Auto correct at its perviest


From the “Life is never dull” perspective, here’s a text I sent to the hubby a few minutes ago. πŸ™‚

“I have the sliding glass door open, big titties are glued to the screen and want to go outside, the house is freezing, and the only thing that is missing is my sweet baby to keep me warm. I just noticed that auto correct somehow auto corrected the word “kitties” to “big titties.” HA!!! What in the fuck is auto correct thinking? Total riot! Love you!”

How in the hell did auto correct do that??? Where did “big” come from? Is the expression “big titties” typed so often on Verizon phones that they don’t auto correct the word “kitties” to just “titties?” They have to chuck “big” in there too? Totally funny.


9 comments on “Auto correct at its perviest

  1. I think there’s something between how a person writes their text messages and how their phone suggests an auto correct as it “learns” how a person is going to type.

    I knew a guy who’s phone always auto corrected to filth. Basically because he always was typing in filth, so to him “kitties” would have also turned to “titties” no matter how many times he typed it.

    But autocorrect – even after all these years of people’s frustration – is still ducking funny, even if the motherforklifter acts like a piece of shut.


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