Suicide Prevention: PREVENT IT NOW, DAMN IT ALL

There’s been too much death around me.

People have got to seek help if suicidal.

Please, please, I beg of you, get help when you need it.

No more death…



God bless you all and keep you safe.

4 comments on “Suicide Prevention: PREVENT IT NOW, DAMN IT ALL

  1. Hey Jodi. I’m so far removed from the wordpress world I used to inhabit, I don’t even remember when I last posted anything. But I still get the email notifications when there’s a new post by one of my old blogging acquaintances who still write. Sometimes I read, often I don’t, but this one I had to – and what an amazing post this is.

    I’ve been there, and frankly don’t know how it is that I’m here today to talk about it except for the fact that I apparently was too scared to follow through on the thought processes that took me to that… abyss. Honestly, I didn’t talk to people about or ask for any help. I mucked through – and as I know you would agree that is NOT the way.

    So, thank you for doing this. I’m so sorry you’ve lost people you cared about and have had to pick up the pieces. But thank you for facing the demons (that I know nothing of because of my absence here…), for speaking up about suicide, and for giving us such a powerful, resonant message.


    • You just broke and warmed my heart at the same time.

      I’m desperately sorry you’ve been through those emotions and dearly joyful you made it out without ending everything. The world would be a worse place were you not in it.

      Thank you for the kindness…it means so much from someone who understands, though I wish you didn’t.

      I pray that whatever was harming your mind and heart to such a degree is gone or lessened to the point of being bearable.

      God bless you, my friend. Today and always.

      Much love…


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