Musings of an old hag on her birthday!

16 comments on “Musings of an old hag on her birthday!

  1. An old hag you are NOT…. Becsuse if you are that would make me one too – LOL 😝. Seriously, you are amazing with your brightness & sunshine despite what you’ve been through, what you’re going through.

    Prayers, thoughts, and all that good stuff with the upcoming bone marrow test…..OUCHHHHH!!!!. I’d be swearing lineba sailor too. You might not think I can swear, but believe me I have a mouth on me. We’re pretty free with our swear words here but have 1 rule – no swearing in front of others if we can help it, but I’m getting off track.

    All the best. Love catching your videos when I can.


    • Ha! I guess I should think of such things when calling myself an old hag as there is a person here and there older than me!!! πŸ˜‰

      Thank you for your kind words. They really meant the world to me. And yes, that bone marrow biopsy SUCKED DICK it hurt so bad, and it still is sore. I wanted to scream my head off the whole time, but managed to remain mostly quiet. Miracle of miracles.

      Big hugs to you, sweet stuff!! XOXXOXO

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