Your “Other” Girlfriend (You naughty boys!)

Howdy everyone! Happy Monday (vomit). 😉

I thought I’d let you know that my new article is up for your enjoyment at The Acquiring Man dot com. It’s a bit saucy, a bit mouthy and of course a bit smutty, but it’s full of good advice for men.

I hope you enjoy it!

Love you guys!

The Acquiring Man August 2013 Screenshot


18 comments on “Your “Other” Girlfriend (You naughty boys!)

  1. Love this! I’m sure your sock puppets are relieved that you don’t have a wiener. Plus, it sounds like “entertaining” it would take up a great deal of your time. And, maybe, get you arrested. Hehe. You never fail to make me smile. =)


      • You just reminded me of the funniest thing. I used to work at a place where a dear friend sat in the cube behind me. There was another guy with a little crush that would stop by my desk and NEVER stop talking. So my friend that sat behind me would instant message me things I had to work into conversation but make seem natural. Most of the time they were just horrible (yet hysterical) things, but I’d do it and you’d all of a sudden hear him bust out laughing for no apparent reason. It was awesome. One of the best lines I had to somehow work into conversation was, “Is your mom into bondage?” HA! So much fun!!


  2. great piece, no pun intended. should be required reading for all men. ps – i also love the story in your comments section about your cubicle game at work. keeps it interesting )


    • Thank you! I hope the guys listen–it’s one of the top things both men and women ask me about. 🙂

      Glad you liked the cubicle story. We had SUCH fun and would get it so much trouble, but we didn’t care. It was worth getting yelled at! 😉


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