My Very Favorite Thing


I would like to introduce you all to my favorite thing on earth (save for things that breathe).

Drum roll please….

(Yes, you can click belowΒ to hear an actual drum roll. Yes, because I’m a doofus!)


Pink Teddy


Yeah, I know. I’m creative with my naming conventions. And, believe it or not, she used to be pink.

Now she’s more the color of dirt, sweat, dust mites and other things that you find in a bed. EWWWWW!!! Poor little Pink Teddy! She’s seen (and participated in) things much worse than Car Teddy.

The hubby tells me that the reason my skin has stayed so nice, even though I never wash my face or take off my makeup, is that all the mites run off her while we sleep, crawl up onto my face and eat off all the dirt and makeup. It’s like microdermabrasion via teddy bugs! Yep, I am so gross!

I’ve had my beloved Pink Teddy for about 36 years or so and have slept with her almost every single night of those close to 4 decades.

She’s been with me to the beach, to the lake, and all across the country. I remember running into one of my former bosses at the airport once and her head was sticking up out of my backpack. He was like, “WTF is that?” I figure he travels with his golf clubs. I travel with my Pink Teddy. I consider that a draw. πŸ˜‰

Here she is with my sister and me on my first day of college in 1988!

Jodi Becky College 1988

She used to be soft and plush. Now…well…you can see for yourself.

I finally got her a little furry coat for a baby and put it on her to help protect her remaining fur. She’s shockingly not thread-bare yet, but she was getting close. Now she kinda looks like a gangster teddy. I love that about her.

I love so much about her really. Not only is she smushed in just the right way to fit into my chest perfectly as I sleep, but she’s seen me through every dark day I’ve ever had. And every wonderful one, too. I can look at her and see how over the years she, like me, has become a bit rough around the edges. She has plenty of scars to show she’s endured for a very long time and has seen a lot of things.

While you may shiver in slight horror over her rather beat up countenance, it’s one of the things I love so much about her. And I also think it’s one of the things that helps me understand that growing older and getting those rough edges is actually a wonderful thing.

I look at my precious teddy and I know we’ve been through a hell of a lot together, but we’ve both survived. She’s my little inspiration and I’m so happy that a million years ago my parents got her for me for Christmas. She was immediately my favorite and while I have hundreds of teddies that I love, she’s the one cuddled into me every night.

Thank the good Lord I’m a hell cat in bed or I don’t know if my men over the years would have taken so well to her intruding in the boudoir. Β πŸ˜‰

25 comments on “My Very Favorite Thing

  1. Your pink teddy is adorable! It is so cool you kept it all those years!! I love stuffed animals way too much too! I have a huge collection and I have my favorites! They are fun! Hugz Lisa and Bear


  2. Factoring in that most children have a stuffed animal that looks worse after maybe a 1-5 years, I’d say it’s held up pretty well.

    You can eliminate a lot, or most, dust mites by misting it with vodka and letting it air dry. It works.


  3. As I was reading this, I was thinking “I bet Car Teddy has seen worse” and then you say Pinkie has seen things that could make Car Teddy blush. Why does that not surprise me? πŸ˜‰


    • Awwww!!! I love Koala bears! My sister got one at the same time I got my Pink Teddy. I still have hers cause she’s not really a teddy bear person. You and I have matching Koalas! And I’d love to read a post about Howard!!! Make sure to ping me if you do so I don’t miss it. πŸ™‚ XOXOXOXOX


  4. Teddy with an edge alright. Look at how she sports the slanted wearing hoody…take off the pink bows and she would look straight up gangsta. Good to hear she still has a who lot of love to give. Viva your pink teddy!


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