Awesome Awards, New Year’s Resolutions and Other Such Goodies

Happy New Year! I hope with all my heart that every last one of you had a wonderful holiday season and a safe and happy New Year! 🙂

I took a much needed vacation from everything and decided today to dip my toe back into humanity one tiny inch at a time. And what did I find upon my return? I found I was mentioned by several awesome bloggers who somehow survived my potty mouth to live and say kind things about my blog! Yay!

My dear friends at Alastair’s Blog and Feed the Piglet both nominated me for Blog of the Year 2012 (the check is in the mail!) and Rural Spaceman listed my blog amongst his “Favorite Things”. Also, in the last few months I was blessed to be nominated by the following kick ass people for some kick ass awards:

  1. Sparky the Dragon creator Kimberley at The Embiggens Project for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award
  2. Jottings and Writings for the Addictive Blog Award and the Liebster Award (Two awards? you are awesome!)
  3. Life in the Drivethru for the Food Stories Nominee for Excellence in Storytelling Award
  4. Alastair’s Blog (again, you sweetheart!) for the One Lovely Blog Award
  5. TotalOvrdose for the Versatile Blogger Award

A big, huge thanks to all of you for your mentions, awards and kind words. I can’t tell you how humbled I am that you guys would think of me. Thank you so very, very much from the bottom of my heart. Your sweetness means the world to me. 🙂

Now that we’ve talked about the Awesome Awards (and the even more awesome awarders!), let’s move on to the New Year’s Resolutions. My thought about New Year’s Resolutions is poop on their head! Like a lot of people, I’ve made them over the years only to be disappointed in myself a few months down the road for my miserable failures. I’d have been so much happier with myself had I never made the unachievable resolutions in the first place. So, I’ve decided to never make another resolution! Alas, that does not mean that I don’t have things I wanna do in 2013.

Horrifying as it is, my 25 year class reunion is this year. Good God–how is that possible? Am I not still 17 riding around in my girlfriend Susan’s Bronco with a Bartles & James wine cooler in one hand, a cigarette in the other, gossiping about boys? Wasn’t it just yesterday, not 28 years ago, that while at the 7-11 I ran into the guy who stood me up for a movie at my place (my mom actually rented a VCR so I could have him over to watch a movie as we didn’t have one yet–yep, that tells you how old my ass is) and his other date (kill me)? Man, was that awkward! How could it be 25 years ago that I graduated? It just doesn’t seem possible!!!

Well, like most women, I’m bound and determined to lose a few pounds before the reunion. Writing that cookbook put a few extra hunks of delicious, savory butter on my ass (oh, I mean pounds…the butter put the pounds on my ass) that I’d like to shed before flying home, so either I’m going to have to learn how to eat healthier or I’m going to have to borrow a vacuum from someone and perform home liposuction. I’m not sure which one would be more painful!!! 🙂

This desire to knock off a pants size is not a resolution though. I just happened to be notified about the upcoming event in the last week, so the timing makes it appear to be a resolution, but it is not.

Something else I wanna do in 2013 is learn to curb my potty mouth.  I know I cuss a LOT and I thought…oh shit, I can’t pull that off. I’m sooooo lying here!!! That just ain’t gonna happen. 😉

Ummmm…what else do I wanna do? I don’t know. I figure if I can continue to be happy and healthy, then life is good. I just try and keep that going and that should really be enough.

Okay, so now onto the Other Such Goodies.

I have two things here for ya. One: my cooking spot on WGN-America’s Lunchbreak is gonna air on January 11th. WOO HOO!!!! I’m so excited I could puke. Two: I quit smoking 6 weeks and 1 day ago and I’m so proud of myself I could puke. Wait, that’s a hell of a lot of puking. Let’s just say that my cold-turkey-smoke-quitting-ass is very happy that I’ve been able to maintain the quitting without even a single slip up. Yay!!! And, I haven’t even been a rancid bitch during the emotional withdrawal of one of my very favorite things on earth. I had whittled down my consumption to 4-5 a day (though I crave a pack a day dammit!!!) over the last year so that quitting wouldn’t be such a fuckin’ nightmare, and I still crave those evil (wonderful) sticks constantly, BUT, I’m bound and determined to stay quit as I’d like to live a long and healthy life, so send me no-smoking happy vibes please! 🙂

Again, I hope you all had a simply magnificent holiday season and I want you to know that I’m thankful for all of your friendship. I’ve met some wonderful people through this blog and you guys mean a ton to me. XOXOXOXO

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56 comments on “Awesome Awards, New Year’s Resolutions and Other Such Goodies

