Check out this awesome blog from Rants From My Crazy Kitchen! She’s going to have some of her awesome recipes in my new cookbook coming out at the end of October.



14 comments on “STOP THE PRESSES!!!

  1. OMG you are awesome!! And to think I only found you because you posted something with a title that caught my attention, so I followed you! And I’m so glad I did!! Even if you weren’t doing a cookbook I would still love you! “I Gots The Buzz Muff” did it for me forever, because that random stuff would happen to me!!


    • You crack me up. :):) I Gots The Buzz Muff was seriously one of my most insane posts. 🙂 I’m so glad it got your attention. It’s been just wonderful getting to know you and it tickles me to no end to have 2 of your recipes in my book. They both have a yum factor of +1,000,000. 🙂 I get my final proof on Monday or Tuesday and I just can’t wait to see it and hold it in my grubby little paws. There’s something so cool about seeing over 6 months of work finally come to fruition. Thanks again for kicking ass. XOXOXO


      • I don’t think that was the one that I found you by though 🙂 I just can’t remember which one! And will you stop thanking me please! It makes me nervous! Your welcome!!


      • I know what one it was! It was “Reasons I am Never Cleaning Anything Again”! I’ve spent the 6 months since I read that “hiding” from cleaning! Haha! Not really, but I wish!!


    • I’m right there with you!!! My half of the book is full of “recipes” for people who can’t cook. I’ve learned a billion sneaky ways to sort of cook and make it seem like I toiled in the kitchen for hours. I’m a sneaky little mongrel. 😉 I bet I couldn’t cook but maybe 10 recipes out of the first half of the book. It would not be pretty. 🙂


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