Truth 9: GET OFF THE DAMN ROAD (a rant, believe it or not…)


I’m guessing the topic of this rant is no surprise to anyone as I’ve blogged (in written form) about this before.

Now you get to see it up close and personal. The last minute of this video just seals the deal–unbelievable shit. Thank God I can laugh at asshat people. 😉


As always, love you guys!

Take care of yourselves.

Oh, and don’t drive like a buttmunch!


13 comments on “Truth 9: GET OFF THE DAMN ROAD (a rant, believe it or not…)

  1. OMG Jodi!!!! I drive a moped, no mandatory insurance, have a helmet, don’t wear it. My rant is similar. When I am in my lane it is MY lane. Some people think they can just pass me on the left which is such a very stupid move. What if I adjust my wheel the slightest, well that would not be a pretty sight. Than of course those that pass me on the right. Another story. Like seriously. Can anyone possibly be in that much of a hurry too get to the next red light where I will definitely be waiting too give you a big piece of my mind.

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    • Holy moly! You be careful out there because people are stupid fucking morons who don’t know how to drive.

      I used to ride a motorcycle and had a bad scare one time and have never been on one since. But there’s something lovely about that freedom.

      And out here in Arizona we don’t have to wear helmets either, which is of course stupid, but I rarely wore mine because I love the wind in my hair.

      I will send you happy driving vibes so that all the assholes around you that are driving and not looking at you at all as if you even exist because you’re not in some big SUV don’t mush you.


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  2. Hahaha oh my! I wonder what you’d say about driving in Kenya! It can be pretty rough out here.
    You’re funny! 🙂 Keep it up!


  3. I have road rage… I SO do! Turn signals are probably one of my biggest pet peeves! The second one is going UNDER the speed limit! GRRRRR!!! It is probably a good thing I don’t drive around with a weapon either!!! LMAO!!


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