Truth 10: Learn to Laugh at Yourself

Irony 1: I had basil in my teeth and didn’t realize it.
Irony 2: The freezy face “they” selected for this video is utterly appropriate and awful.

Enjoy my horror! 😉




11 comments on “Truth 10: Learn to Laugh at Yourself

      • yeah, you know I myself has a same mood! I laugh whenever I think about it. life is too short to be so that serious and have no laughing time. so enjoy your life and by that I mean every single moment of your life, because things pass! and the only thing will remain for us is the feeling we have gained from life. how de you feel? I feel grate. have a nice weekend.

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      • I couldn’t agree with you more! I have to laugh at my goofy self and anything else that is worth a giggle as you have to enjoy a happy life whenever you can. 🙂 It’s so lovely to meet you! You have a grate (I mean great) weekend too! 😉 Hugs!


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