Dang! Kick Ass Review for my Nookie Book! Yay!

Okay, technically I’m still on vacation, so Book Reviewpretend you didn’t read this, that I’m not around and that you never saw me. But I had to share this awesome review for Sex: How to Get More of It that I saw today. My heart is sooooooooooooo warmed and I’m just tickled pink.

Please go check it out by clicking HERE.

The review is by the lovely, talented and wonderful Elizabeth Melton Parsons. Go check out her blog and follow her. Clearly she has great taste in books (ha! 😉 ) so you’ll probably love other stuff she has to say. 🙂

Oh, quick note: Mom and I had a WONDERFUL vacation–thanks to all of you who wished us a great time; all that wishing worked! It was lovely. 🙂

Jodi and Mommy at Hoopers Ocean City Maryland May 2013 3 Cropped

34 comments on “Dang! Kick Ass Review for my Nookie Book! Yay!

  1. I’m going to go wake my wife up and have sex with her right now while pretending that I’m author Johnny Ambrose and she’e hard to please book critic Lucy Lacksaplot. Should be pretty hot. Thanks for the inspiration.


  2. I went off to have a look and forgot to leave you a comment “derrr!!!” I can be a spazoid at times. And today is one of those. I keep forgetting things, like I keep forgetting to finish comments and


  3. Thanks, Jodi. I’m so happy you’re pleased. Your books are wonderful, never had such a good time reading. Anyone who hasn’t already read these books, just do it. You’ll love them. And Jodi, I’m also glad you had a nice vacation with your mom. Special times with your mama are so precious. 🙂


  4. Congratulations!!!! I, too, am tickled pink. I was going to say chartreuse, but then I remembered that is actually greeny yellow–not a good colour to be tickled.
    And your books rock, so you deserve all the positive reviews that Amazon can handle!!


    • Chartreuse should be pink, not greeny-yellow. And damn is it hard to spell properly! 😉

      Thanks for the sweetness. You always make me smile.

      Oh, BTW, my mom gave the cookbook to all of her friends back home and they, without exception, LOVED Sparky!!!! 🙂 GREAT JOB you talented mama! 🙂


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