Favor? Pretty please with sugar on top?


TGIMFF!!! (Yeah, TGIF just doesn’t capture how happy I am that it’s Friday!) The hubby and I are doing a double feature tomorrow. First, Pain and Gain. Any suggestions for movie number 2?

As for the favor, I’m wondering if those of you who I sent complimentary copies of my books to, or who got in on the $.99 Kindle/Nook book special, would do me a favor? If you got the books and enjoyed them, can you pretty please leave a delicious review of them on Amazon? I hate to even ask, but I’d be super grateful. After Amazon went bonkers last year and deleted tons of reviews off of everyone’s books including mine (I will still never understand why they did that), it appears that hardly anyone has read my books when they actually do quite well. It was so devastating to go from having tons of all 5-star reviews (except 1 from someone who liked the content but not my slightly naughty mouth 😉 ) to having almost no reviews at all. Absolutely heartbreaking. pretty please kitty

I heard back from tons of you via email on how much you laughed or how yummy the food was–and was so delighted by your wonderful stories, but it would be great to see that wonderful commentary on Amazon too. And just so you know, it doesn’t have to be a tome. It could literally be one happy sentence and I’d be thrilled. I’d really appreciate it, my lovely blog buddies, if you’d help me out with this. And if you don’t want to or didn’t like the books, I totally understand and don’t feel like you have to leave a review–no pressure. I just thought I’d ask those of you who did enjoy them or got a good chuckle out of them to leave a review.

If you do decide to post a review (for any or all books), just click on the pictures below and it’ll take you right to the book’s Amazon page.

Thanks so much, guys! I really appreciate it! Love you!

Book Cover Small  New Intimacy Book Cover Small with black border 1-20-13        New Sex Book Cover 225 pixels wide black outline

Kitty says, “To all of you who’ve already left reviews, thank you! Mommy and I love you!!!”

happy kitty

32 comments on “Favor? Pretty please with sugar on top?

  1. I do a review for you already? I’d not I’ll be happy to do one

    From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.


    • Hey there, Mr. Awesome Radio Host!!! You emailed me a great review (I have it in the books themselves!), but I’d love it if you’d put your thoughts on Amazon too. That would sooooo kick ass! Thank you for offering. I appreciate it more than you know. 🙂 I did send you a copy of the cookbook, right? If not, email me your address and I’ll drop one in the mail to you next week. 🙂 Hugs!

      Oh, and to anyone reading this comment, go check out Philip’s radio show at: http://www.sexandpolitics.podbean.com/ I’ve been a guest on his show a couple of times and he is just fantastic and very engaging! 🙂


      • Hi Jodi,

        It’s been so long sine I’ve updated my blog that I didn’t see this post of yours until just now. Did I write the Amazon thing for you? If not please just gimme a link (on facebook is easier for me) and I’ll be happy to.



        • Hi Philip! I’d love it if you would leave some reviews on Amazon. That would be amazing. 🙂 Thanks so much for offering. It means the world to me. 🙂 HUGS! I’ll go pop a link over on your FB page. 🙂


  2. Okay, so all of these people liked and no one offered suggestions yet?

    If you are into burying into hubby’s shoulder, how about The Evil Dead? Something mildly amusing? Scary Movie V. Or maybe .. dun-dun-duuuuuuuuun .. The Croods 🙂


    • You are such a boy. 🙂 I love your movie suggestions. The hubby suggested The Evil Dead too. While I’m 95% of the time amenable to any of his movie suggestions, I can’t do horror (even if it is funny horror) as it gives me nightmares. I read tons of hideous serial killer books, but can’t watch stupid horror movies. Yep, I’m a doofus! 🙂 I remember in high school my girlfriend and I skipped one day and went and saw one of the Evil Dead movies in Washington DC. First off, scariest theater and neighborhood EVER. Second, the projectionist kept trying to get us to come up to the projection room to blow him. Good lord. Boys. 😉


  3. You are too funny! I am taking a book marketing class and one of the things we talked about was asking for book reviews. I had to post this blog on our class feed as a unique, prime example. 🙂 For those who don’t know it is so important for an author to have reviews for their book so it looks like someone is reading it. Even from prudes who have delicate ears when it come to Jodi’s potty mouth! By the way my BF loved your book and those potty words! 🙂


    • How cool! 🙂 I love that you posted my blog to your class feed. Thank you. I tell ya, it feel so weird and goes so against my grain to ask people for reviews. But when Amazon purged book reviews last year it all of a sudden looked like I never had a reader. That totally sucks as I had tons of reviews! I know that I often base my purchases (books or anything else) on reviews, so if something only has a few then I’m less likely to buy it.

      Soooo happy to hear your BF loved the book, potty mouth included!!! You know what’s funny? The chick that left the not-so-good review (even though she said she agreed with the content) has been BLASTED by others who left comments on her review yelling at her. Even an old grandma yelled at her. Grandma counted the cuss words in my book (what a riot!) and said that I only had something like 21 naughty words in the whole book. I about died laughing. She said something like, “If grandma isn’t offended…” Ha! Total hoot!

      Have a good weekend, my dear! 🙂


  4. I want a finders fee 😉 (just kididng) She collects cookery books. So hopefully she’ll buy it

    In reply to your comment
    There’s a newish cookbook. It’s real Good Eats by Jodi Ambrose, It’s for both good cooks and reluctant cooks.

    Green Door HospitalityApr 29, 8:46 am
    Thanks for the tip Alastair! I will check out Jodi Ambrose!


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