Holy Cow Batman! It’s podcast time for the old blog!

I am soooooooooo excited to share this podcast from the wonderful and amazing Kris Keppeler. She took my “These are not words!” blog and read it into her podcast. She did a beautiful job! It’s so cool hearing my words come to life with the expert stylings of Kris. What a voice she has–she should be on NPR. Simply delightful!

Here’s the link to her podcast:


You should definitely check it out. It’s great for a giggle and her podcast is awesome.

Thank you, Kris. You are wonderful, awesome, kick ass and a bunch of other delicious adjectives. 🙂 XOXO

Here she is with her awesome pups:

Kris Keppeler

36 comments on “Holy Cow Batman! It’s podcast time for the old blog!

          • Thanks Jodi – not sure if I mentioned this to you but we intend to move to Nevada in the next 12 months (or less) we hope. There are certain items that must fall into alignment first but we keep our fingers crossed. Had enough of this rotten climate.


            • Good for you! Depending on where you move to in Nevada, it can get hotter than hell!! But I’d imagine it’s better than being snowed-in half the year. 🙂 Fingers are crossed that it can happen for you this year! 🙂


              • Thanks Jodi! There are two key elements that have to fall into place first – we won’t find this information out until mid April or so. from then, we hope to get the proverbial ball rolling. Hey, howdy neighbor! Well, I think Vegas is northwest about 5 or 6 hours by car eh… Hot? Hope so! We both know it gets in the 100’s but it’s dry – key word here is dry. Not like Florida heat at all. We both love the desert!


              • Oh yeah, Florida hot is UNGODLY!!! Mosquitoes the size of footballs. Non-stop sweat. Ugh. I do prefer the dry heat, no doubt. At least we don’t sweat a lot, even if we do bake. 😉 Keep me posted on your move. Mid-April isn’t too far away. Sending happy-moving-vibes your way. 🙂


    • Isn’t she great!? I was so pleased and surprised. What a great job. 🙂

      Glad to help with the vocab–I like to spread my grammar ranting whenever possible. 😉 Happy you enjoyed it. I gotta throw a fit at least once a month or I start to go a little bonkers. 🙂 XO


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