Soooooooooooooo Sad

My little Tick Teddy has gone missing.

Tick teddy being eaten by crabs Ocean City, Maryland May 2013

Tick Teddy being ravaged by crabs in OC, Maryland. I always told him hanging out with a bad crowd would give him crabs!

The Hubby took him to San Diego for a business trip and he must have somehow got caught up in the bed linens and carted off.

Grant’s been in communication with the hotel every day for the last week and no one can find the little guy.

Any prayers you have that the hotel or their laundry service can find him would be so very appreciated.

Grant sending me Tick Teddy Love from Florida

The Tick sending Mommy love letters all the way from Florida.

I know I sound like a nut, but I’ve had that little guy for over 20 years and he is one of my very favorite critters.

He travels all over the country with both Grant and me and we are just so sad that no one can find him.

We even offered a reward to any hotel staff that can find him.

Please send critter-finding-vibes and prayers. My heart is just broken and the hubby is so sad.

Tick teddy loving the cannoli Ocean City, Maryland may 2013

I likes the cannoli! What can I say?

Thanks guys…

16 comments on “Soooooooooooooo Sad

    • Thank you, Tonette. He’s one of the extra special ones. Since we don’t have kids, we put our extra love into furry animals and teddy bears. Tick Teddy was one of our very favorite teddies. I sure hope someone finds him and returns him.


    • Thanks, luv. I’d happily pay the reward if someone would just send his little self back to me. He’s so precious to us. Neither Grant nor I has traveled anywhere for over 6 years without taking him with us. I miss him….


  1. I’ll keep my eyes open for the rotund jolly ‘ole fellow since he went missing in my neck of the woods. He looks very huggable…I hope he’s back in your arms soon. Courage.


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