  1. Last year for new years I made a resolution to curb my potty mouth. Took it’s fucking time but I did it. Hehe. Something in my life changed that caused that anyway – or rather – helped. You deserve all the bloody awards, and I have about 25 that I need to give out so you’ll get a couple more soon. My New Year resolution is to sell some of my photos so I can afford plane tickets. 🙂

    Glad you had a good Christmas though 😀


    • I’m so proud of you for nixing your potty mouth. Well done! OUCH! My nose just hit my computer screen. I gotta stop lying like that. 🙂

      Thanks for the award sweetness. 🙂 Sometimes it takes me a while to get to them (because I’m a horrible bitch) but they are always so dang appreciated. 🙂 As for your pics, they are beautiful and EVERYONE should buy a million of them!!! 🙂



  2. You deserve every award you get! Cuz you rock!! So proud of you for kicking the smoking habit. Maybe you can write a book about it!! I’ll gladly draw you an evil cigarette. lol. And I will be GLUED to the TV on the 11th!! I can’t wait! And, OMG, I used to love Bartles & James coolers!! We couldn’t get them up here, so every time I’d cross the border into NY, I’d stock up. Happy New Year and congrats on all of your many awards!! xo


    • As always, you are such a honey. Thank you!!! You are far too kind!!! 🙂 I can just see you stock piling B&J coolers in your trunk. I loved those things when I was a kid. Wow, that sounds bad. Yeah, I started drinking much too early in life! 😉

      I can’t wait to see the TV segment too–I’m so excited and I’m NOT patient, so waiting has been killing me. I hope it turned out okay. HUGS!!!


      • That’s my job!

        I forgot to comment about RENTING a VCR??? I never heard of that, even back in the day. I mean, would someone “rent” a Blu-Ray player today?

        Don’t even get me started on that boy that stood you up. I bet he kicks himself every single day.


        • If I were your boss, you’d get a stellar review and a 3000% raise! 😉

          Oh yeah, we rented a VCR from the local video store (which was right across from the 7-11). My mom didn’t see the need to own one (she was like that with the microwave too for a few years) but she knew how much it meant to me to have him over for a date. It would have been one of my very first dates–I was just a youngster. Alas, he was an asshat!!!!! As for him kicking himself every day–you are soooooo sweet to say that and I hope to hell he does!!! One of only 2 times I was ever stood up–may they both go prematurely bald! 😉


  3. Firstly, you don’t look old enough. What is it with you and Nigella – are you two long lost sisters or something?!?
    Also, really pleased you liked my description of your blog.
    Lastly, wish I could view your segment. One tweet that I read mentioned only one take! Well, for the show in Chicago if it’s the same one.


  4. Who could give up the F word? It is one of the most empowering words in the English language! Congratulations on quitting smoking. I quit 22 years ago, the best gift to give to yourself. 🙂


    • I agree!!! Some people say cussing is uneducated and lowbrow. To them I say, “Fuck off you judgmental asshat!” KIDDING!! Well…sort of. 😉 Thanks for the no smoking love. I’m glad I quit, even if I do miss it desperately. Congrats to you too! 22 years is amazing!!! 🙂


    • I did!!!! It was not easy, but I was determined! Now if only the hubby would decide to quit. It makes it SO MUCH HARDER when there are cigarettes right there all the time, but he’s been good about trying to hide them (and his smoking) as much as possible. He’s sweet like that. 🙂


  5. Wow Jodi. That;s a great set of awards there. Well done. Well done also on the no smoking which is something I haven’t managed to do above a couple of hours yet. and you did it cold Turkey, that’s amazing.
    I’m in awe of you.


    • Thank you! 🙂 I was so tickled and surprised to get them. 🙂

      As for the smoking–it’s a bitch!!! Smoking has always been one of my very favorite things. But I’m a determined broad!!! If you ever decide to quit, I’ll be your virtual cheerleader! 😉


  6. I hope you are successful with your resolutions, I think that’s very important to set goals for yourself, especially the one where you aren’t gonna say words like shit and… oh sorry, I’m enabling….

    I know I’m periodically guilty of linking up… but if you are getting a lot of blogging awards cast on you… read this: Its a very important analysis on the issue of the blogging awards that get passed around us WordPress users… and its funny! Happiest of New Year’s to You!!


