:) Vote with your feet if you are ex-contract. If you are still in contract complain big time via email, phone… which probably won’t work but if you can, via an ombudsman, fair trading dept etc. I was in-contract & had mobile phone x 2 issues with an Australian provider. I got nowehere with calls, emails and decided I had nothing to lose by contacting the ombudsman. Bingo. 3 months waived x 2 – saving us $130 per month, and then only a couple of months left on the contract at which time when I will swap as I did with the internet. Later, I read an article reporting that telco said they never deal with complaints until they are contacted by the ombudsman!


    • Hey there! How’ve you been? What is ombudsman? Is that a code name for hiring a hitman and scaring the shit out of them until they yield? If so, awesome!!:)

      Thanks for the support. I just looked it up and realized that I’m past the 2 year mark so I’m not stuck in contract anymore. Yay! I’m going to figure out my options tomorrow. Glad you got your issue all figured out. It takes A LOT of persistence!:)


  8. Ain’t that just the way big business works. I am going into business and accounting cause I love it, but some days I am not sure cause I know I am not cut throat enough and hope to never swindle people out of their hard earned money. It isn’t just DISH a lot of cable companies are cutting entire channel. To a degree we gotta blame both DISH and the owners of the network cause both are out to make a buck and the bottom line is all that matters to them.

    If you get them at iTunes and back up the file on an external hard drive, cause I spent hundreds and then my computer when to computer heaven and all buy shit was gone. I don’t know if iTunes has a back up system now but a few years ago. It was tough shit if you didn’t back it up and something happened.

    Sorry you had that crappy experience with DISH.


    • You are such a sweetheart. Thanks for the sweetness. I think it’s great you are going into business and accounting. We need some DECENT people in that field who can hopefully help others be less wallet-raping.😉


  9. Over here, Virgin TV tried to do that when they dropped Sky One, Sky Living and several of the Sky Movies packages. Sky had caused this by demanding more money from Virgin (or Slut) to allow them to show these channels. I don’t know what has happened, but they now show the channels.

    Also, Virgin send letters telling you that “you are now living in a VIrgin Media area, would you like to join us?” So you phone them and they say “Sorry, Virgin Media is not in your area at the moment, but we can supply you with telephone services [that are completely crap ones and at the same price we charge full fibre optic customers] by piggy-backing on your existing phone line.


    • They are all such asshats!!! I guess it’s good to know that people are money grubbing douchebags all over our fine world.😉 I wish I didn’t like TV so much. I love to read and write, but I love my TV too. Otherwise, I’d tell them to go screw.:)


      • I don’t actually watch that much TV. I tend to chat with my friends via XBOX Live or read. There’s only a few programs that I watch, and the majority of them I watch before they are released over here as I’m too impatient lol

        Love the word “douchebag” it’s my daughter’s favourite word at the moment. Incidentally, she phoned me from her mother’s house the other day excited and saying “Jodi has added me on twitter”😉 Thank you, it made her weekend.


  10. That’s the mentality that made me decide to drop cable tv. I don’t know how many over the air channels are available in your area, but it could save you a decent amount of money each month.


  11. It’s funny you say that, Jodi. My wife and I have kiddingly (kinda) pondering moving off to a cabin in the West Virginia Blue Ridge, plant a garden, and hunt and fish, going to town once every two weeks for supplies. We have Comcast, just as big as Dish, if not more, and they’re constantly challenging us with changes to programming and fees. Makes you want to buy a dvd and just watch movies, hm?


    • The Blue Ridge Mountains are so beautiful! I grew up in MD and know them quite well. Wouldn’t that be a lovely way to live???:) I tell ya, If I hadn’t already watched every movie on earth, I’d do exactly that!😉


  12. It’s funny you say that, Jodi. My wife and I have kiddingly (kinda) pondered moving off to a cabin in the West Virginia Blue Ridge, plant a garden, and hunt and fish, going to town once every two weeks for supplies. We have Comcast, just as big as Dish, if not more, and they’re constantly challenging us with changes to programming and fees. Makes you want to buy a dvd and just watch movies, hm?


    • Isn’t it amazing how they just can’t get it right? If they just had honest and upfront business practices and good customer service, they’d make soooo much more money in the long run. Sorry you had the same problem!


