26 comments on “Christmas Toes!

    • Why thank you!!! I only do my own toes once a year, but I like my cutie little snowman better than anything they do at the nail shop. Of course, now that I’m getting older I have to break out a flashlight so I can see to paint him. Ugh! 😉

      And you are quite welcome for the Goodreads love! I don’t go on there very much anymore, so sorry it took me so long to get back to you.

      Tons of love!!!


      • That snowman needs to be on Pinterest. It’s so precise. I’m not that creative, they get painted, they’re good to go.

        No worries about Goodreads. I suspect a lot of people aren’t on there that often. I do try to keep it updated, but mostly because I do the reading challenge every year.

        Have an awesome holiday season. 🙂


        • You are so damn cute. I have Pinterest-worthy toes! 😉 It’s funny, cause really I can’t paint for shit, but for some reason with the little tiny motor skills I’m okay. I shellac that dang toe so that the snowman stays on for 2 months. Not doing all that work to have it chip off in a week. No siree bob! 😉

          Have a great weekend, sugar! Love ya! XOXOXO


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