The path to happiness… :)

My dear friend Joel suggested that I post this on my blog and not just on my FB page, and a wise woman always listens to Joel. πŸ™‚

I was telling a few close friends a story of betrayal the other day and how, when over a decade later, this person reached out and apologized I told that person that I’d forgiven them years ago. This person was shocked and thankful for the forgiveness and didn’t understand how I could have had forgiveness in my heart many years before any apology came.

I told them that while forgiveness is a beautiful gift to give to others, it is equally as beautiful a gift to give yourself.

It frees you.
It helps you persevere.Β 
It keeps your heart open.
It allows you to move forward, not remain stuck in the mire.
It gives comfort both to you and the person you forgive.

Forgiveness in your everyday life is something to cherish and be thankful for.

Learn from those betrayals.
Understand how those betrayals, in some way, taught you something that will give you wisdom down the road.
But also forgive them.

The person who suffers most by not allowing forgiveness to fill their heart, is the person who is unable to forgive.

Free yourself from the past; forgive, love, giggle and do your best to spread kindness.

That is a life worth living.

And I must tell you…as a side note, it makes for such a happier life. My mom always told me to pray not only for those you love, but those that cause you pain; for if that person can heal, then their little piece of the world will be a better piece and possibly spread joy to others as well. It was sometimes a hard pill to swallow, but she was right and I still pray for the nasty bitch that ruined my life over 25 years ago (just kidding…I no longer carry that anger–just said that in classic Jodi style). Her happiness affects those around her, so I want her to be happy. Even if she TOTALLY TRIED TO DESTROY MY LIFE. No bitterness…honestly. I’m just being a smart ass. I forgave her decades ago and it took the weight of the world off my shoulders. It was a huge blessing to my own heart and I’m thankful every day that I let it go. (Do NOT start singing “Let it Go” from Frozen or I will hunt you down!)

Anyway, much love, as always. XOXOXO

40 comments on “The path to happiness… :)

  1. I always tried to get my husband to do that! He carried burdens on his heart because he could not let go and forgive those in his past. A lot of that could be because he always battled depression and could not figure out how to let go! I hope he’s happy now dancing on the clouds in heaven! Wonderful post sweetie! I hope your feeling better! Love and Hugz! Lisa and my new dog Lucy


    • Hi lovely!!! Forgiveness can be the hardest thing in the world…sometimes it just feels like someone doesn’t deserve it. But ultimately, not doing so just keeps us mired in the misery of the past. I have NO DOUBT that he is giggling and dancing up on a cloud in Heaven. That’s the one place without fear, hurt, anger and where all is forgiven.

      Thanks for checking in and for the well wishes. Just a few more strange tests at the doctors’ and hopefully all shall be well! πŸ™‚

      Give Lucy a big kiss for me. What kind of pup? And does that mean that Lucy is “filling in” for your other pup? I sure hope not. But if so, then extra extra extra love to you, sweetheart. XOXOXXOXOXOXOXO

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      • She is 4 years old and a German Shepherd. She will never replace Bear! He was very close to me! I am doing well not comparing them because Lucy is so different! She is doing awesome filling the hole of both losses in my life! Xoxoxoxoxoxl


        • Oh hon…it’s been WAY too rough for you. I am so sorry. I wish I magic fairy dust I could send your way to make everything perfect for you. With your kind heart, it’s what you deserve. As always, I’m sending tons of love.

          And yes, it’s hard when a new pup tries to replace so much, but I have no doubt she adores her mommy and will help you find joy. Sorry it’s been so hard. Love you, hon. XOXOXOXOXXO

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  2. Forgiveness… Such an easy word to pronounce but hard to accomplish! (Personal experience) Thanks for the beautiful article and for sharing your personal take on this matter. I hope your feeling so much better by now.
    Take care sweet Jodie and keep up the awesome work! πŸ˜‰



    • Ain’t that the truth…were it only as easy to grant as it is to say. πŸ™‚

      I’m so happy you liked my little post. Sometimes, things just hit me in the middle of the night and I feel I have to put them on paper. I’m glad it didn’t bore you into the sleep I was NOT getting! πŸ˜‰

      I’m definitely getting a little better each day…thank you for checking up. I’ll be fully back to my sassy self one of these days and then beware! πŸ˜‰

      Big hugs and luv!


  3. My brother did something that caused a rift in the family. To say I hated him was an understatement. I abhorred the name and if anyone else had the same name, I would use a nickname for them. Five years later I realised the only person I was hurting by hating him was me. I was keep the hate alive by hating him. So I decided that it happened in the past and was now gone and past. It was time to move on with our lives. He contacted me last year and apologised for everything. Trust isn’t so easy to earn back, but I forgave him.

    I left a message for him. You can see me read it out here


    • First, please know that I’m going to fly over the pond and kill you. DAMN FROZEN!!!!! There’s no escape and you’re a brat! Which is just one reason I love you.

      Second, you’re a good man for the forgiveness. Not forgiving eats a hole in your soul (not that you have one after sending me to Let it Go), but if you did, it would eat a hole in it deeper every day. It’s just not worth holding on to. Very proud of you for being a good man and forgiving. It doesn’t mean we forget, but forgiving releases the burden.


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      • Haha you should have known something like that was coming from me 😈 Is there an evil grin emoji? πŸ‘Ώ If there isn’t there should be. And it should have my face on it lol.

        I forgave my ex-wife as well. That wasn’t easy. Even years later I found out she had cheated on me many more times than the three she had admitted to. Turned out to be something like 13 times over a 13-year marriage. Hmm, wonder where that trust issue with women came from lol. I don’t bring it up, I don’t let it eat at me. Well, not when I’m single anyway. So, it’ll never eat at me lol.

        Holding a grudge turns you into the monster you don’t want to be.

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        • So, I’m gonna be blunt here. What a ho! I can’t believe ANYONE would EVER cheat on you. First off, you are awesome, witty, wonderful to talk to, funny, sweet, the list goes on and on. But when a person cheats so prolifically, there is something deeply wrong with THEM. As deeply personal as it feels, she could have been married to Brad Pitt and she’d have done the same…that type of behavior is either in someone or not. They are trying to fill an unfillable void and unfortunately you just happened to get caught up in her drama.

          I’m so very sorry that happened to you. But I know just how you feel. Most of the men I’ve ever been with have cheated and it just rips out your heart and makes you question everything about yourself. What I finally realized is that they are just shitbags with no impulse control, self-respect or dignity. Oh, and they are fuckers. And since I always consider the source when analyzing a situation, if a person is a fucker, then why should let what they do or say affect the rest of my life? It shouldn’t.

          And FYI, I never forget. I just forgive. Forgetting lets you repeat patterns over and over again. Forgiving just frees your soul.

          Glad you aren’t a monster, my sweet. πŸ™‚ XOXXOXO

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