  13. A) Verizon Wireless pulled something similar– just learned they added a $30 upgrade fee when you want to upgrade your phone, even if you are entitled to an upgrade according to your contract. I said, oh, so if I don’t like the way they changed the contract, do I have the option to end the contract? No, that would be a $150 early termination fee. So what they’ve done is change the contract to their advantage without giving me any say in it, and if I don’t like it, I can pay $150. Sweet.
    B) Time Warner Cable is my only option for cable internet in my area, and their service is so awful it makes me want to kill myself. Their chat people and tech support people function exactly like Moises. Your convo with Moises made me relive the horror. I hate these big tech providers. Hates ’em. WIsh we had options.


    • Ugh! You poor thing! It sucks that we’ve all had to suffer at the hands of these greedy butt munches! I’m so sorry you went through that nightmare.

      I used to teach Customer Service courses and would tell people, “If you don’t like people or can’t fake it, and if you can’t write or speak coherently, GET A NEW JOB!!!!” Who’d put themselves through a thankless job like that if they didn’t enjoy it? God knows it doesn’t pay enough to sustain the life of a single hamster, so why suffer?

      I’m more and more thinking about that lone cabin in the woods idea. Just me, the hubby, the furries, a camera to take pic of other furries and a bunch of fishing. HEAVEN! After the first month though, you may have to come rescue me!😉


  14. Well now for something completely different…

    But wait…

    In the interest of complete transparency…

    We live in the woods and my wife takes photos of furry woodland animals.

    Now for the completely different part…

    Why not just ditch the whole TV scene? That is what we did 10 years ago. So at $100 a month we have saved $12,000, not counting the cost of a TV. We don’t miss it at all and we have a lot more time to do the things we truly enjoy.

    Just a thought.

    Be encouraged!


    • I’M SO JEALOUS!!!!! Honest to goodness, while no one believes me, I’m actually an introvert. The idea of a cabin in the woods with my honey is drool-worthy! And that she gets to take pics of critters??? BLISS!!!

      I wish I could just cut TV outta my life. It’s one of the ways I relax. I have to be so public, so often, that I have to turn off my brain. I read about 2-3 hours a day, but TV definitely helps me take the edge off. I guess I could start drinking instead?😉

      Tell your wife I ENVY her varmint-picture-taking-life!:)


  15. I’m not quite as old as dirt and remember Flo dishing out the “Kiss my grits” line many a time! I’ve got Charter because Dish wouldn’t give me any channels when it rained.


  16. Hahaha, good one with the woods. I’m not saying giving up watching TV is a bad idea, that’s for each of us to choose for ourselves. WHat I do suggest is that you kick some dish ass…and let me watch :))


  17. Netflix took gas when it got too arrogant last year. The flood of subscribers who voted with their feet dropped their stock dramatically and forced them to retrench. Whether DISH is too arrogant to respond this way probably depends on how far the outrage at this crap spreads.


    • Netflix did get a bit big for their britches, didn’t they!? I can’t believe how much I pay them now. $28 a month! It used to be $16 just a couple of years ago. I’m thinking they can all all bite my butt.😉


  18. What kills me is that a lot of companies give bad customer service like that. Most of the time, you’re lucky if you can even reach a live person.

    And there’s nothing I hate more than the automated voice trees.

    Press 1 to hear this in English (this from an American based company)
    Press 2 for Spanish

    Then you get:
    Press 1 for sales (there’s always reps eagerly standing by over in India for that one)
    Press 2 for store hours and location
    Press 3 to check status of an order
    Press 4 for all other concerns

    Then you Press 4 and get:
    Press 1 for technical support
    Press 2 for billing
    Press 3 for return authorization code
    Press 4 to speak to a customer service representative

    So you think, FINALLY, and Press 4: “We’re sorry. All our service reps are busy assisting other customers. Please call back during our off-peak calling times”



    • OH MY GOD! You are SOOOOOO funny!!!!!:) Dying here.:)

      Hey, just so you know, I just started a new Amazon account so that I could leave reviews on your books there and actually SEE THEM APPEAR!!! Stupid Amazon. I have to wait 24 hours before I can post anything, but then I’m all over it.:)


  19. Whee can’t believe they are being so mean to our Miss Jodi. They are making you pay more for tv shows you want to watch?! Those Sons Of A Mongoose.

