R.I.P. sweet little hamster


Well, dammit.

Less than 24 hours ago I was counting my blessings, including the fact that my old ass hamster was still amongst the living. Little did I know he only had 8 hours of life left.

I love you Hamster. Mommy and Daddy miss you tremendously. There will never be a fuzzy-butted little hamster anywhere near as wonderful and sweet as you.

Little Hamster’s first day with his new family. SWAK!

Daddy, after a hard day’s work, playing with the little guy. He loved little Hamster too.

Our sweet little baby his first night in his new home.


62 comments on “R.I.P. sweet little hamster

    • OH no!!! Losing a kitty is about the worst thing on earth. I’ll still never get over losing my BooBoo and Princess. I am so very, very sorry you have to go through that soon. It is so horribly painful. I’ll be sending prayers your way. Thanks for the sweetness about Hamster. I too believe we’ll see our furries again. 🙂


    • I know, right? I don’t think I’ll ever get over losing my kitties BooBoo and Princess. Thinking of them breaks my heart. They were the best kitties. I love the kitties I have now (and new Hamster!) tons, but there is something about the first kitties that will always be in my heart. They are simply irreplaceable.


    • Thanks, John. He was part of our family, no doubt about it. I love talking to hamsters because they stop whatever they are doing and just look up at you like, “Mommy have a treat for furry???” I wanna eat them!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday too. 🙂 Hugs!


    • Thank you, sweet stuff. You have a hammy too? Humphrey is an adorable name. I love me a hamster!!!! I used to get the tiny Siberian ones, but they are mean little fuckers!!! They’d just as soon bite your hand off as look at you. So these last 2 have been just normal little furries and they’ve been so sweet. My little guy was only 2 1/2. He needed at least one more year with us, darnit.


  1. We are sorry to take so long to comment. Work has been a bear lately…. we read this with deep sorrow. We know all too well the deep hurt of losing a furry family member. We are sorry for your loss and know we are praying for you through this time of sorrow. We usually build scrapbooks of the furries we have lost… it helps in a strange way as we go over the memories and shed a lot of tears…
    In deep sorrow,
    the collies and chuck


    • Awwww…what a precious thing to write. Thank you. I haven’t been back to the blog since I wrote this post until tonight. It made me sad thinking of my little furry. But comments like yours make it easier–all the sweetness is so very appreciated. I love the idea of a scrapbook. I make mugs of my little critters so that I can see their little faces when I drink coffee. Thanks for the kind prayers–at least I know my little guy is in hamster heaven with the best wheel ever and more food than he could ever eat. 🙂


  2. The mention of hamster brings back so many memories. We had hamsters for several years and the little buggers were always getting out of the cage. Finding them was hopeless until late at night when the sound of scratching revealed their hiding place. And then there was the time we found one floating in the toilet. Oh my goodness! Traumatic to lose any pet, but the good news is they can be replaced.


    • Escapee hamsters!! They are such little stinkers!! Though finding one in the toilet really sucks. That would kill me, I’m quite sure. My hubby felt so badly about how sad I was that he got me a look alike hamster 2 days later. Now we have New Hamster and he’s adorable. It helps take the sting out at least a tiny bit. 🙂


    • Thanks, sweetie. It sucks balls. I miss my little guy. My hubby had the same replacement idea as you and got me a lookalike critter 2 days later. It does help take the sting off a bit. Give your puppy and kitten kisses and love from Aunt Jodi. I love me some baby furries!!! (Though one of each has to be exhausting!!)


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