Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Fuck no! ;)


Yes, yes…I know. I’ve been gone forever. I have no good excuse (but I’m gonna give you several!) except that I needed a break.

EXCUSE 1: Sex? What’s sex?

Between twitter, FB and the 10 other sites I manage, I just had to put my foot down and realize that the hubby needed more sex from me! Too much time on the computer is not good.

KIDDING!!! He was still gettin’ it good. But I felt like I was only giving him one ear in the evenings cause my brain was in my computer all the time. That is a no-no.

EXCUSE 2: All work and no play make Jodi a raving lunatic.

The day job is killing me! I average about 65 hours a week doing nothing but using my brain to the best of its ability. My job isn’t one where you get a little brain downtime. It’s non-stop, all day long, until I run out of the house tearing out my hair and begging for the neighbors to shoot me. I thought it would have settled down by now, but not yet. Alas, the thought of even looking at a computer once the work day is over makes me rather ill.

EXCUSE 3: That mother fuckin’ Atkins diet about put me in the hospital.

I have NEVER felt worse in my life. I, and I kid you not, was falling unconscious at 6pm and sleeping like I was in a coma until the alarm would wake me up at 7am. It was horrible. And my poor tummy…man, my body does not like all that protein! Total suck.

So, please forgive my Exit Stage Left without warning. I feel like a schmuck as I love you guys and really have missed you. I just need work to calm down a bit so that I can happily embrace my computer after the workday is done.

Oh, and I’ve had two chickens die in the last month…one of old age and another one (one of the replacement-so-wifey-isn’t-sad-about-dead-chicken chickens) who drowned when our back yard had its monthly irrigation. Poor little critter. So yes, I’ve been a bit off lately. But will be back soon enough and then you’ll wish I’d stayed hidden! 😉

In an effort to say I’m sorry I’m going to do another Kindle book giveaway this upcoming Friday-Tuesday. I’ll post details later, but since you all live so far away from me I don’t know what else to do to say LOVE YA except give you free stuff.




40 comments on “Should auld acquaintance be forgot? Fuck no! ;)

  1. She lives!!! Lol, sorry about adding you into that guest bloggers message, I’ve been busy as hell myself and didn’t realize I hadn’t received a new blog post email from you in months before I sent that. I love you and miss you bunches!!


    • What a sweetie. Thanks, doll. It’s been one heck of a 2014, but it’ll even out eventually. I’m finally stopping my work day after 10 hours of non-stop insanity and am going to head out to dinner with the hubby. Ahhhh…relaxation (for a change!). Hugs!!


    • Thanks, my dear. Poor little chickens… The one that died of old age had a really good life. We rescued her from our neighbors over a year ago because she had stopped laying eggs and they were gonna hack her head off. NOOOOOO!!! So we took her. She had a wonderful, fun, extra year+ of life. But the “replacement chicken” was so sad when she died. WE get irrigation once a month and this time it came at night when they roost, so we didn’t think there would be any problems (as there never had been before). But apparently this little guy didn’t know enough to stay out of the water. I just thank God the hubby found her. I’d have burst into tears and cried all day. Ugh.

      Thanks for the sweetness. Glad to be back. 🙂 XOXOXO


    • I love food sooooooooooo much. Right there with you! As for the nookie–I know what that’s like too. I’ve gone through periods of no-nookie-gettin’ when I was single (I’m a good girl, believe it or not) and at first it sucked, then it got easier, then I loved it cause I didn’t have to shave. 😉


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