Truth 6: Naughty Flirter!

A friend of mine inspired this Truth Series installment on flirting.

As many of you know, I can be a bit of a flirt myself. But it’s all just in good fun. I’m as loyal as the family Golden Retriever.

But, his comment to me made me laugh so hard that I just had to do a video on it. I hope you enjoy (and if you are being NAUGHTY that it helps you see that you might wanna stop–dammit!).

PS: I don’t have a black left eye and I realized I have a smudge on my right cheek. That’s what you get with no make-up and not checking my look in the mirror before hitting record! Au natural! 😉


Love you guys!

Have a great weekend!


16 comments on “Truth 6: Naughty Flirter!

  1. Who needs make-up, you’re just as gorgeous without it.Flirting is good because it makes you feel good about yourself if someone flirts with you. Now you can see why I don’t feel good about myself.
    Have a fantastic Weekend Dream Woman
    xxx Mega Hugs xxx


    • You are so kind to me. What a lovely thing to say. I was worried I’d scare the hair off a cat with no makeup, so you just made my day! 🙂

      I agree, flirting is good, as long as it’s not a promise of future happenings. That’s the bad kind of flirting. Naughty!

      As for you feeling bad about yourself, silly man, you are AWESOME and I ADORE you!!! Anyone that makes me smile like you do is one hell of a good catch. 🙂

      Tons of love!!!! XOXOXOXO


      • lol my boss uses my flirting skills with our difficult customers and staff 😉 go love em up Neil
        Nice to met you virtually to, I like the way you talk to the camera, it has taken me ages to feel comfortable talking to the camera, lol doesn’t help that I like to do it in one take, I’m a busy man. hope you have a great weekend


        • Sometimes those flirting skills really come in handy when dealing with an unpleasant customer! Bees to honey. 🙂

          Thanks for the kindness about talking to the camera. I’ve done tons of live TV and videos over the last 25 years, so it’s 2nd nature. But it did take a while to get used to it. The hardest part using a camera phone is not looking at your own image in the camera as you record. Gotta look at the lens! Not easy. I do all mine in one take too. I don’t have time to be messing around with all that editing. 🙂

          Have an awesome weekend!

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  2. I’m a HORRIBLE flirt! I have to be careful because my husband is INSANELY jealous. I mean, he doesn’t want me to even look at another guy, let alone flirt with them. But I just can’t help myself.. and there are times pheromones literally jump off me like fleas and I can’t HELP IT!! What am I supposed to do??? Live like a nun? Wait? I already do that… *sigh* next subject…


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