Truth 12: Bad Ass Spectacles on the Cheap!


I know it’s been a while, so I wanted to drop in, say hi, and also help you save a shit ton of money. And yes, as shit ton weighs more than a regular ton! 😉

If you or someone in your family wears glasses, check this out. It’s saved me a fortune.

Hugs to everyone!




11 comments on “Truth 12: Bad Ass Spectacles on the Cheap!

  1. Great post! I love Zenni. I’m on my fourth pair. My have two pair with the magnetic clip ons, which I love. I get progressive lenses so I’m spending about $100 each, so much better than the usual over $300 I was spending before. I have several photos I use for the virtual try ons. I’ve found that having the photo taken as opposed to doing a selfie seems to work best. Thanks for the follow!


  2. Online glasses are the best to save money! Great video! Thanks for sharing! Saw this one on FB already of course but just now getting around to my emails. I always save your blog posts of course! So please forgive the slow response! Love you! Really!! ❤


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