    Whee will go and bite their feet for you!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


    • Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy…next time your Mummy wakes you up too early and you are all morning grouchy, send all those grouchy vibes to Dish Network. THAT should scare the pants off of them! That, and the toe biting, of course!!:)

      Kisses on your furry heads!


  20. Before you jump ship and assume that everything is all groovy, keen and swell with another TV provider, please note that these disputes between the channels and the satellite/cable companies happen ALL of the time. I remember them happening on DirecTV too and Time Warner. You are dealing with television providers that act like vaccuum manufacturers – THEY ALL SUCK!

    That being said; I’m not giving any of them a pass and the more you can play them off of each other for the best deal possible for you, the better!! I would definitely call DirecTV AND the local cable provider and get their best deal. Have a reason to get off of the phone without committing, like you have to discuss with your family, check on the contract, etc. THEN call DISH and get your issue escalated to someone higher up than a scrip reader. The best way to move up their org chart is to say that you are considering switching. Tell them what the issue is and that you’d hate to go through the trouble of switching, but you feel really strongly that you aren’t being valued. You’ll get a nice offer. Trust me.

    No matter how many people come out and tell you that their provider sucks less, the fact is that they ALL suck and you’ve gotta just get the best deal for YOU! Sooooooooooooo….WORK IT!

    Disclaimer: I’ve never had DiSH. I’ve had various cable companies and DirecTV.


    • I am SO gonna “work it.” I’ve got my Work It pants on. My Work It bra on. My Work It red wig on. Those SOBs better watch out cause IT’S ON MO FO!!!😉

      You really are so right though. I’m going to pit them against one another. If they start the game, I’m gonna finish it.😉 Dang, I’m all feisty today! Must be having the day off tomorrow. I was gonna call Direct TV yesterday or today, but the day job has be CRAZY! I don’t have time to breathe, hence how long its taken me to get back to you (I suck!).

      I’ll let ya know what happens.:)


    • You are so funny.:)

      We had Cox cable (easy joke here, but they lived up to their name!) and they cost $!45 a month!!!! Holy hell. So we switched to Dish which costs about $105 a month. Now I think I’m going to hope over to Direct TV and at least get their low-cost 2 year package for $45 a month for a year then $65 for the 2nd year. It’ll still save me a ton.

      And YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS YOU CHEERED ME UP!!! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!! I’m sooooo delighted!:) Awwww…shucks…:)


  21. OMG! Speechless. Sometimes… I literally do not know why they call it “customer service.” WHAT THE F KIND OF SERVICE AM I EVEN RECEIVING FROM YOU? LOL!!!

    Ugh, I can totally relate with you. I had an argument a few months back with Sony when they tried to pull the whole “beat around the bush and confuse you so much that you’ll just say yes…” Let’s just say at one point, being the persistent being that I am, the customer rep got so fed up with me that she asked if I had a mental problem. WTF?! WHO THE F?! LOL. You should file complaints on every outlet possible so that other customers don’t get F-ed either.


    • OH MY GOD!! They asked you if you had a mental problem! What a douchebag!!! That is hideous!! Their thinking was, “Wow, this customer really is calling me on our bullshit. I better distract them by calling them mentally challenged. Maybe that’ll piss them off so much they hang up.” WHAT A BUNCH OF SHIT!

      I hate big companies. They all blow chunks. I’m going to go live in a tent in my backyard. Problem solved. Oh, except for the heat. No bathroom. Bugs. Shit. Okay, I’m staying inside, but I’m NOT going to like it!😉


  22. I completely understand your frustration, but I used to be one of the CSR’s you were referring to in this blog, so I hope I’m able to clarify a little bit for you. I can’t disclose too much, but I’ll try my best to explain.

    The networks that provide content pretty much control the entire conversation. They tell Dish (and every other paid cable service provider for that matter) what they will play, when they will play it, and how much it’s going to cost to play it. They generally like to play fair because if they don’t their content doesn’t get played, but still. They definitely have the upper hand in the situation because they own the rights to the content. With the advent of streaming online, things have gotten pretty dicey in the way of content management, and paid cable providers are taking a big hit.

