Consider yourself WARNED!!!

Yep, this is the first time I’m doing a preemptive strike blog post! 🙂

I’m working on a fun little post full of the most horribly inappropriate things ever. It harkens back to a day when a former employee of mine and I would have SO MUCH FUN at the office. He was (and is) one of the coolest people on earth, and like me has little-to-no filter.

I’m not done with the post yet, but when I do publish it in the next few days and say, “DON’T READ THIS OR YOU MIGHT GO BLIND, INSANE OR END UP SUCKING YOUR THUMB IN A RUBBER ROOM” I just want you to know that I mean it. 😉

Honest to God, it’s just one of those things that struck he and I funny (I don’t think “he and I” is right, but “him and me” seems wrong too!) while we worked our assess off and were in need of some comic relief. We managed to jot down some of the funniness and that’s what I’ll be sharing. But is has so many horrible cuss words, sick and fucked up thoughts and seriously non-PC stuff in it that I just wanted to give you fair warning.

I don’t want to burn anyone’s retinas with what they’ll read, nor do I want any guff about how hideous some of the one-liners are. 😉

So, consider yourself forewarned! (Though I think most of you who visit me here often will enjoy it as we are all a bit fiesty!)

PS: Here’s what you might look like as you read through my next post–though I’m guessing there might be a giggle or two in there too. XOXOXOXO


13 comments on “Consider yourself WARNED!!!

    • Hi Courtney! Welcome! It’s nice to meet’cha! 🙂

      Yeah, this one is going to be particularly “OMG I can’t believe I’m laughing this is so fucked up” funny. 😉 I mean, I don’t think there’s a horrible, inappropriate thing that isn’t mentioned. But all of the comments you’ll read are just organic conversation between myself and who we used to call my “minion.” He’s so damn funny. We were quite the pair at the office–we had way too much fun!

      Hope you are having a great week! Talk to ya soon! 🙂


  1. I concede to furtheron’s point about us, but “him and me” is correct, if awkward sounding. Furtheron’s example does allow you to follow Strunk and White’s Rule 13 (Omit Needless Words); but you’re only dropping two of them.

    And as for the actual topic, I’m looking forward to it. Just the other day, I was thinking I needed a few more Panicked-Fry Moments in my life.


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