For Those Who Don’t Understand the Word “No”


Now, of course, all my lovely friends here aren’t crazed, rapey maniacs, but I found this video and thought I’d share so that if you have kids in high school or college and find it hard to talk about Sexy-Time stuff, you might encourage them to peek at this video.

Have a great weekend! Love you guys! XOXO

16 comments on “For Those Who Don’t Understand the Word “No”

  1. I love this video so much for a lot of reasons, including the fact that my boyfriend quotes it to me all the time! “Would you like some tea?”

    Also, I think the idea of positive consent is alien to many people. Like, they know that if someone says “NO!” they should stop but they don’t realize that if they come on to someone and that person doesn’t actively consent, they haven’t consented. The absence of “NO!” is not consent.


    • Your boyfriend sound like a hoot! And I totally agree with you. If someone can’t say yes, take it as a no.

      I hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanks for taking the time to drop by. Always great to meet new friends! 🙂


      • Thanks Jedi 🙂 I’ve been off for four months now and only miss it on occasion. I have better things to do with my life than the chain mails and hate from who voted for who. That election was, and still is, the most vile thing I have seen with the way people were treating each other. Some couples even divorced over who voted for who. I would say that our county is going to take yours back because you obviously can’t look after it, but after Brexit, we are in no position to judge lol.

        Hope you have a completely awesome and fantastical New Year Jedi. HUGGGG


        • I could not agree with you more sweetie! It was, and is, insanity over here. I’ve never in my life (and I’m old as dirt) seen a country so divided. And the aftermath isn’t any better than the beforemath (I know that’s not a word, but why isn’t it??). 🙂

          My sister wants our whole family to move to Romania and live on farms. I think she may have the right idea!

          You have a wonderful New Year too, sweetie! Luv ya! Jedi! 🙂

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          • You can all come over here and live with me of you want 😉 hehe. You’re as old as dirt? You’re younger than me (I think) so what does that me? As old as the big bang? haha. You’ll always be Jedi since you told us about your mom’s text message 😉


            • Don’t even tempt me! I’ve never been across the pond and this seems like the perfect time to give it a try! 🙂

              I thought I was older than you. I, sir, am the dirt. You are still a fresh daisy. 🙂

              Every time you call me Jedi it cracks me up. God bless my mom and her futile attempts at voice to text!!! 🙂

              HUGS my wonderful friend. Have a great New Year! XOXOXOO

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              • Okay, so you ARE the dirt, not me. Somehow, that does make me feel better.

                KIDDING!!! 😉

                Thanks for the sweetness about the video. Watching my hubby get a teary-eyed was so precious. He has such a tender soul.

                Much love, sweetie! XO

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              • Grant loves classical music…he can name just about any piece that comes on. It freaks me out! I couldn’t tell you the names of songs that I’ve listened to 4000 times, but he can all out Wagner, Beethoven, Mozart, etc…and what symphony it came from. His brain is a vault.

                As for the ring…I can’t stop looking at it! 🙂 When we got engaged, I didn’t have a ring. I’ve only ever had the wedding band from the wedding. I was just happy we were getting married, so it didn’t bug me a bit to not have an engagement ring. We’ve been waiting until our 10th anniversary to get me the matching engagement ring, but I happened to see it on a one-day sale for almost 50% off a couple of months ago, so I mentioned it to Grant and he bought it that day.

                I didn’t think he’d give it to me for years to come as this March is only our 8th anniversary, but he surprised the hell outta me (as you can tell!) by giving it to me for Christmas. It’s so sparkly and pretty. He’s such a good hubby. 🙂


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