Musings of an Old Hag on her Birthday, part deux

So, I went back and reread my Musings of an Old Hag on her Birthday, part one from last year and I must say that it all still holds true.

For those of you new to my blog since June of last year, you can read it here: OLD HAG. I really hope you enjoy it and/or identify with it because I have to tell you that I’m happier in my 40s than I’ve ever been before and it’ll tell you exactly why.

As I don’t want to repeat what I said last year I’m going to list a few things that I’ve learned and a few things for which I am thankful.

Things for which I’m thankful:

  1. I have a loving family who always makes me feel special
  2. My husband kicks so much ass that it hurts my brain sometimes
  3. I have wonderful blogging buddies that add so very much to my life
  4. My 2nd toe is shorter than my big toe and that makes me very happy
  5. I’ve added about 15 new teddy bears to the Sofa Teddy collection and I have fun with them all the time
  6. Getting emails from people who’ve been helped by my sassy mouth–such a wonderful feeling
  7. I’ve managed to stay a non-smoker for approximately 6 months, 13 days and 2 hours (not that I’m counting)
  8. I’ve managed to only gain 8 pounds since I quit–really, that sucks, but it could have been 20, so I can’t complain
  9. I’m healthier since meeting the hubby than I’ve ever been in my life and he loves me even if I’m covered in scars from head to toe
  10. I still think that aging gracefully is a wonderful thing

Things I’ve learned:

I recently went back home for a visit (last week) and while I was there I saw two old friends who are so very dear to my heart. One I’ve known for 29 years. The other I’ve known for 22. Both of them have made such a great impact in my life–I wouldn’t be who I am today without either of them. One taught me what true friendship is. One taught me when to cut and run, how to heal and how to forgive. It was really quite emotional being back there, but I’m so thankful I went. Here’s what I’ve learned over the the last half of my life from knowing those two people:

  1. Friendship doesn’t need to be constantly reminded of itself. True friends can go years without seeing one another and then fall back into place like only a day has passed in the meantime.
  2. Friendship isn’t full of bullshit and fear. True friends love you enough to risk telling you when you are being a dumb ass and are loyal enough to hold your hand through the worst and best of times.
  3. Bravery is a beautiful thing, even if it means facing something you worry will cause you great pain. There is something about just the facing of it that can give you such great relief.
  4. Faithfulness and loyalty are the greatest gift you can give the one you love AND the greatest gift you can give yourself. Being able to look in the mirror in the morning and not shudder from disappointment in yourself is truly a blessing.
  5. Separating your heart from your mind and saying, “Enough is enough” is a skill that I’m so very happy to have, even if it is a bitch to put into practice.
  6. I have so much room in my heart for love that it astonishes me sometimes. Often I worry that I’m a little bit hard–things that make others cry often don’t really affect me. But I think that what it really is, is that I love those close to me so very deeply and completely that there isn’t a great deal of room left. That may sound bad, but I mean it in a good way. I love fully and with abandon. I don’t love with fear. I don’t love with regret. I love openly and I’m so very happy and thankful for that.
  7. And finally, forgiveness is truly the most glorious of all human abilities. It may take 10 minutes or 20 years, but forgiving yourself for your own mistakes (be they intentional or not) and forgiving others who have harmed you (again, whether or not they intentionally harmed you) will not only make the world a bit brighter, but will reduce the ache of that pain at least down to a very tiny pin prick, if not remove it completely.

As you can see, these two old friends have helped me achieve the beautiful life I have now and I thank God every day that they not only came into my life, but that they stayed.

On an entirely different note: Did I go an entire post without using the word “fuck”? Holy crap!  😉

Last but not least, here is a pic of my Mommy and me last week at the beach. I’m 5 days shy of being 43 in this pic and my mom is 74. We both embrace our age, though we also both still feel 22 (and often act it too!). I am most grateful that my mom is not only still around, but that she is for the most part happy and healthy. She is a true gift from God and I’m forever thankful to have her.

