Truth 11: Minor Rant, but BE KIND DAMMIT!

So, as you know, as much as I try, I can’t be a sweet little angel all of the time. 😉

Sometimes, I need to get out a rant or two.

This is one of those times.

Though I’m sure that everyone who follows me here is a darling and doesn’t fit into the category of jerky liar at all.

Oh, and shockingly enough, I don’t cuss that much in this one. Well, except when the neighbor drives me nuts. What on Earth has happened to me?



As always, MUCH LOVE!!

2 comments on “Truth 11: Minor Rant, but BE KIND DAMMIT!

  1. I don’t understand why some people are so rude and unwilling to help someone else, it is not me, if I saw you struggling I would offer to help, there is this one woman at our local post office who is really rude and why she is like that I don’t get and I try to avoid her when I go there


    • Isn’t it just amazing how some people just do not give a flying shit about anything that doesn’t directly help them? I’ve just never understood that kind of value system.

      I know that your sweet heart would help me–no doubt in my mind at all. You are a KIND and WONDERFUL person, unlike the asshats I ran into at UPS. It was unreal.

      I will definitely NOT be going back to that UPS. It was like they were having a contest as to who could be more of an asshole. Ugh.

      Thank God there are still people like you in the world, my friend. XOXOXOXXOXOXO


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