Happy Mommy’s Day!



sparkle tweety

I wish all the Mommies out there the most wonderful of days.

The strength it takes to be a Mommy is something that leaves me speechless.

The love.

The dedication.

The kindness.

The patience. 

The resolve to be tough when you need to, even though it isn’t easy.

The ability to be fun, even though you are tired beyond measure.

The restraint to not kill your offspring, even though they deserve it.

For being a parent, and not a best friend, because kids have plenty of friends but only one mommy.

For all of those things and more, Thank You!


PS: Yes, I noticed that the Happy Mother’s Day text doesn’t have an apostrophe. Yes, it’s making me insane. And a final yes, I added an apostrophe to it in PowerPoint when creating a card for Mom. 😉

PSS: Glitter Tweety makes me happy just to look at. 🙂


18 comments on “Happy Mommy’s Day!

    • Well…let’s see. My Moopers Kitty was running around like a lunatic all over the bed this morning while I was trying to sleep–does that count as the pitter patter of little feet?

      I always thought I’d have kids, but now that I’m 100 year old, selfish and set in my ways, I can’t imagine it. I’m going to be a childish (oh, I mean childless) old bat forever. 🙂 Thank god for the furries and the chickens! 🙂


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