    • Hey there, doll. Thank you for your encouragement with the not cussing–smart ass! 😉 I gotta tell you, I never met a 4-letter word I didn’t like! 😉

      Your awards blog was great (and funny!). I’m horrible with the awards because I never follow the rules. I used to, but it took me 7 hours to write one blog in response to receiving a bunch of awards–I was a bit fried after that (though I sincerely appreciate every award). I figure my blog buddies know by now that I’m a rule breaker, so they aren’t surprised when I don’t follow them. 🙂 Happy New Year to you too, sweetie! 🙂


  7. I’m an awesome awarder? Wow,! Thank you! Too kind Ms. Ambrose, too kind! You totally deserved that award! Also, I’m actually glad one of your New Year’s Eve resolutions was not to limit your swearing. I love curse words, and I believe that people who say ‘shit’ ‘fuck’, and well, the word starting with ‘c’ (my favorite FYI) appear so free and easy going. Good luck with the other resolutions though. I don’t bother making ’em cuz I just can’t stand the disappointment of my inevitable failure. Happy New Year! Cheers!


    • You are totally an awesome awarder. That should be in caps you are such an AWESOME AWARDER!!! 🙂 Thanks so much…really. 🙂

      I’m with you on the swearing–and I’ve been known to use your favorite word on more than one occasion. Sometimes, it just fits so beautifully! And, I love to horrify people. 🙂 I’m reading a series of books right now (murder mysteries) and in each book the author makes a point of saying that pretty women and intelligent people shouldn’t lower themselves to cuss. I wanna smack the ever-loving shit outta her and tell her to stop being so fucking uptight. 😉 Sorry…had to go there. 😉

      Hope you are having a great 2013 so far! Hugs!


  8. I hear ya… if I went to such things as class reunions, I’d be looking at the 30th this year… and I too believe I’m still 17…

    Unfortunately, I no longer have my 17-year-old body either… in fact I snagged a pair of jeans this week (instant karma story not worth repeating except in a future blog post) and know — I just know — there is no possible way I can buy the same size I am purportedly wearing and expect to fit into them. So I won’t. Buy them I mean. Until I can actually fit into them.

    If you can quit smoking — YOU GO GIRL — I can quit sweets. That’s easy enough, and bonus I’ll avoid diabetes.

    BTW, you’ll see no talk of resolutions on my blog. Ever. Not even to say I don’t have any.



    • I know so many people who don’t go to their reunions. I was lucky that since I skipped so much school when I was in high school that I didn’t have time to dislike it, so the reunions are fun. 🙂

      As for my 17 year old body–you know, while I wouldn’t terribly mind having it back, it doesn’t bug me that I now have a 42 year old body. I figure one of the best presents we ladies can give to ourselves is the permission to enjoy growing old gracefully. That does NOT mean that if my Fairy Godmother appeared and offered me my teenage body back again that I’d send her packing though… 😉 In all sincerity, if I could just drop about 10-15 pounds, I’d be happy. That would get rid of the weight I gained eating all the food we made while writing the cookbook! I’m going to try for 2 pounds a month between now and the reunion. Keep your fingers crossed!!!

      Good luck with your jeans! I am 100% positive that I’d have to take a knife to my hips and thighs if I wanted to fit into jeans from HS. OUCH!!! Of course, if you can quit sweets (NIGHTMARE!!) then you’ll be that much closer to those jeans. 🙂

      And I agree…resolutions can suck it!!!! I refuse to set myself up for failure! 😉 HUGS!


      • Hahaha… I not only skipped most of my sophomore year, I ended up attending THREE different high schools, so part of the problem would be which one to attend. (The other part? I’m basically anti-social.)

        I have weigh — I mean way — more than 10-15 to drop, but I’ve done it before so I’ll do it again. I agree, though, I’m very proud of where I am today as a 40-something… I wouldn’t trade today for high school again EVER.



        • You and I are two peas in a pod! I went to 2 different high schools and one of the reasons I transferred was because the new school made it much easier to skip classes!! 🙂 We were so naughty!

          Like you, I wouldn’t trade now to go back to HS either. Isn’t it nice to actually like your life??? 🙂 HUGS!!


  9. Congratulations on quitting smoking. That’s a huge accomplishment and one that you should be very proud of. In fact, there is new research that says after you have quit for seven years, your lungs are healthier than if you had never smoked.


    • Thank you so much! It was soooooooo hard as I just love love love to smoke and miss it desperately!!!

      I sooooo hope that research is right. I quit so that I could stay healthy and live a long happy life with the hubby. It’d be nice to know it paid off in 7 years. 🙂


    • Thank you! I’m always so honored when someone thinks about my blog when giving out awards. 🙂

      As for quitting smoking–man, is that a bitch! I miss it, but I’m determined to stay quit. I know you’ll be able to do it too. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you and will send you No-Smoke vibes. 🙂


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