FREE eBOOKS and the Video to Prove it (March 28-April 1)


Hi again!

So, now you have to suffer hideously through me to learn a little about each book and why free stuff rules.

You also get to hear me complain about my neighbors honking their horn too much. 😉


Love you guys!!!

Have a good one and go download some free stuff!

4 comments on “FREE eBOOKS and the Video to Prove it (March 28-April 1)

  1. There I was all ears ( well, a bit of nose too) when you said the book was how to get more nookie for men. I was thinking, never mind more nookie, does it show me how to get any nookie or even how to get a woman so I get to practice. Since the cease and desist order came from the Filipino Government I can’t even try my best chat-up lines anymore. You Dancin’ was a killer. There should be a Government provision for men as old as me and I don’t mean like the Frump who has the money to get what he wants and then pay to shut them up. I mean a loving, cuddle type provision to stop me being lonely. I’ll check your book out.
    xxx Hugest of Hugs xxx


    • You are adorable and crack me up! 🙂 There should always be a loving, cuddlebug woman on your arm. You know you are one of my favorite people?? Right??? 🙂

      The book for men is very divisive. People either love it or hate it. I think the guys that hate it are the ones who like to treat women like shit and don’t like being yelled at. The ones that love it are the ones who pay attention and then get a little tush. 😉

      I like causing chaos with my books, so I’m okay with that! 😉

      Much love my dear! XOXOXOXOXO


    • I’m so happy to hear that! And I love your handle “BookSnuggle.” That’s awesome. 🙂

      I hope you enjoy the books–thank God they are free just in case. Kidding!

      Have a great day and it’s wonderful to meet you!


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