Naughtiness that won’t surprise you!

Me. Age 1. Need I say more?

Smokes and a beer; age 1. Woo hoo!

My friend turned my pic into a meme. Ha!

…now it’s all starting to make sense, right???

12 comments on “Naughtiness that won’t surprise you!

    • It was a prediction of things to come!!!! 😉😉😜😜

      My dad used to think it was funny when my sister and I would do crazy stuff like this. Sometimes we’d dress up in his shoes and put on his ties and then grab his cigarettes and pretend to smoke. We were like six and seven years old.

      Or we put balloons in our shirts and pretend to have big boobs like our mom.

      The 70s was truly a great time to grow up. 1 year olds could drink booze and smoke Salems and parents wouldn’t get in trouble.

      Ahhhhh…the good ole days!!! 💜💜💜


  1. Haha brilliant. Although I was on whiskey before the age of one. But I was 4 when I was given my first cigarette. By my parents. The whiskey was rubbed on the inside of my mouth to help me sleep lol

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    • Oh yeah…we grew up in the right generation. Your kid won’t shut the fuck up cause they are teething? Whiskey. See…this is why I don’t have kids. I’d end up in jail for child endangerment cause I’d dab on the whiskey too. 😉 Now as for the smokes…naughty naughty! I miss smoking. Gave it up almost 6 years ago and miss it EVERY day. Ugh. Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, baby! 😉 XO

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      • If you give up smoking, drinking and sex you don’t live longer,it just seems like it. I gave up smoking 10 years, drinking 15 years ago and I’m single. Yeah, life seems looooong lol


  2. PMSL Love this, there is a picture of me in a nappy when I was little that my dad took, with a glass of beer, how ever did we survive with our parents plying alcohol down us lol Al, I think I had my first taste of whisky as weeks old as my first tooth came through when I was two weeks aparently lol

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    • I love making you pee yourself! I have officially done everything I was born to do! 😉

      I wanna see that pic! I bet it rules. I think we DID survive cause of the booze. It kept our parents from smothering us in our sleep! 😉

      Big hugs, sweetie pie!


  3. I think I could drink a beer or two and I do not like the taste. My daughter ,her other and I bunkered down in Key West for Irma. What a devastation the State of Florida is in. Key West , the little island we call home fared better than other counties from 10 MM and up all through the State.


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