    The networks want more money because they know that a lot of people can go on the internet and get it for free or at a reduced price, so they charge cable providers more money to recoup some of that loss. And because fewer people are paying for cable, companies like dish are tightening their purse straps, so to speak, by backing out of contracts and/or refusing to agree to the terms of a new contract. Its a vicious cycle, and I’m not saying I have the answers. Unfortunately, not many people are willing to listen to a long winded conversation on the unique and ever changing aspects of cable tv programming, so you get the script.

    I HATED the script. Despised it with every fiber of my being because I KNEW that it didn’t work, and I felt like an ass for not being able to help people when my job description was to HELP people. Wrap your brain around that, will ya? And if I deviated from the script, I got in trouble, so it was a no win situation. I hate to put it like this, but I needed my $10 an hour more than I needed the customer to be happy. So long as they didn’t cancel their service, I was okay.

    I talked on the phone with people, so I didn’t have to deal with the spelling and grammatical mistakes, but I would be absolutely mortified if I wrote like that with a customer, and I’m pretty sure Moises got an earful for that, if it makes you feel any better. I know people got in trouble if they weren’t able to use a “professional voice” on the phone with customers, so I’m sure they have policies in place with the chat side as well.


  23. I had seen the advertisements on AMCs The Walking Dead website about The Dish Network removing it (AMC) from their service. Personally I think it sucks for Dish users and is stupid on their part to do so. Thankfully I have regular cable service so my AMC is safe. I don’t know what I would do if I couldn’t watch The Walking Dead, other than have a seizure and go into convulsions of course.


  24. Lordy…change the cable company name and give you a man’s voice and I can hear the hubby’s rant. He has had that happen to him over sports channels (of which I do not give a rodents fuzzy buttox) here in our lovely burg. Remove my space channel and my classic movie channel and my head will spin a la the exorcist! The worst is the offering less product and still costing the same. You see that in the grocery isles too folks.


  25. Sounds like you had a run-in with big business. They all are like that. And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. In fact, it’s not going to get better. There are only so many companies, and all we do is keep switching between them, which means we’re just spending more money than we need to because we have to pay startup fees, installation fees, and quite often, termination fees.


  26. We’ve been TV cable-free for about 6 years now, use only our digital over-the-air antenna for regular tv (15 channels are plenty), and Netflix for movies, plus we might or might not be able to watch all our favorite HBO and AMC shows somehow through various means.:) Next, we’re dumping CenturyLink, which is our home telephone line. We don’t own a cellphone yet, but figured out that we could save money by bundling with our daughter’s line. Though I don’t want to be chained to Sprint, I’m sick of CenturyLink’s hard-sell tactics.


    • I just switched to Direct TV. It’ll be cheaper, at least for the first 2 years, but it’s really no better. When you set shows to record only new episodes, it goes ahead and records all of them. What on earth. They all suck.😉


  27. Jodi, I don’t know if someone else mentioned this, but the real reason Dish dumped AMC wasn’t because of the other channels AMC wanted Dish to include (channels that my family watched – we’re still w/ Dish, by a thread). Anyhow, the real reason was that Dish had a development contract with HD Networks and just stopped paying them after 2 years of the 4 year deal and HD sued them. Dish filed to have HD’s suit thrown out but lost the original and also they just lost on appeal in June. So to spite AMC, Dish agreed to air the HD channels, now known as AXS (which sucks and is far inferior to AMC and IFC, etc.), for free rather than pay off the balance of the contract. They convinced AXS would make their money off of advertising. So even though Dish is telling it’s customers that it was AMC’s fault, in reality it was all brought on by Dish, and their Cust. Service peeps are required to lie.


    • Holy moly. Why is it not surprising that The Man would be cheap and renege on their commitments and we The People have to suffer. What a crock. Thanks so much for telling me this. I had no idea what was going on. I just switched to Direct TV, which has a whole other set of issues!😉


  28. With DISH I can’t watch YouTube, go on Pandora, connect to xbox live, unless it’s at 1:30 am, then my internet is perfect until about 9 am. Even if it’s sunny with no clouds in the sky it still does that.


  29. DISH is worst company I have ever dealt with. Why are those Mafia type mo fo’s still allowed to be in business and INTENTIONALLY rip off the public? Someone, please,needs to start a class action lawsuit against the DISH vultures!!


  30. Ha ha. The only thing worse than Dish Network is signing up for Dish tv with someone other than Dish. That’s what I did, now I have a contract. so many cable and satellite tv companies are just UGH


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