UPDATE: Your Opinion Needed! New Author Pic Dilemma.

UPDATE: Big thanks to all of you who have given me feedback on the pics! πŸ™‚ You don’t know how much I appreciate it. πŸ™‚ Since most of you thought that a different color scarf might look better, I went in and futzed with the pic and now have a red scarf. What about this? Is this better, worse? Again, HUGE thanks!! You guys kick ass!

Jodi 3

red line for website


So I was goofing around taking pics a few weekends ago and one of them actually turned out okay, which is NOT easy as I can take some ugly damn pictures! (Honest to God, that is not me being self-deprecating, I seriously look like a F.R.E.A.K. in a LOT of my pics!) I was also going through the pics from my last author pic photo shoot and found one I kinda like.

I’m getting kinda sick at looking at my current author’s photo and want some options, so I thought I’d reach out to you guys and you could let me know which pic you like better.

We’ll call them Purple Scarf and White Sweater to make it easy.

Any help you can be will be super duper extra appreciated! πŸ™‚

Thanks, I and hope you are all having a kick ass weekend! XOXOXO

Jodi 1

Jodi 2

76 comments on “UPDATE: Your Opinion Needed! New Author Pic Dilemma.

  1. I think I prefer White Sweater. The Purple Scarf kind of blends with your hair and your face gets lost. But in White Sweater, you have a stronger color theme – pale background, dark dark hair, and pale sweater. And that makes your face stand out as the only color in the photo.


  2. I like the purple scarf. It’s more … “hey boys … look what I can do for you” … failing that, download a porn shot and photoshop your face to it πŸ˜‰


  3. The white sweater one is bootiful Miss Jodi. You looks all glowy and pretty! ^_^

    Hope you is having a fun wheekend!

    Nutty, Buddy & Basil (and new piggy Nacho who has never squeaked to you before!)


  4. I think the white outfit tends to wash you out, but agree with pillowbrook the dark shirt & scarf together with dark hair and your face (and it is a pretty one) tends to get lost….

    Advice? Don’t know. I’m terrible at that whole what colors look good on people thing……. I’m thinking vibrant colors and maybe some variety between top & scarf


  5. The top one – Love it – Beautiful Well Done. A slight turning of the head, A slight side-view and turning of the shoulders is usually better for head-shots – thus, the top photo is better in my opinion: however, that is just my preference. The white sweater is pretty too, but I like the blue better. Regards, Nawfal! πŸ™‚


  6. I agree with Tena. I think the white washes you out a bit. But the purple blends in with your hair too much. You have “cool” coloring so anything in that range would work good for you. Reds, blues, purples. Just stay away from the bright greens and yellows. I think pastels would look weird on you too. Maybe a lighter purple than the one in pic above. If I had to pick from the 2 though, I would say the purple.


  7. It all depends on the ‘look’ you’re going for…the purple scarf photo has your sultry, come-hither look while the white sweater photo has a face-on, this-is-who-I-am sense about it. I love them both and think I’m going to us whichever one you don’t choose for MY new author photo! Hehehe…


    • HA! You are so awesome. πŸ™‚ I love that the top on seems all sultry and come-hither! That is awesome. I think I’ll use the white sweater one as my passport pic. I gotta get one of those damn things at some point. Thanks for the help, my friend. Greatly appreciated! XOXO


  8. Both of your pics are beautiful Jodi, but I prefer the second pic with white scarf just because you’re looking directly to the camera and I think your eyes look prettier that way. If you can use photoshop, maybe it will look even better if you change the color of scarf so it doesn’t match the background color so much.. But as I said both pics are stunning! πŸ™‚


  9. Though one can’t doubt the beuuty of your model (WOW) there really is no choice, it has to be purple scarf. You carry a cheeky, mysterious, come hither look in that one whereas white sweater is a little too innocent to be believed.
    I send you Hugs. xxxx


    • You are always so kind, my friend. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I like the thought of looking cheeky!! I love that word. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I do look a bit Snow White in the other pic. I did add another pic where the scarf is red instead of purple. No one seems to like the purple and God bless the magic of Photoshop! πŸ™‚ Hugs right back at’cha.


  10. I like the red scarf. It makes your complexion brighten. Red, to me, is a bit of a saucy color and since you write sexy stuff it is fitting! I’m lovinig the stripper perfume BTW! I’m going to write about it later tonight!


    • Yay! I’m so happy you like the stripper perfume! That stuff smells edible! πŸ™‚ Send me the link for your post. I wanna read it. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the red scarf feedback. I like the red too. Big hug!!


  11. I prefer the white sweater as well… it is a striking contrast to your dark hair. I think the blue would look beautiful if it were a light blue… the deep colors are beautiful but blend too much with the deepness of your beautiful dark hair… just my opinion. You look lovely in all three pictures. β™₯


  12. This sort of sitting on the fence I know, but the white sweater is more ‘writer’ in my opinion, the sort of thing I’d expect to see in a book jacket. Both nice though!


  13. All are beautiful, however, I would go with the red or purple scarf since they both accentuate your eyes. Pick the color you most want to aspire to…red for fame fortune and festivity and purple for wealth and fortune! Happy Nesting!


  14. Gosh, you’re getting all kinds of conflicting opinions, aren’t you? Well, here’s another one: I think the blue scarf brings out the blue in your eyes, which is very attractive. Yet the red scarf screams something very sensual, also very attractive. I guess it depends on the look you are going for: glamorous or amorous.

    The picture in white is very nice, also. It is more innocent looking. If that’s the look you want, go with that picture.


    • I KNOW! I thought there’d be a clear winner–alas, there is not! πŸ˜‰ I’m more confused now that I was before posting them! πŸ˜‰ Though I do like screaming “sensual” so I may have to go that route! (I never think of myself as “sensual” unless it’s nookie-time, but I sure do like the way that sounds, sweet girl!)


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