Mouthy Broad Alert!


Thank GOD it’s Fuckin’ Friday!!! I swear, my poor little noggin has processed more information this week than it knows what to do with. My brain sponge is full and leaking everywhere. I think I’ve lost memories all the way up to 6th grade.

Yes, that means I’ve forgotten the days when this was my outfit of choice:

Nothing But Trouble


So, since I’m now worthless and plan on doing nothing but staring at the TV while drooling (and possibly treating myself to chocolate chip pancakes) for the rest of the day, I thought I’d share that you can check out (read, LIVE BY, obey) my new article at Acquiring Man Magazine. (In case it’s not clear, click either “new article” or HERE to go read it. Yeah, I’m a smart ass…no two ways about it!)  😉

Love you guys! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of chocolate, nookie, furry animals and more chocolate.

Wait…that’s what my weekend is going to look like.

May yours look equally awesome!


Mom’s kick ass!!


20 comments on “Mouthy Broad Alert!

  1. Jodi, I think your memory fails you. I’m pretty sure I saw you in that rockin’ outfit last Tuesday in the produce section… C’mon- ‘fess up. By the way, it’s OK, because I thought it was AWFULLY sexy on you!


  2. You’ve really got to stop talking bout nookie Jodi. Mainly because it’s causing an itch I can’t scratch. I can manage the chocolate, at a pinch I could manage the furry animals If they were stuffed or I kidnapped next door’s cat, but nookie, what h heck is that?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx


    • As always, you make me giggle, sir! 🙂 And I’m a bit nookie starved myself right now–hubby’s out of town for work. DAMMIT! So yes, I agree, I need to cut out the nookie talk as it’s an itch I too can’t scratch! 🙂 Hugs!! 🙂


    • Thank you, sweetie! I took my mom out to a movie and dinner and had a lovely time. I love spoiling her on Mommy’s Day. God knows she deserves it after my teenage years! (And my 20s, 30s, 40s…) 🙂 Hope yours was amazing too, my dear! XO


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