I just discovered Candy Crush.

Someone shoot me.

Why oh why?


Candy Crush

Okay, don’t really kill me. Well…. maybe.

Seriously, I’m going to go broke and cross eyed because of this fuckin’ game!

When I close my eyes I see candy floating around like the after burn from staring into the sun.

First Angry Birds. Now this. 😉

23 comments on “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!

  1. Hehehe Mummy is avoiding those sorts of games because she gets addicted too. One time whee had to squeak at her for our veggies for ten minutes because she wanted to beat a level on cut the rope! Silly hooman!

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil


    • My darling furries! 10 minutes?? It must have felt like a lifetime! 🙂 Though I do understand Mummy’s predicament–sometimes you just HAVE TO BEAT THAT F*&^*&^ING level (adult language censored for the fuzzy ears of Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil.) 🙂 Give Mummy love!


  2. Oh my dear game addict twin… I have been Crushing for weeks now… yes, in mere weeks I have achieved the stratospheric level of — 461. (BTW the mobile app doesn’t even go that high.)

    I abandoned the 3-star requirement we previously talked about looooong ago, and I’m sure you will, too — although I have a coworker who’s insisting on maintaining that standard; thus she is still stuck around level 150ish.

    I wake up Crushing, I Crush midday and I go to sleep Crushing. I am not done for a session until I have used all my lives. (At the beginning that was 1.) lives on my phone 2.) lives on my tablet and 3.) lives on my computer… because if you haven’t figured that out yet, each device has its own bank of lives — you’re welcome).

    From time to time, yes, I have spent a buck here, two bucks there to get past an ever-frustrating f-ing level, but only when I am soooo close to the meeting the “goal” of the level that I know I can move on once I’ve spent that buck — or two. So, I’m not going broke, but I’m definitely losing time. Lots of time.

    Thanks for joining me. :>


    • What is it with us??? Why must we be game junkies??? Level 461?? Holy shit! I’ve been playing for 3 days now (yes, on my phone AND Kindle, and yes…I play each time til I have no lives left and then I cuss and scream and move to the next device!) and am on level 68 on the phone and 59 on the Kindle. Nope, I have no synched it to FB because this way I can play two totally different games.

      As for the 3 star requirement–that I’m going to address once I’ve beaten all the levels. Then my obsessed ass will go back and achieve star perfection. DAMMIT! Stupid game. At least we are in it together! 🙂


  3. Oh, not you too! I tried it and am probably one of the few people in the world who just DIDN’T GET IT. It’s like bejeweled, except there’s candy, and they try to CON people into wasting money! Don’t do it. Play for free, or quit! Quit, quit, quit!


    • It’s totally like Bejeweled and Collapse, which I’ve played until my fingers bleed. Now it’s that stupid fuckin’ expensive Candy Crush! NOOOOOOOOO! Someone take me away. Calgon? Please help me. Candy Crush rehab??


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