I’ve HAD it!

Okay, so it’s no surprise to any of you that I prefer proper English unless making a point or being silly or for some other good reason. Lord knows I’ve said “ain’t” and other such things on more than one occasion. I’m flying my hypocrite flag as I type. 😉

And I know I can be a grammar freak and should probably just suck it up in this day and age of texting, but I saw something so egregious the other day that I simply have to comment on it.

First let me say that I understand abbreviations make it easier to text when:

  1. You have no fucking clue how to spall wrds
  2. You don’t care about spaleng wrods kerrektly
  3. You like confusing us old folk
  4. You are texting while driving 80 mph and are trying not to murder everyone on the road
  5. You are getting nookied from behind and all that commotion is making it difficult to type

I get it. Sometimes an abbreviation is okay. On a VERY rare occasion I use one myself. (Usually WTF? when I’m attempting to be polite!). 🙂

But this one that I saw defies all comprehension.

I seriously do NOT understand how this abbreviation is at all easier to type than actually spelling the word.TheFuckKitty

Here it is: ‘Yn(n)’s

What in the holy fuck?

Here’s how that breaks down from a typing perspective on an Android phone.

  1. Tap the symbol key
  2. Tap the apostrophe key
  3. Tap the ABC key
  4. Tap the Capitalization key
  5. Tap the Y key
  6. Tap the n key
  7. Tap the symbol key
  8. Tap the opening parentheses key
  9. Tap the ABC key
  10. Tap the n key
  11. Tap the symbol key
  12. Tap the closing parentheses key
  13. Tap the apostrophe key
  14. Tap the ABC key
  15. Tap the s key

Luckily, due to the context of the truly awful sentence, I was able to suss out that they were attempting to communicate the word “youngins.”

How on earth is it easier to do all those steps listed above than just typing the fuckin’ word?

I both burst out laughing and died of horror when I saw that helpful texting shortcut. What on God’s green Earth…?

While I realize I’m old and inflexible and an asshat, can we please just agree that if the abbreviation is harder to type than the damn word itself that we’ll just stick to the damn word? Please?SillySmileyFace

All those under the age of 35 will have but one answer for me:


15 comments on “I’ve HAD it!

  1. its eezia 2 tipe wen u r in a urry an wnt to get sent quick.

    Which I find is a damn site harder and slower to read as you have to decipher each of the words before moving on to the next. It is rare that I abbreviate. I send PMs to a friend on twitter all the time. It’s how we keep in contact daily, but they have changed that now so there is no 140 character limit on DMs. It’s awesome. And abbreviations – sometimes it is longer to find the abbreviation than to type the real word.


    • I’m going to fly to England and kick your ass for making me scrounge my way through your first sentence! 😉

      See, that’s what I’m sayin’! If it takes me longer to type it or to figure out what in the holy fuck you are saying, then how is it helping? I need to go strangle me a teenager.

      BTW, what’s the difference between a PM and DM, Mr. I Rarely Abbreviate?? 😉


      • FYI PM is Private Message, DM is Direct Message. Both the same thing. They were supposed to both be DM as that is what it says at the top of column.

        BTW, FYI is FUBAR and SNAFU


  2. What in the actual fuck? ‘Yn(n)’s
    Wow that was painful! Have never heard of that abbreviation. I think it’s sad how people don’t seem willing to spell anymore. One day I fear words will cease to exist. Just poof, gone. Sad. 😦


    • Seriously…right? I wanted to smack the skin offa her! 😉

      I’m going to say something horribly sexist, so prepare yourself. I tell the hubby all the time that if it weren’t for women, any and all language would have died off eons ago. Which, I guess, would make communication easier as it would be one world language that goes something like this:

      Yes = Grunt
      No = Low pitched grunt
      Maybe = Grunt with an upswing on the pitch at the end of it
      Sex = Double grunt with a hip thrust
      Food = Grunt while pointing to one’s mouth

      There ya have it. Language according to men! And yep, I’m going to Hell. 😉

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  3. I love the list of instructions for typing that. I wonder how hard that sequence would be if you were getting nookied from behind…. O_o


  4. I find a lot of texting shortcuts appalling too, and I’ve written about it, but that one just makes my teeth hurt. It’s utterly senseless. I prefer proper English myself, even via text.


  5. AMEN sister! I agree! Just type the word out! I can’t imagine doing all those crazy steps when you could have the word typed in and go on!!! Thanks for the wonderful chuckle! Love you! Lisa and Bear


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