New Book Covers. What’cha think?

Howdy! I sure hope everyone is having a great weekend!

So, I’ve never been a huge fan of my relationship books’ covers and I am excited to say that I finally get to see them updated. Woo hoo!!!

In an effort to keep them similar to what they were, but a bit more streamlined looking, they use the same graphics only with a different treatment.

I wanna know what you think. Is there anything that jumps out at you as horrific or do they look okay?

Thanks so much for any feedback. I really appreciate it! 🙂

Oh, and the back of the book is what’s on the left and the front cover is on the right. I’m sure you know that, but jut in case! 🙂 XOXO

New Intimacy Book Cover 1-19-13

New Sex Book Cover 1-18-13

35 comments on “New Book Covers. What’cha think?

  1. Very nice Jodi. Both look great! The second one is quite sexy.
    In the first one, for “A peek into understanding the male mind”, pointing the remote to his head in the picture would have been funny!!!


  2. I didn’t see the difference until I went and got my books to see. And I do like what you have done. Removing the big placard from the middle makes them more .. I suppose intimate as you see the whole picture rather than this “in your face” big box. There again, it is “in your face publishing” hehe. I like the reviews on the back and how you’ve changed the blurb as well. I’m not going to buy them again though. LOL


  3. Impressive! I was confused about what the woman was holding in her hand until I read one of the comments, but that’s probably because of the size of my lap top screen. I love the name of your publishing company!


    • Thanks, hon!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see a printed copy of them–please God let them look good in print too. 🙂 That is so cool that you didn’t see it as a wig. Yay!!! I only WISH I had hair that thick in real life. 🙂

      As for the remote–ha!!! I hoped that women would see the cover of the book and say, “I can control the remote control while he paints my toes if I read this book and heed it’s suggestions???? Holy cow. Sign me up!” 😉 I don’t think the hubby even knows how to work the remote. Ahhhh…heaven! 😉


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