Holy moly! What on earth? Did I pay him? This is so cool and amazing and I’m so tickled I could puke. THANK YOU for the lovely blog post and book reviews. It means the world to me. Simply delightful…



“My philosophy of life: Wake up. Be happy. Hurt no one. Go to bed. Wake up. Repeat.”~ Jodi Ambrose

No this is not my personal way to kiss ass, this is extra credit. Doing above and beyond what was asked for.

Jodi Ambrose found this blog last May and she and I have been keeping in touch through one another’s blog ever since.

Not that long ago she gave an offer that I couldn’t refuse. It was her Tit for Tat offer.

So what did she want? The books that she has written about sex and intimacy, as well as one helluva enjoyable cookbook, were to be sent to me in the mail in trade that a review will be written on amazon.com.

That soon will come. This is extra!!

Jodi Ambrose discusses what is known as The List. At a minimum of twenty separate things about the opposite sex…

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  1. That is so cool! That person left the most awesome-est of awesome reviews and now I feel so inadequate with the ones I left on amazon. 😦 I suck at reviews. I’m sorry. 😦 But I love you and your wonderful books. 😀


    • Yes, it is tremendously cool–I am very blessed. And, no, absolutely no inadequateness (I know that’s so not a word) allowed! Your reviews warmed my heart and made me wanna hug you for an hour!!! You are the sweetmost, my dear!!! 🙂 I love you too! 🙂


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