Mom and me at the beach

43 comments on “Musings of an Old Hag on her Birthday, part deux

  1. I hope you have great birthday Jodi. If I had known, I would have sent you a birthday card. Well, that I on’t know where you live. I don’t think

    Jodi Ambrose
    Somewhere in the US

    works somehow hehe


  2. Wow, you two look awesome!! No way you are 43 and mom is 74! Glad it was a good time for you. It is amazing how our perception of family, friends and life change as we age. I will be 53 next time around, and still feel 22 inside. God bless you and your mother, Jodi. 🙂


    • Thank you! My mom’s always been a hottie! It was really a great time. I loved every minute of it.

      And yes, it is amazing how our perceptions change along the way. Thank God they do. 🙂

      I hope when I’m in my 50s that I still feel 22. We never really age on the inside, do we? Thanks for the sweetness.


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!! We’re both June babies…now I love you even more. 😀

    Lovely post! I’m gonna re-read this and remind myself that it’s okay to get older! I should embrace it. Your friends sound awesome and your mom and you are adorable. She does NOT look 74 by the way!


    • We June babies KICK ASS! 😉 I love you more too! Though how that is possible is beyond me. 🙂

      Getting older is totally okay. Except for having to get up during the damn night to pee, I’m loving it. The pee part does suck though! 😉

      I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends. I’m so thankful for them. And yes, Mommy is quite the peach–she does look damn fine for 74. Heck, she’d look good for a 60 year old. Go Mommy! 🙂 Thanks for the sweetness, doll.


  4. Happy Birthday! Your mom is so beautiful, wow, and obviously you have her good genes 🙂 I wish you a fun and awesome birthday.


  5. Happy birthday, young lady…glad to see you’re one of the ones that collected a tidbit if wisdom along the scattered path. So many don’t 🙂
    Have a glorious day – remember – it’s your own personal New Year, so RAISE HELL!
    By the way, you look great, but your mother is stunning…holy hell 🙂


    • Thank ya, sir! I’ve got me a smidge of wisdom along the way–thank goodness. Gotta learn all that crap somehow! 😉

      Oh, and I’ve been raising hell all day–you’d be proud. 🙂

      My mom will LOVE your comment! I’ll read it to her tonight. She is one fine little mama! 🙂 Thanks, honey.


  6. Happy Birthday! You and your mom are absolutely stunning…no old hags anywhere in this picture. It is beautiful that you two are still so close and that you appreciate having her in your life. I am also glad you don’t take your good-looking toes for granted 🙂


    • Awww…thank you. You are too kind. 🙂

      I’m really blessed to have such a sweet mommy. She’s impossible not to appreciate. And heck no–my toes are a source of pride! No granted-taking going on here. 🙂


  7. Neither of you look anything like your actual age.
    – Could be flippant and ask if they’re doing 2 for 1’s on nips and tucks, and was that the reason behind the trip?? Nah, as it’s your birthday I wouldn’t get that personal.
    – You missed mine! BooHooHiss. Actually, I think I did as well 🙂


    • You are so sweet! Not a nip or a tuck between us. We both just avoid the sun like the plague in hopes we can still be wily old broads well into our 80s!

      I missed your birthday? I suck. Happy late birthday to you, my dear! 🙂 XOXO


  8. jodi – great blog and a nice look back at last year’s too, before i knew about your blog. great pic of you and your mom and btw, the shorter little toe thing is a sign of a creative person. hmmmm….. happy birthday, beth


    • Thank you! 🙂 Ooohhh, I didn’t know my shorter second toe was a sign of something. I love that. 🙂 Thanks for the sweetness about the pic. I love my cute mom in that picture. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  9. Sorry I missed your birthday, but better late than never I guess. BTW your mom is so cute. 🙂
    May you live a long life
    Full of gladness and health
    With a pocket full of gold
    As the least of your wealth
    May the dreams you hold dearest
    Be those which come true
    May the kindness you spread,
    Keep returning to you.


    • I never think of birthday wishes as late–you are just 363 days early! 🙂 XOXO

      I love your sweet birthday poem. That is just lovely.

      Thanks for the cute mommy comment–she is pretty dang precious. 🙂 Have a great weekend, doll!


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